Monday 4 November 2019

Oh my word,

Would you just look at the date.
I cannot quite understand where the past few days have gone. quite a lot of time has been spent knitting and quite a lot in just moving things around to maximise space. Not a few items have been donated or given to new homes, every little helps. 
I still, at times, feel overwhelmed by my possessions. 
Michael builds wonderful wooden models, far too detailed and delicate to be out in the open, all housed in glass cabinets. Then there is my yarn and fabric, plus all the "incidentals" like thread, hardware and what seems to be the contents of a small haberdashery shop.
Books, DVD,s boxes of all sorts of treasures and several containers of "Things That I Need". That latter group seriously has to be prioritised for a session of Keep or Donate.

I did go to Deb,s wool shop last week and came away with a bag stuffed with yarn. I may have ordered a few hundred gram skeins as well, all of which have been earmarked for projects. A pair of socks for my Brother in Law will soon be off the needles from that bag full. I have known him since I was  young girl so it is a pleasure to knit for a relation who is also an old friend. He now only wears the socks that I knit for him, so there are more than a few skeins of yarn with his name on.

I am getting out and about much more now, although some of our recent weather has curtailed my socialising.

I have been doing a little sewing, but nothing in the past week. There are 2 large plastic storage containers, parked in the middle of the sewing room, that I need to go through. I am guilty of procrastinating. I have pencilled in Wednesday for this task, commonly known as "hump day" 

I thought it would be perfect, those boxes are the hump that I need to climb over, after all once you reach the top it should be an easy slide down the other side.

I seem to have been tapping away but saying nothing much at all. 

I am keeping up with Strictly again this year, there seems to be a group of serious contenders for the top spot. 

I am watching a few podcasts but in fits and starts, some of the ones that I used to wait for have lost their appeal. Perhaps I still need to get my mind back on track. 

Enough of this idle chatter, I have afterthought heels to get into a pair of socks and 2 jumpers on the needles.

                              TTFN                          Pam