Thursday 31 December 2015

Stars in My Eyes

And on every flat surface.
I have guestimated that I will want around 150 stars for my garland and will make them all from the yarn stash. I have 2 bags filled with odds and ends of yarn, from enough to make half a dozen stars to almost 100g balls. Once they are made I will press them flat  and may resort to spreading a thin layer of PVA on the backs.
They are very simple and fast to make, just a little fiddly for my big hands.

Just a few to give you the general idea, I am not looking forward to weaving the ends in though.

Ben and I managed a good walk in the dry this morning, just over a mile, we almost did it in the dry yesterday only the last few yards in the rain. Most days we do this 3 times, if the day is fair and Ben is up to it the middle walk doubles to 2 miles.
Ilona, Mean Queen, from Life after Money is promoting a "walk a thousand miles in a year". A very good goal and I am considering throwing my name into the pot. I will have to look for a way of recording my walking first though.

I am off to Neath this morning, my passenger is normally there for the day, so I come home. Today it is a half day so I will be taking Ben and we will stroll along the tow path, it will be a slow walk as the smells prove intoxicating to Ben, it will be a case of 5 steps forward, 2 sideways and 2 backwards. There are usually lots of dogs and their walkers to stop and chat with, along with the joggers.

There are a couple of places that sell yarn so I will have a quick look for the white sparkling yarn that I want for crochet snowflakes. I would like some dark green for a Christmas tree garland as well, I want to make this in several shades and do not have a dark shade. One ball will be plenty so I will not be breaking the bank. I do not want to buy any really but needs must and all that jazz. It will all help to reduce the stash and that is my aim. I would like to end the year 2016 with an empty space that is now filled with yarn.

I am off now to get myself into gear.

                       TTFN                                              Pam

Wednesday 30 December 2015

A giveaway and a gift, make that 2.

First the giveaway.

One of my presents was a copy of this book,

While I am not a total fan of Kirstie, anyone who promotes crafting as fun and accessible to all is Okay in my view, mind you glass blowing does not appeal at all my cheeks are fat enough now.
I have a copy of this book already, I did check with the giftee/giver and they offered to change it. We had a little chat and she agreed that I could put it up for grabs, it is after all the thought that counts and the rest of the present was edible and totally lush and I am keeping that.

So, the usual drill, drop a comment to the effect that you would like this. Names will go in some thing hattish to be drawn on New Years day, in the day, not at the last stroke of midnight cos I will be sleeping. fingers crossed.

Now for the suspended photo,

A glorious fat quarter and a set of bright coloured pretty buttons. I want to keep the fabric in as large a piece as possible and I have a plan.
I wear aprons all the time in the kitchen so this may well become the skirt of a waist one, I will look for toning solids in the stash for ties and a little pocket. If I do not have the right colours I will think again.
Today's 12 days of Christmas gift was this sweet little candle.

I like a scented candle burning in the evening and when my current Winter Spice is finished I will light this. 

I managed a good walk with Ben, in sunshine , yesterday we both enjoyed it immensely, he was rushing along like a puppy. I also managed a load of washing almost dry outside. It went on a horse to finish drying and is now awaiting a visit to the iron, it can wait on.

I popped into The Works in the morning and bought a calendar with a diary for £3. and a Cracker making kit for £1.50, both needs as well as wants. Francesca and I were talking about crackers while she was here. Last year I bought some posh ones, reduced because the box was damaged and they were nothing to write home about. This year I bought "luxury" ones in the January sales and they were rubbish.
Next year I will be making my own, I will keep my eyes open for little things to put in them when I am out and about.

That is the sum total of my sales shopping, I was intending a trip to Hobbycraft but it would be buying for the sake of it. I still have loads of yarn and fabric to use, not to mention ribbons and sparkly things.

Storm Frank has been howling round the houses all night, rattling the letterbox and gusting through my bedroom window. At one point the curtains billowed and set Ben barking, I am sure that he thought somebody was trying to get in. He went into full guard dog mode and put his hackles up and snarled quite viscously. I was impressed, he sounded like a much larger dog and it would have made me stop and think twice before entering.

I am more determined than ever to concentrate on using what I have before buying more. I intend to buy nothing new next year except to replace items too worn out to use or breakages. Birthday gifts will be made by me, as will Christmas gifts. 

