Sunday, 31 March 2013

Pizza and Piecing

 Sourdough Pizza.
 Looks good enough to eat, I made 2 and we had them with salad and they were very good, the sourgough taste came through the topping and the base was soft and chewy, just as I had hoped. The dough was from my starter and the topping was whatever was in the fridge, some pasta base sauce that I make by the gallon and freeze, ham, bacon, peppers, onion, mozzarella and grated cheddar.
4 blocks from my new project ready to piece.

I have cut maybe half the blocks that I need and hop to cut the remainder  later,. I have adapted the pattern That I  "borrowed" from Peach Patch Quilts to suit the size of the Blue Bird print for the center square. I have also mixed up the other fabrics to get a more scrappy look and to accommodate the amount of material that I have in each print. I am falling in love with this quilt even at this early stage, I think that it is destined to be a birthday gift for my wonderful neighbour Marina, she is the best person that I could choose to have living next to me,  Once the good weather arrives we will have days out looking round Garden Centers and plant Nurseries, not forgetting a spot of lunch here and there

Do not forget that I need a name for the quilt, the Log Cabin is called Dave's Delight. It is for a colleague , named Dave, who has dropped several not so subtle hints over the last 6 months or so, even telling me what colours his wife has  in the bedroom, as he is leaving to start an exciting new job in a brand new building I thought I would surprise him.

I do have a guilty secret, last year I bought the fabric and made the 9 patch blocks for a quilt, I liked all the patterns but once assembled I found them DULL and somber. I put them on hold for quite a while then 2 weeks ago I wandered into a quilting shop that I had only just discovered and picked up a stack of Christmas Fabrics. I think that 2 of these  used as sashing and borders will lighten and brighten the blocks to nearer my taste. This will be next on my list of WIPs to finish.

I will finish by wishing you all a very Happy Easter Sunday, Enjoy the Eggs but remember that Easter is based on a pagan celebration of fertility and that chocolate is regarded as an aphrodisiac , so remember that
a LITTLE of what you fancy does you good.


  1. Fab idea the sourdough pizza think I will have a go at that, looks yummy x

    Happy easter x

  2. Hi Pam,

    Looks fab! If you get a moment, could you tell me how to make sour dough and the starter?
    S. x

    1. I have had my starter for years, it was a gift. I had a look at Simply Self Sufficiency, a blog that I follow and made her starter up it is now 2 days old, looking good, beginning to smell like it should. I used some to make some dough which is now in the oven, it took a while to rise but that is probably because it is young. I used the pizza base recipe from this blog with my own starter. I will post tomorrow and let you know how the bread turned out. Pam

  3. Pizza looks wonderful Pam, much nicer than one of those cardboard supermarket ones.

    Quilt looks fab, I love the little bird print, I'm afraid I'm rubbish at giving projects names, most are unprintable when they go wrong lol. Maybe something like Marina's Dreamy Garden Quilt, to incorporate the Garden Centre visits, the floral fabrics and the little bluebirds plus the snuggly dreamy bit. told you I was rubbish LOL.

    Have a lovely day
    Karen x


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