Tuesday, 22 September 2020

And Breathe

 Thank you for your comments on my last post. We got the good news last night that the test had a negative result.

As Fancesca is very sensible she is being even more careful than ever.

Many of you mentioned that people are being less than prudent in their reactions, attitude and the way they go about their lives. I can only think that our education system has failed miserably. If people holding down responsible careers and jobs are unable to behave responsibly in their personal lives and are not able to understand basic rules then there is little hope for the future.

I see that school bus drivers are concerned about the numbers of passengers, who as well as being close together are not required to wear masks. Surely the safety of the staff is down to the employer. 

Have these people not heard of "Due Diligence" or even better "Corporate Manslaughter".

More to the point, what are the parents saying?

We seem to have become a world solely concerned with "the bottom line" and ever increasing profit margins.

Perhaps if we were not such a throwaway society it might be different.

I am not sure whether the words "not yet recycled" or the lack of any guidance on packaging is more annoying. There has been plenty of time for all packaging to be made recycable. Sir David Attenborough has been banging on about it ofr what seems like decades. HRH The Prince of Wales has ruffled many a set of corporate feathers over the years and even Hugh Fearlessly-eatsitall( no offence intended) has been seen on national television promoting the cause.

The thing is that unless each and every one of us makes a noise nothing will improve in the near future.

Now I have put the soap box away.

Keep safe and beware the idiots among us.

                                  TTFN                                                         Pam 

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Nail biting times

 We are on tenterhooks at the moment. Francesca should be here this weekend but she is now in self imposed quarantine.

The person, S, that she houseshares with gets a lift into work with a colleague. 

This person has not been into work since last Monday.

Only on Friday did S see fit to tell Francesca that her colleague was suspected of having C-19 and was waiting for test results. Apparently she has been too busy to remember to share the information.

As it happens Francesca,s car had a warning light come on and had to be checked on Friday afternoon so her visit to us was postponed till that evening.

Luckily Fran and S had set up a strict cleaning routine for shared parts of the house, kitchen and bathroom in particular are cleaned after each use.

If the test proves positive the Track and Trace system will be applied and both Fran and S will be tested, along with countless others no doubt.

If I could have got near to S on Friday I can not imagine what I may have said and done to her. She is in her 40's, a criminal lawyer and should know better than that. Her employers need to be dealt with as they carried on as usual knowing the situation.

Is there any wonder that we are looking at a spike which could well be worse than the first wave. 

How many more working people are doing just the same.

The " It won't happen to me" mentality ia alive and well and living all over the world. Governments need to stop the pussy footing about and act. 

Never mind the air travel industry, the sandwich shops, beauty salons and pubs and clubs etc. Let common sense prevail and concentrate on prevention. it has always been better than cure.

Keep safe.

Beware of the idiots.

                                    TTFN                                                  Pam

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Keeping busy preparing for the season.

 I had some happy post.

It was very Orange.

Can you guess?

there were two of these.

Christmas yarn. All WYS.
All from Ange at Yarn n Yarn.
Prompt delivery.
Pretty packaging
With a free sachet of Eucalan to try.

Not for this year, I bought this years in October last year. That way I know that I have enough of what I want and can start to use it whenever I am ready. 3 pairs of socks were finished a while ago and I cast on a new pair a couple of days ago. WYS have brought out a new colourway, Silent Night. It is a wonderful deep blue with some white in it, I did not buy any as I would not be able to se to knit it.

Foolish mistake.

It will be for next years knitting.

Do I want to tempt fate and buy some?


Do I want to chance never seeing it again?

Not really.

I will wait a couple of weeks.

If I can.

I have my colour coded storage and have been filling it. I took a photo and the 'puter ate it and laughed at me. I will try again.

Michael is on the last couple of days of his marathon job. He designed and built a custom summer house with overhanging clear roof and large deck. There are stable doors, a swinging seat, railings and a self closing gate to keep the grands safe.

He is under orders that he is working at home for a while as there is a backlog of jobs here. 

I have a wood work project tucked up my sleeve in case he gets sawdust withdrawal symptoms. He loves working with timber.

A few years ago we dug out and moved the slabs in the little courtyard area just outside the kitchen door. They were tispy and tilted here there and everywhere, they were used on the enlarged patio and we laid pebbles down in the yard.

Now that Revi and Herbie scoot around they are more trouble than a little and have to go. We will be using them in a different place in the garden. We will be laying concrete and embedding some cobbles, possibly. The jury is out. Whatever we do there will be no loose stones to be kicked into the windows.

