Wednesday 30 November 2016

Work, Rest, PLAY

I had my day of working, and although I thought that I took it easy I had to follow it with a day of rest.
Then yesterday was time to play. It had nothing to do with the fact that it was Tuesday and Knit and Natter. Of course not, it had EVERYTHING to do with it.

I had a reasonably lazy morning, 2 walks for Ben, a load of washing out in the sunshine and just enough knitting to get the green/white Aran socks to the same point. I knitted them in tandem and wanted to get round the heel and finish the decreases, just straight down to the toes.
I managed that and took myself off to Debs shop for some overdue R & R.
One of our group is booked in for a C Section next week and she brought cake in, oh yum, it was chocolate, double yum.

I have been longing for a ring style row counter for a while, I cannot use the needle mounted ones as I just forget about them.

When I mentioned that I was instantly given one to try, the lovely lady had bought it and did not like it. OH MY, I tried it out and Bingo! I love it.

Even with the amount of Nattering that I did I still managed to finish one sock and make progress on the other, I finished it last night after dinner.

I cast on a rib hat in some light blue Aran from stash, just 96 sts on a 5mm 40cm circular. I will knit a simple K2 P2 rib until it is long enough and then do a 4 round decrease before finishing off.
Easy knitting and fast growing, an hour of telly and I was well on the way.
This is a try out for my Stash Busting Project, I hope to use as many odd balls and remnants of balls as I can while knitting hats, mittens and scarves. These will to a charity that clothes those who are in need.
One of my friends, and her hubby, regularly put the time in to collect clothing and then deliver it to their church. From there it goes to the people who need it.

I envisage lots of happy knitting time ahead. Not to mention making space on the yarn shelves.

I was tired after my afternoon out though and was nodding off on the sofa so toddled off to bed quite early.

This morning I was up and about by 6:30, a bit later than usual, and feeling good. My time out did me the world of good, better than any medicine.

Ben has had his walk and his breakfast, he is now settled on the sofa making little snuffly noises.
I had my porridge, with a dollop of marmalade again, and am about ready for another cuppa.

No washing today, just a little ironing that may or may not get touched today.
Dinner will be a vaguely Moroccan Vegetable Tagine with Brown Rice and Quinoa. 

I am off to put the kettle on, enjoy your day where ever you are.

                         TTFN                                       Pam

Monday 28 November 2016

A Day of Rest, hmmm

I did have a rest from the internet, it was almost 11 last night when I realised that the laptop had been ignored all day.

I took advantage of the lovely weather and got a load of washing blowing on the whirlythingy. Although it was a bit chilly I threw all the windows open wide and let the sunshine flood through.

I even got the polish out, and used it.

A good vacuum round, and into a few corners, dust bunnies were rolling like tumbleweed. The dusting brush was attached and I did the staircase, then went over it with one of those microfiber cloths.
Skirting boards went under the cloth and came up gleaming, I was almost ashamed at how bad they were in some places.

I did not rush through this, I took my time and had frequent tea breaks, after all I had to stand back and admire the shiny surfaces and dust free corners.

I started my day with porridge, I don't usually sweeten it but as I had a fancy for marmalade I dropped a spoonful in the bowl.
Oh My Word, it was delish. I used the grapefruit, sour tangerine and Seville batch that I made last year. Perfect, the satisfying tang and no sweetness. I am certain that it fuelled my morning.

Lunch was a cheese sandwich with a smear of my chilli jam, it hit the spot.
Dinner was a very lazy Pulled Pork from the freezer, salad and a wedge of ciabatta . I also found room, a bit later on, for a slice of rhubarb pie (also from the freezer) and a generous drizzle of cream.
This was, in part, to celebrate the Strictly results.
I think that Judge Rinder will be the next to leave, he has done amazingly well but the standard is so high this year.

I have finished the DK red socks and have cast on a pair of the Aran weight from my list. These are in a greens and white self patterning yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners, 75% wool 25% nylon. I have a decent stash of their sock yarns in both Aran and DK weight. It is not the softest to work with but once washed and blocked is fine.

Now it is time for a cuppa and a shower before I get stuck into today.

                       TTFN                                              Pam

Saturday 26 November 2016

A knitting snapshot

I have managed to get a few photos loaded but lost the cropped versions. I will have another play tomorrow and see if I can do any better.

