Tuesday, 1 March 2016

No Mad Hares here.

March came in like a lamb, I do hope that it does not go out like a lion.
St David's day, I had leek soup made for lunch, but lunch did not happen, I hope to enjoy it tomorrow.
I took my disabled friend shopping, we had just started round tesco when they announced a fire alarm test. That happened and we shopped on, then it went off again and several harassed members of staff were scuttling round the store escorting everyone out.
A few minutes later we were told that we could go back. Ha, we just reached the doors and the alarm sounded again....10 minutes or so later it went quiet and normality resumed.

Then it was off to Lidl, then Poundstretcher and finally Argos, I dropped the shopping and shopper off, dumped my own and grabbed Ben and lead.
We picked Dolly and Archie up and went off for an hours walk, by the time we got back in the house it was 2.30 ish, all I wanted was a cuppa.
I am trying a new recipe tonight, I caught a bit of a Jamie Oliver program yesterday and am going to risk it for dinner. I hope to feed 2 for very little using a 70p tiger loaf and leftovers. I will take some pics and share tomorrow.
The shed is up and my glory hole cum larder cum toolstore, AKA the cupboard under the stairs seems twice as large. It just needs some extra shelving and will be all larder.

The c2c crochet blanket is now finished, the wool is lovely but I found it very awkward to manoeuvre as it is thick.

It is large enough for at least a year, possibly 2, then I hope it will be dragged around and used for fun and games.

While I waited for the blue yarn I made a start on one of my cardigans. The Alpaca mix is so soft to work with I am really pleased that I have it in blue as well.

While I was ordering the chunky I selected some for a baby jumper and a blue/green mix for Junior and some very bright yarn for Kaitlyn.

I will knit the long sleeved sweater for both of the older ones.

I think that Leo will be as cute as a bug in this pattern.

I have been busy rushing around, but have a lazy weekend coming up. Francesca is coming on Friday after work and will go back on Monday. We will do the bare minimum of work, cooking and washing up. 
Ben will get his walks as usual and if it is pleasant on Sunday we may go out for a longer walk alongside the lakes in Swansea. It is a lovely walk and it is very close to Wyvale, we may have to put Ben in the car and have a little look round.

                 TTFN                                                    Pam


  1. You have picked out some beautiful patterns love the tiny one for Leo it is stunning. The blanket looks great and will be lovely in the pushchair for next winter.

  2. goodness you have been busy! the c2c blanket is gorgeous! Congratulations , by the way, i was supposed to comment on your post announcing his arrival but i managed to get distracted and forgot haha :) xx

  3. I live that little cardigan pattern X


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