Monday, 4 November 2019

Oh my word,

Would you just look at the date.
I cannot quite understand where the past few days have gone. quite a lot of time has been spent knitting and quite a lot in just moving things around to maximise space. Not a few items have been donated or given to new homes, every little helps. 
I still, at times, feel overwhelmed by my possessions. 
Michael builds wonderful wooden models, far too detailed and delicate to be out in the open, all housed in glass cabinets. Then there is my yarn and fabric, plus all the "incidentals" like thread, hardware and what seems to be the contents of a small haberdashery shop.
Books, DVD,s boxes of all sorts of treasures and several containers of "Things That I Need". That latter group seriously has to be prioritised for a session of Keep or Donate.

I did go to Deb,s wool shop last week and came away with a bag stuffed with yarn. I may have ordered a few hundred gram skeins as well, all of which have been earmarked for projects. A pair of socks for my Brother in Law will soon be off the needles from that bag full. I have known him since I was  young girl so it is a pleasure to knit for a relation who is also an old friend. He now only wears the socks that I knit for him, so there are more than a few skeins of yarn with his name on.

I am getting out and about much more now, although some of our recent weather has curtailed my socialising.

I have been doing a little sewing, but nothing in the past week. There are 2 large plastic storage containers, parked in the middle of the sewing room, that I need to go through. I am guilty of procrastinating. I have pencilled in Wednesday for this task, commonly known as "hump day" 

I thought it would be perfect, those boxes are the hump that I need to climb over, after all once you reach the top it should be an easy slide down the other side.

I seem to have been tapping away but saying nothing much at all. 

I am keeping up with Strictly again this year, there seems to be a group of serious contenders for the top spot. 

I am watching a few podcasts but in fits and starts, some of the ones that I used to wait for have lost their appeal. Perhaps I still need to get my mind back on track. 

Enough of this idle chatter, I have afterthought heels to get into a pair of socks and 2 jumpers on the needles.

                              TTFN                          Pam

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Ooh er, it's a BOGOF

I just had to pop back to say thank you for all the lovely comments, they have given me a really big boost.

I still haven't got to grips with the sewing room but i am formulating a plan of action.

There has been knitting, again my attention span has been limited so there are lots of WIPs, new and old. 

There has been copious amounts of crochet. I January I started making 7 round grannies to make a blanket for L, a close friend of Fran's. 
During the times when I was able to I carried on making more.

Ha, the Gremlins had a play, not only did I use a larger hook but I have also put ALL the coloured squares in a safe place.

So safe that I don't know where it is. They will emerge but I have made more in the larger size so have to carry on and fashion another 40.

Hey Ho, looks like there will be another next year, or when ever the originals turn up.

Once again I thank you all from the bottom of my heart (which by the way is doing fine now)

                 TTFN                                          Pam

Counting my blessings.

Exercising my mind.

No, not at the Gymnasium.
It's my memory musculature that needs attention. I was talking to a friend recently and mid sentence realised that I had lost a selection of memorable moments.
We were talking about how smell can trigger old, long dormant memories. I remembered that my grandmother wore Lily of the Valley but had no idea what perfume my mother wore.

For the rest of the day I rummaged around in my mind and slowly discovered that random chunks were AWOL. Some recent and some going back over a few decades. I found it, not distressing exactly, quite perturbing. I (used to) have a good memory, able to recall conversations almost verbatim. I can picture various members of my family, over the years, at all sorts of gatherings. With a minimum of internal squinting I can see my grandmother working in the kitchen and the garden. I can see my grandfather mending work boots and singling out sugar beet seedlings. I can see my mother standing on the wash house table because there was a mouse running about and screaming for help.
I cannot remember my first year at school any more, I have no clear recollection of this year from the beginning of February.

I am working on it though, I have recovered some things but others are proving to be elusive. Like other muscles if you don't use them they wither away.

I have put some effort in to getting out and about and managed to catch up, albeit briefly, with a couple of people yesterday. Today I have been a domestic goddess and turned out a few deep corners. I found several things that I thought were gone forever and removed some things that are no longer used or wanted. my next trip out will be to a CS.
Now I need to scamper out and gather my washing in, the sky has darkened alarmingly.

                                   TTFN                                 Pam

Slowly crawling back.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

crawling before I walk

I think it will be while before running is on the menu.
It has been a long and bumpy ride, the viral infection was a doozy, mind you I don't miss the 15 or so kilo that melted away.

I had a few goodish bits along the way but physically and mentally I was a train wreck  for quite a while.

I am never ill.
I don't do ill.

Well, never say never.

My poor sewing room looks dusty and neglected. My friends also, well not dusty, just neglected. 
I have ventured in to tidy a bit, some simple sewing has been attempted. It wasn't too unsightly, but far from wonderful.

I have been taking some short walks with the dogs, weather permitting, but the garden is a bit wild and woolly. It will keep. 

I had a bit of a boost a couple of weeks ago. I opened the door to find a basket of home made and grown goodies with a lovely card.
It was from Jess, Buy less, Live Slow. It gave me a boost and a few days later I was able to go for a short visit. Her girls are delightful and it was a tonic.

I hope to be back here frequently soon, but the habit needs feeding slowly. I am unused to forming my thoughts into prose but it will come.