This is the first Antler Toque, knitted in  Aran weight wool on a 16" circular, it took just under 100 g. I had to change to a longer cable and magic loop for the decreasing but it was an easy, and fast, knit.

This is the Big Rib hat in Worsted weight wool, dug out of the stash, I knitted it exactly as the pattern was written and used 100 g with about a yard leftover. The ribbing band is 4" deep and on the next one I will reduce that to 3". It is just a bit too long although this one will be perfect for walking in a cold wind, no cold ears.

The fold back  is knitted in reverse and then a row of knit stitches gives a fold line.  I used a 16" circular for this as well. The decreasing is gradual over 23 rows and I did not have to change to magic loop until row 16.

The second Antler Toque, knitted on straights and in some Drops Alaska that I had squirreled away. It took almost 3 x 50g balls, the yarn is considerably thicker than Aran, only 70 m per ball rather than 100. The colour is not as pink in real life much nearer a Burgundy.

This pair of socks are for  boots , I had to borrow them back for the photo. They are in Aran weight and have been worn a few times, the verdict was along the lines of  "great socks, how soon can I get 3 more pairs?".

This is the current pair, the second pair of Blueberry waffle in DK. This is now finished and the second is cast on. The first pair were a gift and these will be going as soon as they are finished.

I have a waiting list for socks, 2 more pairs of Aran boot socks, 3  DK Blueberry Waffle and 3 pairs in fingering weight. I also have 3 more hats on the list, 2 in k2 P2 rib and another Big Rib.

It is a good thing that I like being busy.

I aim to try some sewing next week, the last time I tried it affected my breathing quite badly. I tend to lean forward when I sew, I do try to sit back but always end up bent forward. I feel so much better now though that I have high hopes of managing at least 30 minutes.

I have had a bit of a shopping fest, the cupboards are well stocked and, apart from the usual fresh stuff, I will not be shopping for at least 10 weeks. Deep Joy.

I did consider booking a delivery slot for perishables in the run up to That Day, but can time my trip into Pontardawe for the second the shop opens. I only have a 10 minute journey from door to door.
No frog for breakfast today, just porridge with some cooked blueberries.
Looking at the clock I better get off my bum and be busy, there is a small pile of ironing and it will be better done and put away. Then I may have enough credit for a little knitting and a brew.

                      TTFN                                               Pam

Friday 25 November 2016

Frog For Breakfast.

No I didn't eat any, I had porridge with some blueberries.

I meant the Rip it, Rip it of frogging out knitting when you gaze at your work in pleasure and spot A Glaring Mistake. Not too bad just 6 rows to go back on a sock. I could have sewn in a safety line, took the sock of the needle and pulled it back to the line. Quick and easy to do, BUT it was a stupid error and I wanted to etch it into my brain. So I took it back stitch by stitch and then knitted it all back, minus the mistake, before my breakfast.
By that time my tum was starting to grumble and my toes were curling up like a row of pigs tails.
I still haven't got round to trying to get photo's up on this laptop. I just get settled with my knitting and some  telly in the background before it pops into my mind. Then I just shrug my shoulders and think, I will do it in the morning.
I have nothing pressing today so once my chores are done I will try.

I have been watching season 1 of Quantico on box sets, the first episodes were quite compulsive viewing. B U T it is dragging on and seems now to be merely a vehicle for the Leading Lady to pout and pose her way through each scene.

The best program, in my view, on TV now is Planet Earth 11 on Sunday evening. Strictly has become a bit of a balls up and even the John Lewis advert is banal.

Thank goodness I am happy with the radio or silence while I am pottering about.

On that thought it is time that I got Ben off his bed and out for an airing.

Have the best day that you can.

               TTFN                                                    Pam

Thursday 24 November 2016

If it isn't broke Leave It Alone.

Blogger has changed the format, I have to trawl through all sorts of things to get to where I want to be. Why oh why can people not keep their busy little fingers out of something that is working fine.
I just have this feeling that somewhere there is a room full of male under achievers who are desperate to demonstrate how essential they are. This time they decided to turn the blogging system inside out.

Right I am down off the soap box now.

We have had a pretty decent day, sunny and dry but with a chilly wind, 2 loads of washing done and line dried. Lovely.

