Wednesday 24 April 2019

Phishing for my money

I just had a phone call from a woman who declared herself to be a Sky employee. The number was 01273030695.
It was a scam and when I told her soshe became quite agitated and very shouty.
These people scuzzbuckets prey on the busy and distracted, the elderly and confused. 
I recommend keeping a loud, shrill whistle by the phone. It seems to work.  

 Be vigilant, if it seems to good to be true, then it is likely to be a big fat LIE.


Still hanging on.

Francesca has gone back to Kent and the house seems empty, even the dogs are moping around. 
I had another good session at spinning group yesterday, my wheel was rated as a bargain buy (woop woop) and needs very little done to it. There is one bit that needs replacing and the flyer needs new hooks, my lovely "man who can" T from the group has taken the flyer home to get that done. 
It is a Flax Wheel and has done very little work and Iam looking forward to getting to play with it.
I am loving using the Ashford Traveler that T is bringing for me to use, I may have to have a word with the Tooth Fairy and her sister the Birthday Fairy, and see if they can team up with Santa for an extra special gift later in the year.
I have the phone but we scarcely looked at it, the days just flew by and suddenly it was time for Fran to go back. She will be here at the end of May so we will figure it out then. I will have a play before that but am unlikely to achieve much by myself.
It is catch up time for me now, I have done the bare minimum in the house and fell the need to clean and tidy. I did keep up with the laundry but there still looks like a couple of loads will need to be done today, weather permitting. We have a chance of rain this afternoon, I hope it does as it will save lots of watering.

That,s all for now, I have 2 dogs telling me that it must be Lunch time at least and they have not had breakfast yet.

                          TTFN                                  Pam

Sunday 21 April 2019

Chilling, Chatting and......

Chocolate, in moderation of course.

It is lovely spending time with Francesca, we are doing nothing exciting just spending slow time together as a condensed family unit.
We cook, eat, make tea (seemingly continuously) and drink it. We watch a little bit of telly, we dip in and out of books. look at patterns, sewing and knitting, including  patterns from "Gertie Sews Jiffy Dresses".
This was a treat from the SO, I can highly recommend it. Not just for the content but for the fact that it is loose leaf style, no more weighing it open to refer to layout and so on without the pages flipping over the very second that you look away.
I had almost planned on cutting a dress out this morning but instead have a pair of casual trousers cut out for Francesca. I use the Margo pattern from Tilly and the Buttons. It is perfect for casual wear in a 100% cotton, I add side seam pockets and an elasticated waist rather than a cord. I have the pattern traced out in all of our sizes, with a bit of tweaking here and there to perfect the fit.

There is a tray of Hot Cross Buns in the oven and a loaf in the machine, so the air in here is very and gloriously scented. I am sure that I am breathing in calories.

We had a barbecue last night, courtesy of the SO who also made his "special" coleslaw. 

Both dogs are as happy as Larry that Francesca is here, Herbie goes and "knocks" at her bedroom door and if she does not speak he gives a little Woof. Then of course he has a freak out and cuddles on her bed.
Once she is downstairs and on the sofa Ben takes over and demands her attention.

We have indulged in a little chocolate, I made a cake for Good Friday. Chocolate filled and topped with ganache and the dotted with M & M mini eggs and some Smarties mini eggs for good measure.
Yesterday it was Cinnamon Rolls fresh from the oven for breakfast. We will all be watching what we eat very closely for a couple of weeks after this.
Roast Lamb for dinner tonight and Roast pork tomorrow, 2 easy peasy days. 
There will be Millionaires Shortbread at some point today, just a small batch. Not my favourite but Francesca and the SO will make short work of it.

That,s me up to date or just about so. It has been and still is lovely to shelve the issues for a short while and focus on having fun "mothering" Francesca. I can think of few things that bring me as much pleasure and none that bring me more.

I hope that you are all enjoying your Easter weekend as much as we are.

                              TTFN                                 Pam

PS. I have a new "all singing, all dancing" phone so there may be some strange happenings here whilst we try it out.

                             Pam, (Phonetically Challenged) he he.

Thursday 18 April 2019

I am That Bird.

You know the one, it flies madly round and round in ever decreasing circles till it vanishes up it,s own bottom.