I want to thank all of you for the messages, Michael did reply to some. It would have been all but the laptop finally gave up the ghost with a good impersonation of Monty Python's Parrot.

I now have a nice new one to play me up.

                                  TTFN                   Pam

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Still Breathing

But only just.
I have just surfaced to say that I have had Woman Flu, much worse than Man could imagine let alone live through.
I have sneezed through a mountain of tissues, swallowed useless medication and upped my intake of vitamin C till I almost turned as yellow as a lemon.
I am still sneezing and coughing but it is abating.
I will be back with you in a couple of days.
The SO has been wonderful and Ben and Herbie have given total support in the cuddle department.

                      TTFN                         Pam

Monday, 10 June 2019

More on yesterday.

Yesterday we decided that as last Sunday was a lovely lazy day we would do the same.
It did not quite work out as we did go out, I told you about that already.

I took the "me/us day" up a notch.
Usually I am a jump in the shower, wash hair and body, rinse and get out of there at top speed. Far too impatient to run a bath.
Well, yesterday I started the bath running and then went down to make tea, once it was brewed I took it back up and lolled about in the bath. Bubbles up to the danger line, I had to slither down very carefully to avoid a bubble cascade, and it was just on the hot side of comfortable.
I sipped my tea and felt the aches in my joints melting away, bliss, sheer bliss.

Once the dogs were walked and fed we set off, a quick pit stop in Lidl for a couple of things and then on to Neath. We were heading to B&M, known to us as "burgers and mayo", they do have a whole heap of tat but the plants are good and reasonably priced.

We were back home in good time and more tea was made and drunk, lunch was a naughty pastie from Morrison's. Okay but not as good as they used to be.

We spent the afternoon lazing on the sofa, dogs sprawled every which way. The SO was reading and playing games on his mobile, I was knitting while Captain Hastings AKA Hugh Fraser read an Agatha Christie Novel to me. Not just to me you understand, there are many audible books on YouTube.

Then we had dinner, a bit late after those pasties, and settled down to watch some "vintage tv" Murder City, dated but still watchable.

It was only as we were getting ready to go up that I realised we had not drawn the giveaway.

Much fussing with pen and paper, a hunt for the paper scissors that were hiding in plain sight, and the deed was done at breakneck speed.

The bag goes to Cherie, a crafting Guru from Yorkshire. I hope she does not look too closely. let me have your address Cherie and I will get it sent off.
Jackie of, In the land of the living skies11 from Canada
and Jo of Through the Keyhole each win a mini skein so again let me have your addresses and I will get them sent off.

I will not publish your comments if you chose that way or you can email me.

Knitter 2, if you let me have your address I will send you some yarn for your Charity knitting.

Thank you all for entering, I will not leave it too long before running another.

We are having a glorious day but the rest of the week looks horrendous.

                       TTFN                                           Pam

One down, two to go. Cherie has responded, many thanks, and I can now parcel that up and get it sent off.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

All Change, and fast.

I got up this morning to warm dry air, patchy grey and blue sky with a strong hint of sunshine.
By the time I had made and drunk a cuppa the wind had got up, the sky was now all grey and the temperature had dropped noticeably.
An hourish later we were on our way to Neath and it started to spit with rain, we drove through that into blue shies and sunshine.
Neath was warm and our few purchases were soon done, a few plants for the pots and 2 roses, Peace and Queen Elizabeth both have a good scent, these are for the back garden and will be in large pots. They will stay in smaller pots for now and once put in their final large pots will be under planted with bulbs. I want these on the patio as I spend more time out there since the SO redid it last year.

I digress, on the way back we drove into a cloud burst and had to sit in the car outside the house for several minutes. It was raining fit to bust with hail.
The rain slowed down and we hurried in with our bags. By the time the kettle was filled and turned on the sun was shining, it was so hot that steam was rising.

In the hour that we have been back we have had more rain, more strong sun shine and now it is greying over again.

My garden plans have been put on hold, I did just slip out to pot on a small rose. It was part of a gift from Francesca and needed to be moved outside.

Dinner is in the slow cooker, Pork shoulder cut into chunks, carrots sliced into chunky batons, an onion peeled and cut into wedges and a yellow pepper, deseeded and left in large chunks.
Over these I poured a cook in sauce, 1/2 cup of runny honey, 1/4 cup each of dark soy sauce, and ketchup (I used a beer barbecue sauce this time) and a tsp each of dried thyme and oregano.
The setting in high and it will sit and cook away for 5 - 6 hours. I have some small potatoes in a roasting tin with the rind off the pork joint, they will go into the oven for an hour. I may leave the rind in for longer to crisp up, it just depend on how fast it cooks.

I have made a Lime cheesecake for pudding, for the next 3 days, I bought some limes in Home Bargains 45p for 3. Bargain.

The sun has just come out again and is shining through the window, almost burning the back of my neck.
It might be  Flaming June after all.

If I want a hot sauce, on ribs for instance, I soak a dried Chipotle pepper and chop it down into the ingredients listed above. I have seen tons and jars of Chipotle in adobo but they are very pricey. Sometimes I swap out honey for Maple syrup and I have used the syrup from a jar of preserved stem ginger. 

We will not eat all the pork, some will be shredded into some sauce and make pulled pork over a jacket potato later in the week.

Now I am going to venture out and see how fast the weather changes this time.

                           TTFN                                 Pam