I am off now to help Maggie move some more stuff from her house, this task has reinforced my limited spending plans for next year. I am a bit of a hoarder but the sheer volume of stuff in that house was and is frightening. The bungalow is to all intents and purposes full, I have taken several car loads away and there is still as much again, if not more, to go. I have no idea where she is planning on storing this stuff, I just hope that she does not try to cram it all in. I am sorry to say that she has been on a buying mission since moving. There are lots of new things cluttering up her space. 

                     TTFN                                                Pam

Tuesday 29 December 2015

Suspender Alert.

My swap gift for today was a glorious blast of colour for me to play with, I will share it tomorrow, that's the first thing hanging in the air. 
The second I spotted in the Park at Beckenham, Ben had to have a walk after the journey, and so did I. Not for the same reason I hasten to assure you.

It is not the best of photo's but that is a large Mistletoe plant, not in an ancient gnarled Apple Tree but in a fairly young bog standard park tree. Without the leaves I have no idea what it is. It is just high enough to deter gatherers and the tree trunk is smooth with no low branches for climbing. There were a few berries on it, I expect the squirrels may have taken most of them.
The journey over to Kent was great, very little traffic till Hammersmith, the sun was shining out of a clear blue sky and the outside temperature was 15c. 

The journey home was a different matter, road works, accidents and sheer numbers of traffic meant that I lost 30 minutes before clearing the urban sprawl.
The M4 was also choc a block so I scooted off and came back via the M5 and skirted Ross on Wye and Monmouth. A far more pleasant drive and no queueing to pay to come back home.

Now I am off to Neath and a walk in the park with Ben, he will be delighted with the new smells.

                            TTFN                                              Pam

Monday 28 December 2015

On the 4th Day of Christmas my swap mate sent to me,

A scarf to keep me warm on my walks. 
And very swish it is too, just check out that fancy fringe.

I 'fess up to taking this photo very late last night as I am driving Francesca back to London today. Upon my return I will not want to do anything except have a shower, a cuppa and throw myself into bed.
It has been lovely having her here and driving her back makes the visit that bit longer. Plus the trains are all over the place due to the works being carried out. Plus she has her quilt to carry back along with the rest of her pressies.
Sunday was a very chill out kind of day, some leisurely strolls with Ben, in the dry no less. A little visit with some neighbours, just to check that all was well. A quick pop to another neighbours to feed the cats and check them out.
Then the rest was spent loafing on the sofa, I started my new book and had a little dip into the Kitchen Diaries 3. Breakfast was not needed, lunch was fresh fruit and dinner was the Iffits Pie, topped with ready rolled puff pastry, RTC from Lidl with 3 days life on it.
A one pot wonder indeed, it was wonderful. really tasty and we made total pigs of ourselves.
Followed by Christmas Pudding and Clotted Cream, now you see why we were so abstemious during the day.
On Tuesday I will do the usual trip into Neath, to keep me from the lure of the sales I will either take Ben and walk him through the park( weather permitting) or visit the library for the hours wait.
Wednesday I am helping Maggie to fetch some more of her things from the house. She has got the bungalow set to rights now and fells up to tackling a bit more.
Thursday I will be back in Neath for half the day and hope to be walking Ben along the canal tow path.
That brings us to Friday, New Years Day, The start of my Take Time. So visitors permitting the Big Shot Plus will come out and some playing will happen.
 I will leave it there for now, of course all of this could change at the drop of a hat, these are only tenuous plans at the best. There is still the chance that Francesca will be back on Thursday, she has plans but they include a night out with a couple who split up a few days before Christmas.

                      TTFN                                                  Pam

Sunday 27 December 2015

On the Third day of Christmas my swap mate sent to me

A book with a pretty book mark.


The book looks interesting, a bit different to the run of the mill novel. I will read it soon and report back.

Ben and I managed a second good walk yesterday afternoon, in the dry, it was very mild and we both enjoyed it. Maggie was tired and returned home late in the afternoon. She spent Christmas Day sitting with a bedridden friend while the carers took time out with their family. She did little but being on constant alert is wearing and the going up and down stairs repeatedly did not help her arthritis.

I think that an early night with possibly a G&T was on the cards.

This is the first time for ages that my home has been a booze free zone for Christmas and it will not be the last. None of us wanted to overindulge and I was happy not to spend the money.
As one of my guests said, "I would far rather eat my calories than drink them".

I am up early this morning, it was the total silence that woke me, the wind that has been roaring and shrieking around the village has gone. It has been with us for so long that I almost feel disorientated without it.