It has been a whirlwind here for the past few days, I have scarcely sat down  except to eat and pee.
Ooops, that is a lie. I squeezed in a visit to the spinning group and had a lesson from one of the members. He brought a wheel in for me to use and next week I will be taking my wheel in for him to service.
I have managed to spend a few minutes at the start of the day with my drop spindle, it is a bit like Yoga for me. I feel calm and collected and fit to start the day after 10 minutes or so.

Things should start to calm down now, I have today at home to relax (?) fat chance. I will be whizzing round the house playing catch up. The dust is about to start a landslide and there are cobwebs on the vacuum cleaner.

The there is the greenhouse, I have Triffids in there that I thought were squash plants and the first sowing of spring onions look like baby pampas grass. 

Francesca arrives this afternoon, she had hoped to stay for 10 days but a work commitment will see her leave on Tuesday.
We had planned to go to Wonder Wool together, it is unlikely that I will go by myself. The driving along with all the walking would play my sciatica up. I know some of the triggers and that combination is right at the top of the list. I can walk all day or drive but not both.

Thank goodness for my freezer full of home cooked ready meals, I have been taking something out in the evening to reheat the following night. It was almost 7.30 before we ate last night and if I had to cook from scratch it would have been much later.

I will be back and forth here for a little while longer, around 2 weeks I think, and then things will have erupted or not. Which ever way I will still be here, I miss this cathartic process on the days that I do not visit.
Allowing my mind to wander at will is amazingly restful, for me at least, how you all deal with it baffles me at times.

I am reading your comments and I thank you for each and every one of them. Right now I do not have the time,or the words to respond.
My health is fine, I still have not had my review. I had a date but they rang and moved it back a week.
The issue is not mine but a family thing.

Sorry that my post was a but traumatic but I was reeling from too little sleep and too much excitement about the spinning.

Oh, on the subject of reeling I had a comment from Anonymous complaining about my spelling.
"Let me tell that mawther that I kin spell along a the best of em, iffen I so want"
" Git orff and hev yor own life, this un is mine"

I will not block anonymous comments but trash goes in the trash can. Also any comment in a language that I cannot read goes with it, I will not publish anything that could well be disgusting or inflammatory.

                      TTFN                                          Pam

Saturday 13 April 2019

Always look on the bright side of life,

I am trying to do just that.
Yesterday I received some potentially devastating news and will have to try not to hold my breath for a few weeks. Hopefully it will not be too long before it is clear, one way or the other.
It is always the unknown that is scary. 
Once you know the full story you can take steps to deal with it.
I will not dwell upon it or inflict it upon all of you.
What will be will be, no matter what.

Enough, cease this fooshionless (love that word, read it in a book years ago) drivel.

The socks for me are finished and another pair are on the needles. The waistcoat just needs buttons, I will take pics once they are sorted.
I am practicing my treadling, it is not as easy as it looks to maintain a steady rhythm. Not as easy as a treadle sewing machine.
Every now and then I lose it and the wheel spins counter clockwise.
I am looking forward to spinning group on Tuesday, I do not think that I will take the wheel as arrangements were made for one of the group to bring a wheel for me to try. It would be a bit of a slap in the face if I rocked up with a wheel. Plus I would like to try a different model.

I have neglected my drop spindle but will be picking that up later today, I want to spin some cream to ply with the last lot of grey.
Then it will be rinse and repeat, probably more than once, as the SO has expressed interest in a hat.
Once I have a couple of skeins I will do a wraps per inch and work out the yardage for a simple beanie.

I figure that it will be a while before I can spin consistently fine enough for socks.
I am in no hurry.

Tosh, of course I am in a hurry. I want to spin like a whirling dervish but understand that skills take time to learn. I also understand that I may never spin that fine. It matters not.
All that matters is that I have fun learning and that the fun continues. 
It will not become a slog to be endured, if it hurts I will not do it.

Just like the chappie who went to the Doctor and said
 "When I put my arm behind my back and stretch, it hurts"
The Doctor replied
"Well don't do it"

That was a poor rendition but you get my drift.

I am a bit early today, on our first walk we met a new dog. Both Ben and Herbie were pleased and have been invited for a "play date". Ben is too old for all that, the new dog is 8 months old, but Herbie is spot on for some mad chasing and a bit of rough and tumble. I will be back much later than usual so thought I would pop on and blog now.