I have made a batch of Elderberry Syrup and will be picking Hawthorns for syrup at the weekend. I thought about Rosehip but decided to give it a miss this year. I might pick some and freeze incase I change my mind after they have been frosted. There is a bumper crop of sloes but I wil not be picking them this year and I have not touched the blackberries either. Michael hates the pips and we have jelly from last year. I have them in porage but a bumper crop of blueberries in squirreled away already.

I am all set for the autumn and winter, cupboards full and The Shop in the Sewing Room is well stocked. I have tucked far too much easybake yeast away as last year my sister and Francesca could not get it for love nor money. Our village shop found a supply, a bit pricey, and we had no worries.

I have fabric and threads, yarn, fleece to prepare and fibre for spinning. I have handspun for my peg loom and all is well in my world.

If I get my cataract/s done in decent time I have cross stitch in the cupboard, I do want to order some silks and linen fabric as I have an embroidery book calling me to step right in. The words "I have nothing to do" and "I'm bored" will have no place here, that's for sure.

Lets hope that I do not have to eat my words.

Do they still make alphabet spaghetti?

BTW I knew the answer to the Million Pound Question, I did not watch the program but it was on the news a million times! Possibly more.

Keep safe.

                                   TTFN                                                    Pam

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Blonde senior moment?

 This blasted new blogger is giving me the heebie jeebies. I cannot seem to publish comments. I have clicked on the tick mark but then nothing.

I got them published on earlier posts.

It's no wonder my hair is white, it's a miracle that I have not pulled it all out (and Michaels).

Any how I will cool down and try again......later.....after copious amounts of tea......and a calming dog walk.

And possibly chocolate.

We have had a couple of showers this afternoon but it is still warm and muggy, not the weather for physical work.

So, I decided to empty out under the bed and winnow through it. Result, a large portion of the things have now been divided into, donate, recycle, upcycle and bin. I feel better for seeing the dust bunnies (soon to be evacuated). In fact it made me feel so good that I cast my eagle (blurry) eyes upon my wardrobes.

The donate pile grew and a few things found their way into the recycle bin. Once I stop wearing my summery things then I will be going through those also.

I have sorted out colour coded storage for the scrap fabrics and that is tomorrows task. Providing that the Bichons do not insist on helping.

There is never a dull moment with the dogs around, Revi very kindly brought me some carrots that she had managed to get to. The only issue was that she also ate them, tops and all and lolled around looking extremely pleased with herself with almost a Cheshire cat grin over her face.

We had a short interlude with a video call from Francesca, a walk with the dogs and then it was time to get dinner on the go. Sweet and sour pork with rice, a hint or two of chilli and some pineapple. That's the way we like it, full of peppers, carrot ribbons and red onion.

Now I think that I am going to knit for a while before clearing the kitchen and putting my feet up till the last walk of the day with Herbie.

Keep safe.

                          TTFN                                                          Pam

Monday, 14 September 2020

Knives at the ready

 I  am watching Breakfast TV and one of the Millibands has joined in the  general sttack on Boris and his Brexit dealings.

Cameron, Major, Blair and May have come out of the shadows to denigrate what the cabinet is doing. I seem to remember that none of these were covered in glory both during and after their time in No. 10.

In my mind it was Cameron who was the leading force behind the referendum to exit and then when it became too hot in the kitchen he beat a hasty exit stage left.

As for Blair, I have heard it said many times that he was just too shiny, and that was so any close looks were reflected back rather than penetrating the veneer to show the reality underneath.

Major was lampooned as the only "boy" to run away from the circus to become a stuffed shirt.

May, could have made a real difference, just as Maggie did, but failed miserably as she did not appear to have any scrap of authority.

I am not a political animal, I choose to regard them all as self interested, self serving oblivious to real life. I know that there are some who really want to serve their electorate, but fear that The Party Line does not allow that.

There has been scandal in the House of Lords with people turning up for a few minutes and claiming full attendance payment. They are meant to be the top layer in the hierarchy of government. But they have shown themselves to be greedy pigs only interested in getting their snouts in the trough.

The leader of the opposition is "famous" for letting Jimmy Saville go free to continue his reign of abuse for many years. He seems to be keeping his head below the parapet at the moment, goodness only knows what he is cooking up now.

Boris is regarded as a clown in some circles, at least he appears to be a normal person who acknowledges their faults and weaknesses. 