We are having Iffits Pie for dinner tonight, iffits left over it will be going under a puff pastry top. There was quite a bit of Cauli and Broccoli cheese left from yesterday, into that I put 4 roast potatoes, chopped, a few roast parsnips and carrots, about 6 sprouts and some steamed carrots sliced up. A little more cheese sauce and some diced turkey and gammon and it is in the fridge awaiting it's pastry blanket.
The stock from the Turkey legs has been frozen and most of the cooking water from the gammon will be joining it. I used star anise, allspice berries, cinnamon sticks and black peppercorns to flavour it. The resulting soup will be very tasty.
I see that the sale season is well and truly upon us, in years past I would have been out there, in the scrum, trawling with the best of them. This year I will pick up some wrapping paper, if I spot some that I like. There is nothing that fills me with desire to rush out and search for it.
I am told that winter clothing is reduced by 70% in "loads of shops". I have enough clothes and nothing needs replacing, my winter coats were both bought in the sales a few years ago and are in perfect condition. My Driza-bone is still water tight, and will last me many years yet. My wellies were new last year and will also last a while.
There is nothing that I need and because I will not be looking I will not see anything that I want.
My pantry, cupboards, fridges and freezers are all well stocked.
In the garden there are parsnips, kale and spinach ready, and early sprouting broccoli and spring greens to come. Salad leaves, albeit small, in the greenhouse, no hungry gap yet.

I have been pondering over my word(s) for next year and they are, 
Take Time.
Take time to learn to cross stitch,
Take time to learn to embroider,
Take time to walk the valley footpaths,
Take time to stand and drink in the scenery,
Take time to sit and look.

You get my drift, I am sure. I am a "let's get it done NOW" person and I want to slow the pace a little. Instead of rushing head first at top speed into things I want to take time to enjoy the planning as much as the doing. 
Over the last few days I have been visiting one of my neighbours houses to look after his cats. I feed them, give them clean water, do the litter trays and spend a little time talking to them. They do not hurry, they glide through the house looking around and stopping here and there for a longer look, as and when the fancy takes them. I intend to take a leaf from their book.
Normally when I wake up I hit the ground running and am busy from the off, drinking my tea while I bustle about. Today is a "dry run" so to speak, I made my tea and stood just outside the back door while it cooled slightly. The air was still and warm, there was not a sound bar my breathing and it was good just to relax.
Then tea in hand I made my way to the sofa and the lap top. Ben has come down to join me and is on his bed snoozing, all is still and peaceful.
Now it is time for another cuppa, then I will shower and dress ready to go for a stroll with Ben.
The ravening hoards will be up and about by the time we return and breakfast will happen. 
There are no plans for the day, I may start my new book, I may start my little cross stitch. 
Enjoy your day, doing what ever you have to or want to.

                  TTFN                                                       Pam

Saturday 26 December 2015

On the second Day of Christmas my swap mate sent to me

A time out gift for relaxing me.

Some gorgeous choccies to enjoy after I have wallowed in a scented bath, and had a spa facial treatment.

Tonight's the night.

While the others slump in front of the telly I will shut myself in the bathroom. Put Enya's new CD on the player and chill out ( should that be warm out?).


Maggie is with us for the day and is deep into one of the Back to The Future films. Lunch is in the oven and we will eat in around 30 minutes. I may have to hold it till the film finishes, no problem.

I hope that you are all enjoying your day, Ben and I had a long walk this morning, well over an hour, it was windy but dry and very mild. We may squeeze another in later.

                         TTFN                                         Pam

Friday 25 December 2015

On the First Day of Christmas my Swap Mates sent to me.

Lots of pretty things to put around my tree.

From my Santa Sack Swap partner,

A lovely traditional stocking.

This little packet contained,

A very jolly bauble, which is upon the tree.

Ooh, fancy that, a gift for Ben.

lots of little packages, tied up with Christmas ribbon, I will be using every last inch of this.

Collected seeds for my garden.

Ribbon and buttons for my creations.

More seeds, all will find their place in my garden.  once the time is right.

A package full of home crafted cards, I may share them with you later.

An embellished note book. Perfect,I love making lists. I may just use this to record my progress with the new crafts for next year.

The ribbons all harvested, I wound them round short pieces of wooden dowelling.

Even the gift tag is crafted, and saved.

These gifts have made me even more determined to learn new skills.
I am so impressed with my cards in particular, I will undoubtedly be calling on help from the multi talented Dawn to help.

Then there is the 12 days of Christmas Swap. I opened the first one while the kettle boiled for my first cup of tea.

An intricate tree bauble and a Scandi Style hanging decoration

The bauble went directly onto the tree and I found a place for the hanging decoration.