No shopping this weekend, if I need anything it will not be before Tuesday and I can pick it up on my way home.
Francesca arrives on Thursday so for a few days my presence here may be hit and miss. The forecast is looking good so there may be some days out and, just like me, she likes an early start.

Anyhow, I just have to whizz the vacuum round and then be off with the Herbie.

                     TTFN                                         Pam

Friday 12 April 2019


For a call back from the surgery. I have to have my medication reviewed, annoying but I suppose that it is necessary.
It means that I am tied to the house, if I had a mobile I still could not go anywhere. Going by their past performance I will get a call giving me about 5 minutes to get there. It could be worse, the last time this happened they called me with a time that had passed 15 minutes before the call.

Oh well, I am getting through the chores like a hot knife through butter. At this rate I will have tomorrows list done by lunchtime.
I did do some knitting on my socks last night but spent most of the evening getting to know my wheel. I will not be using it till I have got some oil, and then I will need some more bobbins. I will be taking the flyer and single bobbin with me to Spinning group on Tuesday. From my measurements I can use the standard Ashford Double Drive Bobbin, the one on the wheel is the same length but a slightly different shape. I am sure that the spinners will put me right.

I had a lovely time at the holding where I got the wheel, a guided tour and some up close and personal time with the Black Welsh Mountain sheep, 2 sorts of goats and a collection (herd?) of Alpacas. There are pigs, but they were at the far end of their enclosure and a myriad selection of fowl.
The dogs were, of course, there and as bouncy as you could want.
There are fleece available, both the sheep and the alpacas. The latter come in a selection of colours so I will be spoilt for choice. 

The SO is interested in the wheel, mainly from a "how does it work" point of view, which is good. Can I see a second wheel in our future? It seems quite possible after all he had me teach him patchwork and quilting. he also cleans and services the overlocker. many years ago his mother used a large commercial model, at home, and he "helped". That could mean that he just about ruled the roost in that area.

He has an inquiring mind and loves to learn new skills.

The dogs have had to make do with the garden today, as soon as I get the call I can factor in a good walk for them, AND peg my washing out. I just know that if I go out to the line the phone will ring and I will miss it.

On that note I am off to be near enough to snatch the phone off the stand the second that it rings.
Of course it was left on the dresser all yesterday till this morning so is too low on charge to take out of the house. DUH!

I will be replying to comments a bit later when I can relax after getting my call.

                               TTFN                               Pam

Thursday 11 April 2019

Nearly missed it.

It has been all go and at top speed here today. I have visitors about to descend upon me, The SO had to start early today as he wants to finish the current work in progress by 4:00, in case there is another frost tonight.
The I am off to try out the wheel before I part with any money.

I had to get through my list as  there is fat chance of doing it tomorrow. Obviously I hope to be treadling away, trying to make yarn out of fluff.

I had the bread maker on at stupid o'clock, both dogs decided that they were ready to  kick start the day before even a glimmer of dawn had slipped over the mountain.

I am not too upset as it gave me a head start, I was about to do this when they both insisted upon a walk and then \I had to do a little shopping.
I should have left it as I only managed Tesco, on my way to Home Bargains and Farm Foods there was a road block and all traffic was diverted. I presume that it was an accident on the roundabout to the little retail park.

Not to worry, I will configure meals around what I have, so no potatoes till I can be bothered to go out shopping again.
I usually buy a bag from Farm Foods that lasts us almost 3 weeks, they are very well priced and really good quality.

I almost didn't make it to blog, but all,s well that ends well.

Next on the agenda is a cuppa and see if the washing is dry enough to get in, quite a bit of it will need ironing so doesn't want to be bone dry.

Then my visitors will hopefully have come and gone by 2:00 and I can get off to try the wheel out. I have predrafted some fibre to save time and just need to find something to wrap the wheel into transport it home.

Now , Where,s that kettle....

                  TTFN                                                       Pam

Wednesday 10 April 2019

A big Happy Dance.

I have a wheel, well I collect it tomorrow afternoon. There is a Brucie Bonus, the vendor lives on a small holding and I am getting a guided tour. Even better she has 3 Spaniels.
It doesn't get much better than this.