As somebody once said:-

There are lies, damned lies and politics.

Nothing to chose between them.

Thank goodness for crafters and makers who carry on regardless of the crazyness around them.

I will be setting off soon to have my eye test, on the way I want to get some sanding pads (Michael is planning on sanding the stairs), small bottles for my Elderberry syrup ( this will be in some gift baskets) and some storage baskets (I am emulating Lori Holts scrap fabric control system).

All of these can be had in one place and we have masks and disposable gloves. I am taking no risks, I am concerned enough at the thought of being in a confined space for my test.

Keep safe.

                                   TTFN                                               Pam

Sunday, 13 September 2020

All sorted now

 I hope that I have not awoken the gremlins with that title.

The Janome has had another clean, a new needle and she is purring like the cat that got the mouse and the cream.

We have been having a general sort out round the house, I have hauled all my winter tights and leggings out from their summer residence. The scarves, hats and gloves have been checked over and my shawls have come out of hibernation.

Michael has had all the walking shoes and boots outside for a good clean and polish, I need to replace a pair of sturdy hiking shoes, after many years of hard work, so will be looking to do that by the end of the month.

Woolly jumpers and cardigans have had a shake out and put back into circulation and a few lone ranger socks have been reunited with their respective partners.

If that doesn't bring us an Indian Summer I don't know what will.

We were chatting along this morning and I said that the scrap mountain was wearing me down. Right away Michael said that he would take over the crumb boxes and make a quilt.

The nature of his work means that he slows down over the winter and a project to look forward to is ideal. I feel as though a weight has been lifted and am now happy to continue  throwing tiny bits into said boxes. 

I don't think that he realises just how much there is to work through but he has worked on large quilts before and enjoys it as much as I do.

Dinner is in the oven, we are having roast pork. I have all the veg prepped and apple sauce is made. I used up some small apples for it, I quartered them with the peel on, removed the cores and steamed them till soft and then pushed the pulp through a sieve. The resulting sauce is very smooth but I couln't face peeling tiny apples. I will be trying a different method next week as i want to bottle some.

The dogs have loved extra long walks over the weekend, the weather has been glorious. Usually by this time they would be ready for their food but instead they are flat out snoring one against the other.

Oops, should not have said that, Revi has just got up, turned round and sprawled herself over the other two.

I am off to the kitchen before she decides that my lap needs her.

Keep safe.

                                  TTFN                                                                   Pam



Saturday, 12 September 2020

Purr purr Clunk. Oh dear.

 That was yesterday morning.

I was sewing strips onto the next batch of squares and the machine protested.

I stopped, obviously, and took the offending fabric out. removed bobbin and case, unthreaded and gave it a defluff and brush down. Still clunky but not as bad. I just turned it off and walked away, time was pressing and I did not want to do half a job.

Later today I will repeat and replace the needle as well. I would love to book it in for a service and mot but that means getting into the middle of Swansea. My eyes will not allow me to make that journey, driving into Swansea is not on my radar for a long time. I do not like the trip, I get lost in the one way system every time I do it. It's fine getting in, it's the way out that confuses me.

As far as I know that is the nearest place where I can get the machine seen to, there was a place in Carmarthen but I think they have gone out of business. Other than that it is Cardiff and wild horses would not get me driving there, even if my eyes were 100%. 

I will have to ask around, when I am in Neath on Monday I will go to the market, there are 2 stalls, one that sells fabric and another that do alterations and make curtains, hopefully one of them will be able to help.

I have cleared the table and will get the little Singer out if I have to, it just means that i will be traipsing back and forth to do the pressing. Although I plan on making a big batch of masks in the next few days and that is easy enough to do in the kitchen.

I am not too concered about keeping to schedule on the blocks, I have 120 made and more cut ready to sew so a couple of days off will not hurt.

I still have to make my mind up on the layout, it could be straight rows although I was considering a central square, to cover the middle of the bed,set on point with straight rows filling out to the size that I want. I will probably have a trial layout session next week.

I have Revi and Poppy over the weekend, my neighbour is working on jobs that are not suitable to have them with him. I don't mind and Herbie was overjoyed when they turned up this morning.

Now I need to get ready to take them out for a walk. 

I have put my order in to Asda for next week, I am not going shopping unless it is essential at the moment. From monday Wales have made it mandatory to wear masks in shops, and not before time, I have the masks but not the inkling to go out there.

Keep safe.

                           TTFN                                                        Pam