Ben had gifts as well, this is the view we were treated to once he had the first one.

It was a ball, I use the past tense deliberately as he ripped it to shreds in about 5 minutes. The rope chew toy has now been hidden under a corner of his bed (by him)

This was in his gift from the first swap, and yes he did like them but they will be rationed.

I hope that you have all had the Christmas morning that you wished for, mine certainly exceeded my expectations. I hate to brag but I did get a Sissix Big Shot, along with some dies and a pack of felt to play with.

Some cooking ingredients, books and crafting goodies have all been unwrapped and drooled over (so to speak).

Francesca in on the sofa wrapped in her Footsie Blanket, a joke gift that she was delighted with, and Ben is snuggled down with her.

The Turkey crown has been anointed with butter and adorned with streaky bacon, The roasties are par boiled and tossed in a little oil and seasoned. Parsnips have also been par boiled but they are slathered with butter, maple syrup and wholegrain mustard.

A hybrid version of Pigs in blankets crossed with stuffing balls are also wrapped in bacon and ready for the oven.

The steamer has carrots, sprouts and broccoli florets in its layers. Finally the stock is in the fridge for the gravy, I had a whole free range turkey and took the crown off to roast. The rest went in to the slow cooker along with some aromatics and carrots and the meat was taken off the bones once cooked. Ben will have some and the remainder will be frozen.

That's all for now.

                         TTFN                                           Pam

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Woo Hoo look what I got

Francesca brought this with her, it is lovely. Once we have eaten the contents I will have the tin for my home made cookies.
Oh Yum, I could almost eat the tin.

I know I said I would not be back till Friday but just had to share this.
It plays a twinkly melody from la Traviata as it turns round. So Cute.

Tuesday 22 December 2015

A little light relief.

Well it is almost upon us and judging by the panicky shoppers in Swansea yesterday it has come as a great surprise to many.

I went along with friends, as a trolley pusher and a "can you reach that" assistant.
They had to go into the town and decided to visit Forest Fach , it was pandemonium inside Tesco's.
I heard one woman ask her Daughter(?) if they had enough fresh cream, and the response was " F*** knows get 2."
I found the leaf gelatine that I wanted and my companions got a few things and then said that the place was giving them bad heads and should we go back to Pontardawe? I was sooo pleased.
We got out fast and in Ponty it was heaven, few peeps, no rush, no scrum down and you could see the shelves. I had their shopping in the trolley, through the tills and in the car in record time.

I took a friend into Neath this morning, my regular Tuesday mission, all was quiet there also, lovely. I only have an hour to kill so had a little saunter around Magic and Sparkle. Big Bonus, lots of their goodies were on sale at half price, nothing that I needed or wanted but I spotted a scented candle in a gold jar for  Maggie and a bag of gilded pot pourri, two things that she loves. These will be a little house warming gift for her.

Fran will be here tomorrow and I am getting excited, she is half hoping to get snowed in till the New Year. Naughty Girl.

I am all set, there are more decorations up this year but not too many, I may have to drag the rest out once Fran looks over them as she does like it to be a bit on the loud side.

My £1 arrangement looking good.

The Round of Robins has a little sparkle.

as does the telly stand.

Even the window has a little glitter.

The stairs have not escaped

Santa is there, poised. I hope he keeps away from that candle.

My new shelf has been taken over, EyeOre looks reasonably happy or should that be less sad than usual


Fran's stocking waiting to be stuffed.

Finally my model has a garland and some lights.

I hope that Ben keeps his wits about him or Fran may just tinsel him up.

I do not expect to be back till the 25th, I have some swap gifts to open and want to share them.

BTW did anyone else see that Jeremy Vine has been reported for using the phrase "man flu" on air. Luckily someone  at the Beeb had the common sense to dismiss it.

Strictly stirred up lots of controversy again, the viewers cast the final vote and like it or not that is it. The 3 remaining finalists were very closely matched and at the risk of being slated I have to say that I am rather pleased that Katie and the berk were not among them.

I wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a healthy New Year.

                  TTFN                                     Pam

Saturday 19 December 2015

Yesterday was a bit of a blur, it was my son's birthday and is always a bad day that needs pushing through. However I did the run into Pontardawe and spend my hours wait in the usual manner, trawling round Tesco sniffing out the bargains.

I found a few that brought a splash of colour into the end of the day.

This trio came in at £1.80, the Poinsettia has gone to a new home and the other two will be off tomorrow. 