                                    See you tomorrow as usual.


By the skin of my teeth.

Pheww!, there was a technical hitch today. I turned the 'puter on and nothing....there was power....the on light was glowing....the screen was blank, Blanketty Blank!!!

The SO removed the battery, popped it back and BINGO, we have a working Lappy again.

The spinning group went well, I did not touch a wheel but learned so much from watching and talking. I came home and picked up my drop spindle and it was so much smoother. I was advised to get some Jacob,s Sheep fibre as it is ideal for a learner, some is on it,s way.

I have been on Ebay this morning and there is a wheel close to me, woo hoo, I have sent the vendor a message asking whether I can go and see the wheel. keep your fingers crossed for me.

There is another too far for me to drive so I have asked if the vendor will courier it to me if I cover all costs, including packaging.

I know that Francesca will happily buy a new wheel but they are very pricey, and I will want a drum carder and possibly extra bobbins. There is the opportunity to buy raw fleeces and then process them ready to spin. That really appeals to me, as I am sure that I have said before.

My chocolate parcel, Oh My.

It is all because of the Brexit panic. The company was on the morning TV program and I looked it up. Of course I ordered a box to try, I got 50% off the price.

Francesca will be here a week tomorrow so we will not touch it till then. I can predict that the Marc de Champagne truffles will be hers, along with the All you need Prosecco flavoured ones.

I knitted a little more on my socks but concentrated my time in the sewing room. The very last bag of gifted fabric has been sorted through, everything pressed and all put away, like with like.
I am quite impressed with myself. I have a list of chores/tasks/jobs however you like to call them and am working through it. I would like to see it all marked off by end of play tomorrow. I want to get the socks off the needles and another pair cast on, the stitches need picking up for the waistcoat arm cuffs. Both of these can be done over 2 evenings but the job list is demanding my attention first. Not to talk about the Lure of the Spindle, sounds like the title of a good book.

My time here is up, I hope that you all have the sunshine that we have been blessed with, yesterday turned to grizzle by early afternoon, poured down while the SO walked the dogs and then dried out by early evening.

                      TTFN                                      Pam

Tuesday 9 April 2019

Still keeping the routine going.

This is quite an achievement for me, I have not used a routine (apart from cleaning) since I retired. It was a bit jarring this morning to have to stop in the middle of something to sit at the 'puter. 
It was not too bad as I was setting up the ironing board. he he.

My yearning to sew resulted in 2 new lightweight coats for Ben, his are getting shabby so I did some stash diving . I have 2 more cut out and will be putting a layer of wool wadding in them ready for the winter.

We had a grizzley start to the day, the sky was that mix of dark grey with an even darker shade, there had been rain overnight, then suddenly the sky lightened and is now cerulean blue with some wispy cloud for decoration and lots of lovely sunshine.

I am a bit behind with the dog walking, they are both due their second walk. I have delayed it A, because I am going out so wanted it to be nearer the time that I will leave. and B, because I had a parcel delivered, a box full of chocolate. I will share this tomorrow, not literally you understand.

We are having a pie for dinner tonight, from the freezer, I will prepare the veg before I leave. That will give us a lazy dinner as I will not be home much before 5.30.

Nothing much else has happened, my latest cast on socks have had the spare yarn in for the heels placement and I will do that once I have about 3" of leg done. That is my usual method, it just means that when I cast off the cuffs and weave in those ends they are done. No less knitting it just seems to suit me.

I need to get a wriggle on, a few little things to do before I leave.

                   TTFN                                            Pam

PS. If any of you spin then perhaps you would tell me which wheel you use and why. ( Daisy Debs, that is a hint) Not being nosy just looking for information. If you do not want the comment published just say so and I will keep it private.

Monday 8 April 2019

Who turned the sun off?

It is warm here but dismal with fine moisture hanging in the air, the dogs do not mind. They have had their 2 morning walks and are now curled up on the sofa, snoring one against the other.

I had a little session with my drop spindle this morning, it did not get looked at yesterday, it seems to be going well and then Oo-er, the fibre breaks or I get a bump. I do not mind, it is all part of the learning curve. And it is fun, the dogs are mesmerized by it. Herbie moves so that he can watch every move and scarcely breathes he is concentrating so hard. If he had opposable thumbs I think he would be spinning as well.

