Saturday 4 October 2014

David Tennant is no Mr Darcy

I managed to get to Bynamman cinema to see "What we did on our holiday" and at one point David Tennant gets wet, he does not compare to Colin Firth. The film is great fun, I started off by wanting to give them all a good slap and ended up wanting to laugh with them. Billy was his normal ebullient self and there are a couple of throw away lines that are directly related to his real life.
If you fancy a look go along, it is not the best film of that genre that I have seen but is well worth watching. 
The cinema was funded by miners early last century and is lovely, a vast improvement on The Majestic in Lynn.

The weather was topsy turvy, the rain that should have lashed down all day came in the small hours and was all gone by 8, washing on the line in bright sun shine and a fairly chilly breeze by 10 and dried, ironed and aired before dinner.

We did have popcorn, toffee coated, from Lidl and just as good as Butterkist at less than half the price at 79p, we only ate half, the bag was stuffed full.

Parking was free and the journey was a 5 mile round trip, the tickets were £4 each so an evening out for less than £10 including petrol.  We talked about having chips but really did not want them. 

Ben was at home with a new bone and although pleased to see us back went straight back to his bone.

I had another disturbed night so had a lazy day, a load of washing dealt with and dinner. A little crochet, some reading and playing with Ben. I hope to have more energy tomorrow as I want to go to Carmarthen boot sale and pop into B&Q.

No pictures, I have no new ones today. All I have energy for now is tea and bed once Ben has had a quick walk.

                       TTFN                                            Pam


  1. That's a reasonably priced evening! Did you sneak your Lidl popcorn in or is it okay to take your own at your cinema? I haven't tried the Lidl popcorn as I have a popcorn machine, but at that price I think I will. I'm not always in the mood to make it.

    1. I just carried it in my bag, one family came in with a carrier bag full. I would not be that cheeky. The film is just under 2 hours do no real need for anything. I buy lots of things from Lidl that I am so impressed with, their dry roast peanuts are the best that I have tasted and make wicked peanut butter.

  2. Ah, I am looking forward to seeing this film, I never have too high expectations , I think they are meant to be just light entertainment, but the cast looks good. You did yourselves proud for a tenner! Well done! Lx

    1. It is 95 minutes of entertainment, the odd bit of swearing but it is 12A rated so it as acceptable. I have heard much worse in a supermarket checkout queue.
      I want to go and see Pride next, it is on in Pontardawe next week. A bit further to drive but the seat price is 50p less. Life on a budget, no probs.

  3. Hello Pam , it just proves that you really dont have to spend a lot to have a good time , home bargains do a pack of butterkist popcorn which has individual bags in side , I cant quite remember how much it is between 79/89p , its might be better than having a large bag , we wanted to visit that car boot sale when we were in wales this yaer but never got round to it for health issues , never mind there is always next time xxx

    1. I was told that it is good but went today and it was dire. I will try again in the spring. I will have a look in H. B. for the popcorn for my next trip.


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