This glorious arrangement was £1 and is staying with me.

I just have to dig out a suitable container, I will probably take some off the stems as it is a bit top heavy.

I found Raspberries and Blueberries for 10p a pot so there are some in the freezer, my trifle will have real fruit jelly in it and there will be Blueberry and Apple crumb cake at some point.

I watched Christmas on the poverty line on Thursday night and have mixed feelings and reactions.
The family from Cornwall really got up my nose, borrowing that amount of money to have a flash wedding and that pile of Christmas gifts was so stupid. The couple were both aware of the cost but went ahead willy nilly. 

The large family were living in quite bad conditions and with the older girls there the house could have been in better order. BUT they incurred no debt although the cigarettes that were in just  about every shot must have eaten up a sizeable chunk of their income.

The single mother who was off work with a lung condition confused me. If her condition was a direct result of hospital treatment she should have been adequately compensated. Once again there were adult children involved who appeared to be drifting around waiting for mum to do everything.

Employment may be at lower levels than for a time but there are still areas that are well behind the average. 

The most memorable moment for me was when the large family were snuggled on the bed with their hot chocolate while Mum read The Night Before Christmas to them. It was a scene worthy of H E Bates Larkins family.

I dare say that they were all very carefully selected to give the most impact. It is a shame that a family who have got themselves on a budget and live quite normally was not included.

I spent a little while today making cookies, chocolate chip and ginger, tomorrow it will be Gingerbread and Peanut Butter cookies. Fran has requested "a few" to take back with her and they keep well so I thought it would be best to get them done. 
I will put 6 of each into a tine for Maggie, she has a sweet tooth.
I am hoping that she will join us on Boxing Day, she is out on Christmas Day and will wait and see how tired she is.
The move has really taken it out of her and she has been in considerable pain with her arthritis. 

I have decided that for January I will be making soup for dinner every day and hope to empty the freezer out. If the weather is half way to being decent I will get some good walks in and get my fitness level back up. If not I may be looking for a Cross Trainer.

My crochet has now been put away and my crafting for the holiday will be a little cross stitch, I found a small kit in Hobby Craft to play with.

That,s it for today I need to get dinner on the go and try to persuade Ben that he really has to get a walk in soon.The last time that I asked him his response was to snuggle down further ans close his eyes.

                                TTFN                                       Pam 

Thursday 17 December 2015

Winner, winner, Chicken Dinners (lots of them

I went into Swansea yesterday, there were some things that I needed and a few that I wanted from Hobbycraft. While I was there I slipped into Laura Ashley and found a gorgeous black cardigan (40% off). I buy Fran one good quality cardigan for Christmas every year.
Then a trip into Dunelm for the haberdashery counter, I bought a stitch ripper. I like to have a really sharp one when I am piecing and I have some projects in mind for next year.
The Christmas decs are sublime so I will be going back in the new year to have a little looksee.

Into Hobbycraft and bingo, everything that I needed and wanted was on the shelves.
Then a quick foray into Poundland and I have the cookie cutters that I want for a gift and some more holly garlands for the Round Robin wreath, also a gift.
I want to make an Easter version so am on the lookout for a chick pattern and maybe a bunny one.

Then home ward bound and I stopped at Tesco, well I was passing and thought I would take the opportunity to check out the bargains.
Woo Hoo, they had just decided to reduce the cooked chickens from £4.50 to ......£1.15!!
I can not buy a raw one for that price.
That stopped me in my tracks and I gathered up a couple. I took a few steps and had a light bulb moment, back tracked and scooped up two more.

Fast forward and today I have 7 big parcels of chicken meat in the freezer. A colander full of bones and aromatics. A large amount of good stock and a slow cooker full of soup simmering away. There is also a dish of bits and pieces for Ben and the visitor cat ( they have both had some this morning).

I did have a sarnie for lunch, oozing with garlic mayo and the chicken was moist and tender.

Oh and I have two very happy neighbours who were delighted to get a ready cooked chicken for a surprise treat.

I have crocheted another 8 Robins and will be sewing and stuffing them later today. That Round will be a gift but will be given out this week, the recipient can have it hanging straight away.

That's all my news, my sewing gift that I gave you a peak at has arrived. I did not take photo's but I am sure that a few will be published at some point. The giftee is going through a bumpy patch just now.

I have tea to drink and a trip to Neath coming up so I am offski.