I almost forgot to add the pics of my first spinning and plying. 35 grams worth, I did not measure the yardage, I may open it up to do so but am not really worried about that.

We spend a good part of yesterday in the garden, interspersed with dog walking, Ben was insistent a few times that he really really needed to walk. Herbie just went with the flow, I do have to take him out on his own as Ben,s pace is nowhere near fast enough for him.

I have no idea what to do for dinner tonight, I have a meal plan but can raise no enthusiasm for anything upon it. The SO is no help as he just says, "I don't mind, what do you fancy". I will have to focus my mind a bit or just make the first meal on the plan.

I have a yen to sew later, something simple, so perhaps some crumb blocks or just chain piecing squares together.
I have a couple of white towels in the "use it up" box so I may make some cleaning cloths for the kitchen. I like to use them in place of kitchen towel for everything, I would not drain fried food on them but then I hardly fry anything now. I suppose the only things are my lentil pancakes and I just use a small spray of Fry Light so nothing really to drain.

I did my walk with Leslie this morning, 2 miles today, it really sets me up for the day. I may squeeze in another mile later, time and spinning permitting.

Now I am in need of a cuppa, Assam I think, it makes a good hearty cuppa, full of flavour without too much tannin.

                            TTFN                              Pam

Sunday 7 April 2019

Sunny Sunday, Lovely.

Third consecutive day of this time arrangement, if I manage to keep it up for the next 10 it should have become a habit. Fingers crossed as it suits us all.

I had Happy Post yesterday,

Ooh, it maybe a book.

It is. I found out about this whilst watching the Tales from Cuckoo Land podcast.  The lovely Gayna was wearing a cardigan from it, I had to have the book, it was here in 2 days.

The back cover, a pretty cardigan with a band of "Lice Stitch " round the yoke. I think that I may continue it over the whole garment for warmth.

The Pink Cardigan before I ripped out the sleeves. I am leaving picking up stitches for the cuffs till during the week.

To help with the frogging I brewed a mug of Earl Grey, I did put a lid on it for 3 minutes. It is really delicious I may have ordered a caddy full.

Second package.

My drop spindle and some fibre.

My fingers are twitching. 
But there are things that need doing first.

My flowers are doing nicely.
There are 2 roses that will not survive the stem trimming that is next on the agenda.

These ones would not fit into the other vase. The Lillies have had their stamens removed, that pollen stains everything it touches. 
It would also not be beneficial to the SO's asthma

I hereby 'fess up to sneaking time to play with spindle and fibre. There may be a small lumpy bumpy skein drying as I type.

I know, I should only spin for a few minutes at a time. Ha, far too much fun for that rule.

I spun 2 lots and then had a go at plying.
Next time I will weigh 2 lots of fibre and then spin them, they are destined to go on my peg loom. I will put them on in the order that I make them, as a visual record. The aim is to make a wall hanging.

Dinner today is roast chicken, I am making forcemeat balls and some will be a meal with salad, probably on Tuesday. I just mix sausage meat with breadcrumbs, fresh herbs and garlic. I may stick a chilli in there as well along with some paprika, an egg to bind it all and then wrap the balls in bacon.

My washing machine has just finished so I am off to peg out.
How do we produce so much washing? 

                            TTFN                                   Pam

Saturday 6 April 2019

Frogday, thank goodness it is over.

Yep I spent time yesterday doing the Ribbit thing. That oinking (pigging pink) WIP, words fail me. I must have been having a bad blonde hair day or three when I knitted the sleeves. I finished them and after giving them a good looking over decided that something was a bit dodgy.

Image result for thumbs down free images

I fetched my clover quilting clips and tried to put them in.
Not happening. 
Not fitting.

I looked for my knitting notes. Nowhere to be found!
I looked for the notes on the first one. Nowhere to be found.
I sulked.
I had a cuppa.
I sulked some more.
Then I ripped out both sleeves.
There that will learn you, something often said by parents when they chastise a child. Well I heard it a few times.

I have decided that it will become the waistcoat that it is in the pattern. 
The unraveled yarn will become Something Else. A shawl perhaps.

Then in the middle of a bit more sulking the SO asked if I could shorten the waistcoat that I knitted, TO HIS SPECIFIED LENGTH. last year (or the year before) in GREY. Oh I should add that this was knitted in pieces bottom up, has pockets and a cable pattern.

I breathed in slowly, counted to 10 slowly and said. " I will look at it tomorrow!"
Now it is that tomorrow, but sad to say I have a list of jobs a mile long.....I will get around to it later on.
It may require a strong pot of my English Breakfast tea from the hamper.
It may require something delicious to eat with said tea. 
Bribery may figure strongly in this operation.

'nuff said.

I am part way through the list and feeling on top of the world after a few iffy days.
My energy levels plummeted, along with the temperature, but a bright sunny start to the day has kicked that into touch.
Washing is basking in the sun and some more is nearly ready to join it.
The dogs had a lovely stroll for their walk this morning, and we took care to walk on the sunny side of the street (anyone feel a song coming on?) well Ben made up our minds and towed us over into the sunshine.

I am off to get through the rest of my list before I go and search for that waistcoat, smile you never know who is watching. 

                           TTFN                                 Pam

Friday 5 April 2019

Here we are again.

The dogs have been walked, bed made after a couple of hours airing, washing up done and bathroom bottomed.
That is the biggest half of my jobs list sorted.
So it is time to sit down for a mardle with you all., 10:28 by the 'puter clock,  not too shabby at all.
I was good, I finished the striped jumper and picked up the pink cardigan WIP, all I had left was 28 rows on each sleeve and the finishing off. Well, I buckled down and sewed the shoulder seams and picked up the border stitches, all 299 of them, and have knitted half the rows. This is a deep V neck pattern that I have adapted from a waistcoat pattern. It is the second time that I have made it up with sleeves, this one is for Francesca.

I will get it finished by bed time tonight and (fingers crossed that I have them) sew the buttons on. I would usually leave that until it was blocked but I so want to label this as Completely Finished. My WYS yarn should be in the YarnNyarn shop soon and I plan a series of socks. 3 pairs in each colourway and hopefully a scrappy pair. That will see my gift sock knitting done and dusted.

There are a couple of patterns that I have in mind for late summer knitting, I hope that most of my time will be in the garden during summer.

Dinner tonight will be a fridge bottom special, there will be peppers and mushrooms, maybe eggs, maybe rice or pasta. I have fresh ginger and lots of garlic so it could be a version of Dirty Cajun Rice, or it could be a pasta bake. Depends on how I feel when I start. It will not be potato as we had fish pie last night and I have no more sweet potato.
Hmm, I quite fancy a roasted veg and pasta combination right now, but things can, and likely will, change.

If the SO gets rained off we may fit in a shopping run this afternoon, the forecast was quite vague but promised rain today and dry tomorrow. I do not want to waste a dry day with shopping. There will be washing and I do not go out with it pegged out. You can almost guarantee that will bring the rain on 5 minutes before I get back.

Fingers crossed that my spindle will arrive today, it was dispatched within an hour of my order going in, I was impressed at getting the email so quickly. Now it is all down to the Post Office, I may be harboring false hope. They are not known for their swiftness. Just their exorbitant prices.

I am making no plans for the weekend, I will go with the flow and the weather. I have plenty to keep me busy both in and out of doors, I could never complain that my life is boring and predictable. Thank goodness.
If my Granny heard anyone say that they were bored she would have a job, usually not so nice, for them in an instant. I learnt at an early age to be busy at all times and have a myriad of things available to turn to. 
"The devil makes work for idle hands" and "only the boring get bored" were 2 of her sayings and in all my life with her I never saw her idle or bored.

 On that uplifting(?) note I am off to work through the remainder of my list before lunch. Home made carrot and lentil soup, mmm, I had lentil, buckwheat and banana pancakes for breakfast this morning. Oh well, not to worry I like all the pulses and they are good for me.

                        TTFN                                  Pam

Thursday 4 April 2019

Is it a dead mouse? (a BOGOF)

I just found this, I wrote it last night using the past tense to publish today, I had completely forgotten it. I blame the snow and and dealing with an over excited Herbie. I will still publish it so you have a BOGOF. Enjoy.

The shock made me squeal and I almost had an accident, it was a close run thing I can tell you.
It all started because of the weather, what was bright sunshine fast became grey, rain and hail.