    TTFN                                                                        Pam

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Back to trivia

Well, I managed to get Ben walked in the dry this morning, he came to Neath with me and we had a stroll along the canal side. There were lots of joggers about and a few dog walkers for Ben to meet and greet. There were also loads of exciting smells to keep his nose firmly ground wards.

I did leave him in the car while I wasted time on a fruitless search, it will wait until the New Year now.

I got caught in a down pour but luckily was not too far from the car.
This afternoon has seen me putting a few more decs up.

The Round of Robins has a home, and a little bit of colour.

The carol singers have come out of hibernation.
Along with the skeletal trees.

I have some very soft berry lights up with the crochet garland.

My skinny Minny tree is just about done, I have 2 very special Angels on it this year, you can see one on the right.

I have to get the rest up and would like to finish the job this week, next week will just be about Fran, and lots of cooking.I will be putting the gifts under the tree on Christmas Eve. This year I will have an embarrassingly huge pile, thanks to the Santa Sack Swap and the 12 Days of Christmas Swap that I joined. It was fun and I hope to repeat it next year, I already have some ideas whizzing round my head. 

I while ago Rachel Radiostar offered a  give away on her blog, this was for a book, Trust in me, by Sophie McKenzie. It went to Louise, who blogs at At Home with Mrs H and she read it and passed it on to me.
I have finally found time to read and enjoy and am happy to pass it along again. Anyone interested drop a comment to that effect and if more than one wants it I will do the usual hattish thingy.

Oops, it seems that some sneaky somebody has crept in and drunk my tea, so I am off to make another cup and set a mouse trap ;-)

                   TTFN                                                Pam

Monday 14 December 2015

Monday meanderings.

 I came across this a few days ago and thought you may like to share.

Life's Tug of War.

Life can seem ungrateful and not very kind,

Life can pull at your heartstrings and play with your mind,

Life can be blissful and happy and free,

Life can put beauty in the things that you see,

Life can put challenges right at your feet,

Life can make good the hardships we meet,

Life can overwhelm you and make your head spin,

Life can reward those determined to win,

Life can be hurtful and not always fair,

Life can surround you with people who care,

Life clearly does offer its Ups and its Downs,

Life's days can bring you both smiles and frowns,

Life teaches us to take the good with the bad,

Life is a mixture of happy and sad.

I have always answered those whose lament is "it's not fair" with 
" then it must be a circus". 
The there is, "you can not recognise happiness until you have met sadness".
I think that the important word in this is "can", nothing is certain bar death and taxes, as someone once said.
 You can strive and graft, work countless hours and then Wham you are redundant/too old/too ill and you are out of work. Not a good reward. But you may rise through the ranks and achieve what ever your goal is.
Smiles and frowns, frowns give wrinkles and smiles give laughter lines.
 Smiles also may bring a smile in return, which may lead to a new friendship.

I, and you, could carry on in this vein for ages. Life is an adventure, a game of chance, win or lose all you can do is make the most of what you have.
Enough of this, what about some fun. I have abandoned the tidy up of the sewing/dining room mid flow (so to speak) and moved the sitting room around. 
The bureau is in the dining room, the telly has moved from prime position and.......The TREE is up.. Nothing on it yet ( well possibly a cobweb or three) but the decs are beside it,  in their boxes.

And why have I decided on this today, you may ask. Quite simple, I was intending to have a long walk as the day dawned dry, and then it rained. Pshaw Hrumph and all that jazz.
My "word/phrase" for this year was to have some more fun, 'nuff said.
I am still mulling over the one for next year, it will be along the lines of...Slow down and smell the roses/coffee/chocolate/bacon/chips with vinegar.
You get my drift, I must ease off on the accelerator a bit and, by slowing down, get even more fun and enjoyment in.
"Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it's later than you think"

No I am not feeling morbid or ancient, just waffling on, and typing what ever drifts into my mind. I like to make it up as I go, just like my sewing.

My Christmas is well under way, still some wrapping to do and a little food shopping. Everything is under control and coming in well within budget, I will have a head start on 2016, even though I seem to have stacked the gifts high. I have made the majority and sourced the rest at bargain prices.

I only wish that the rest of the world was in the same boat. My heart aches for those in war torn countries but my main concern is for those at home who are suffering. The homeless and abandoned, those in the North who have lost their homes (albeit temporarily), and their possessions to the floods.

I did note that the celebrities who jumped on the bandwagon of offering shelter to refugees have not offered the same to those affected by the horrendous weather. 
It makes me wish that I was still in a big house with empty bedrooms.

Oops I slipped back from happy to sad again, but that is life.

                      TTFN                                           Pam