So I hauled all the washing up to the tumbler, it lives in the bathroom as there is plenty of room for it, threw a load in and set it going. Red Light and clean Condenser flashed at me. so I duly removed it and had a look. Nothing. Just as well as I only cleaned it on Monday.
I knelt down in front of the opening and put my hand inside EUGHW, I jumped back right sharpish thinking that I had poked a dead mouse. A soggy one at that.

Then reality switched on, so after donning a rubber glove I had another go. 

Not a mouse.

Half a Herbie more like.

It was a large matted clump of dog hair. I usually shake all the sofa covers out side before putting them into the wash. Obviously I had missed a time or 5. Herbie sheds hair and the recent hot spell must have made it worse. It was very not nice at all, but lesson learnt, I will be vacuuming the sofa covers every day now, not just as and when.

Funnily enough I do not have anything like that with the washing machine.

Apart from that yesterday was just another wet day, I did some housework.
Oh Boy, I nearly forgot to tell you.
Ben woke me at stupid o'clock and once awake I find it almost impossible to get back to sleep.

Sooo before 6 this morning the living room had been polished and tidied within an inch of its life. All I had left to do was push the vacuum cleaner round. The kitchen and bathroom got their daily do and I was all done by 10. lovely.

                          TTFN                                   Pam

I'm Dreaming of a White Easter.

Why not? We have snow this morning, it has just stopped after 3 hours solid. Ben treated it with the contempt it deserved but Herbie was beside himself. He really is a dog of very little brain, he seems to have forgotten the last lot already.

The SO was not best pleased, he is building a Pergola and wants to see it finished ready for planting.

I am ambivalent about it, we are far more likely to see snow at Easter than at Christmas now. Not sure how that measures up to Global Warming, it just seems part of the shift in weather patterns that has been with us for a while now.

I did have the fantasy  thought of a rocket that would turn the world upside down and make us the Southern Hemisphere, all that warmth mmmmmmm.

Then I thought , Knitting in that heat.... no way Jose, and set my mind upon some cosy yarny goodness once the chores are done.
I am about 30 rounds away from the stripy jumper finish and have the next WIP lined up ready. I have to as I would cast on another cowl, yarn, pattern and needles are ready in my tea hamper basket. Sitting on top of the dresser, looking at me with temptation written all over it. bad basket. I will resist, I WILL.

The SO is watching the Grand Tour so I am happy to have a few jobs to attend to. I used to like the mad 3 in Top Gear but am not so keen on the new program. I think that I am a bit of a "Ladette" as I like lots of the car programs, Love that Counting Cars is back, and lots of the "shed" type shows. I recently found Alaska Homestead Rescue, the name is a bit off as it is not set in Alaska, last nights program was set in Missouri. I tell you that I wanted to reach into the screen and slap 2 of the people. STOP NOW. I do not want to bore you all rigid.

My telly watching is like the rest of my life, jumping around like a flea beetle. I blame it on my Gemini star sign. Or it could be that I just find things interesting, often I will find a program, like the content and dislike the presentation or the presenter,s style.

Anyhoo, for the moment I am looking at my time management. I have decided that (for now at least) to give myself the time to sit at the 'puter once I come back from the dog walk. No timer on, but I think that may have to happen, just a glance at the clock every now and then to stop me sitting here for 5 hours, or so.

It does mean that I will be a day behind on some of my list, but I can not think of a better time in the day. The morning between fist and second dog walk is generally not interrupted by phone calls or visitors. also by the afternoon I am usually set for the day with some craft or other, or deep into a job that I want to finish in one hit. 

 You have been warned, now we will see how long I can keep it up before being led off  track.

Oooh, nearly forgot.
I have ordered a drop spindle and some "fluff" to practice with. Next Tuesday I plan on going to visit one of the groups that I found on line. It means driving through Ammanford and Llandeilo so if it becomes a regular thing I will be planning to make that my regular shopping day. 2 birds, 1 stone, suits me down to the ground. Not to mention that I will be withing spitting distance of the fabric and yarn shops. That has not influenced me in any way, shape or form. It so Serendipitous though, karma even. I take it as a sign that this is what I should be planning to do.

I am hoping that the group members will be able to point me in the right direction as to which wheel is best for what I want. Fingers crossed they may even offer a little hands on try and a smidgeon of tuition.

I have been wittering for long enough and the vacuum cleaner is in the sewing room waiting for some attention ( the duster and polish are there as well, sigh). 

                       TTFN                                           Pam

Wednesday 3 April 2019

Time management

When I was in paid employment I worked full time plus extra hours for admin, computerized and paper records were mandatory in food manufacturing then, and probably still are.
I ran the home, looked after 3 Spaniels, 2 cats, a husband and son. I also had a wide group of friends and met up frequently with them. I sewed, knitted and crocheted and did the gardening.

Now I only have the last paragraph and still run out of hours. Something to do with the years that have passed I expect.
But, it is also due to the well known conundrum That the more time you have to do a task, the more time it takes.
When I lived to the clock everything ran like, well .... clockwork, and still had time to watch telly, read books and loll about chatting.

I would hate to go back under clock rule but really should get my time management under some sort of control.

I have been looking for spinning groups in my area.

Yes, Yes, Yes 

After consulting with Francesca I will be having a spinning wheel this year.

I have found 2 groups within a reasonable drive and a course, which unfortunately is not until November.

But, in the interest of getting my toe in the door I will be tootling to Wonder Wool, at the end of the month. There will be spinners there and I will be picking brains and "fingers crossed" trying out a wheel or 3.
I also intend to dry a drop spindle while I am there. It will make for a portable craft other than sock knitting.
I also have another craft idea in mind but can not share that right now. It will be a gift and the proposed recipient reads this.
Back to the spinning course, Francesca quite fancies having a go so it will be part of her birthday gift. With any luck we will be able to help each other along.

Part of the course is preparing raw fleece to spin and that really appeals to me. How cool to knit something as a gift and be able to say, "I had the fleece straight off the sheep to me and I made it into wool and then into this for you."

There I go, counting all those chickens before the eggs are laid, never mind hatched. They could all turn out to be addled.

I am hoping for a little better weather today, we had hailstones like marbles yesterday and there is snow on the ground in Powys. That is not so far from here as the crow flies. (or should that be Red Kite)
Anyway I have changed all the sofa throws and cushion covers so if it looks half tidy will be pegging out soon.

I am going to whizz through replying to some comments and catch up on some blog reading. Then later will be working on the second sleeve of my jumper. I really want it off the needles, swiftly followed by my pink cardigan, a loong time WIP that deserves to be finished soon. Very Soon.

                               TTFN                       Pam

Monday 1 April 2019

Perhaps I should walk on my hands.

Then, maybe, my fingernails would grow as fast and as strong as my toenails. I cut them this morning and had to soak my feet for 20 minutes to soften the nails enough to cut. T.M.I.? never mindm we are all friends here.
If I do not cut them once a week they rapidly become talons worthy of any bird of prey. (not sure what that says about me)

Just a little thought provoking statement, all too true I am sorry to say. My fingernails do grow fast but they are thin and brittle and no matter what I put on them they just splinter, break and have to be kept quite short. I have tried, oh boy have I tried, every known nail strengthener/growth promoter on the market. To completely no avail. They are as short as can be without pain, and they can stay that way. I have thrown the towel in.

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend and today had been just as laid back. The SO had 2 appointments, Asthma and so on, this afternoon so we had a lazy morning. Well one of us did, I walked the dogs and then after a coffee took Herbie out again, this time for a looooong walk, I also did my walk with Leslie, well this time it was a jog....and I kept up. Woo Hoo. go me, go me.

That was so childish that I will have to leave it in.

I have done a little more knitting and have sorted through my sewing patterns, I have decided on my pattern for the Bird cage fabric and hope to cut it out tomorrow.   BUT, there is a list of shores to work through first. I will be good, I will be good.

My empty tea basket now holds the next few colours for the granny blanket, and is happily living on the very top of the dresser.

I have a slimming world crustless quiche in the mini oven, incidentally it is doing a grand job, and we will be having it with salad. I am just about to gather some fresh mint and basil to add to the leaves.

 The oven just pinged so it is time for me to get that salad in a dish, I keep it all in the fridge but like to have a bowl full at room temperature to eat. Ice cold lettuce and peppers etc are no my idea of a tasty side dish.

                            TTFN                                        Pam