I am feeling so much better right now, this morning I managed to drive over to Llandeilo and visit the wool shop. I did a little stock up, not too much, some chunky yarn for a shawl that I saw on the Stylecraft Blog Tour,  I chose King Cole Riot in Moors colourway. Then I spotted the  Head over Heels sock wool in the Olympus colour, I did pick up a shawl pattern to go with it but I may choose another from my pattern books.

I picked up a lovely bit of Beef Skirt from the RTC section and made a steamed pudding for dinner, I cooked carrots and broccoli to have with it and 2 of us had a very greedy meal indeed.

I have finished the hat, I did seam it up in no time but really should have got off my bum and got the 16" circular from the next room.

I cast on another pair of Blueberry Waffle socks, it is such a simple pattern to knit and grows fast in DK wool. These will be a gift along with a hat later on.

Ben is snoring away and I feel that I should get myself settled with a cuppa and my knitting. I may have some chocolate covered spiced gingerbread for later, I love it so only buy a small amount. I can not resist it, I normally buy from Lidl but found some this bag in Home Bargains and it is pretty scrummy.

So I am off to get the kettle on, enjoy the rest of your evening.

             TTFN                                                             Pam

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Keeping close to home.

For home read sofa, it has been lashing down and blowing hard for the past 2 days. Ben has gone for the smallest walks ever and as soon as possible has slammed his brakes on and turned for home.

I have pottered about a bit in the house, kept the ironing basket empty and the soup pan full. The last batch was my standard mix of veg, a can of chopped tomatoes and one of chickpeas, home made stock and some seasoning. This time I used cumin and turmeric with a little Harissa, it was lovely. Warm and spicy with no burn, I was going to freeze some but it is in the fridge and will be lunch every day till it is gone.

I have finished the Big Rib hat, Jooles from Sew Sweet Violet had one on her last podcast, it is so warm I will be making another soon. Then last night I planned a rest from knitting but within 30 minutes my fingers were twitching. A quick rummage and AHA, 3 x 50g balls of Drops Alaska in colour no.53, a lightish burgundy, were discovered and another Antler toque was cast on. The ribbing is finished and I will be starting the pattern later today. I usually knit my hats on 16" circulars but have cast this on straights. When you get to the decreases you have to change to either dpns or a longer circular for magic loop. My straights were close to hand so I plumped for them, I don't mind seaming a hat at all.

Apart from walking Ben I have nothing on the agenda for today. I may get most of the new hat done. Hopefully the results from last weeks tests will be through, I will call and check. Our surgery group are notoriously slow at getting back with any results.

Dinner last night was a very lazy scrambled eggs on toast, it was all that I fancied. Tonight I have some roast chicken to use up, so possibly a pasta dish.

In preparation for a mainly non shopping December I have a list drawn up of all cleaning/toiletries/non-perishables and freezer filling foods. The plan is to raise my stock levels to last well into January. I have a small pile of things for the charity shop so will be "killing 2 birds with 1 stone" and making a round trip of it.

You may have noticed my lack of comments on Strictly, when Daisy went and that Bouncing Ball stayed my heart went out of it. As there is a planned shuffle of judges for next year perhaps they should have a long hard look at the voting system.

I am looking forward to Sewing Bee next year though, I have enjoyed every minute of each series. Even the more outlandish challenges are good to watch and I have picked up lots of ideas and tips.

I am still watching podcasts, I saw the last 2 from Little Yellow Uke yesterday and quite enjoyed them. BUT how does she get so much done in a week? She cannot possibly go to work and must eat once a day. I salute her, but could not emulate her. I need a break every now and then and have to move around and stretch a few different muscles, never mind the creaky joints.

On that note I better rootle Ben off the sofa and get us both wrapped up for a walk.

                    TTFN                                                 Pam

Saturday 19 November 2016

Sun and frost

There was a half tidy frost this morning and now the sun is sending sparkles glinting off the cars, the wind has dropped. Luckily we only got a fraction of the storm that battered Aber.

I had a reasonably early start to my day and am now feeling very virtuous. I took my time and tidied the sewing/dining room. All the detritus that has been untouched since that Virus hit me has been cleared. Fabric, threads, yarn and patterns have been put in their respective places.
The quilting frame is now empty and ready for business, soon, soon.
I have some cushion covers ordered and I may pull the fabrics for them. I will not be cutting though, I want to get the results from Thursday first.

I have a satisfyingly small shopping list ready.
Before I do that I will be getting a pot of fridge bottom soup on, a handful of haricot beans will add a hit of protein.

Ben enjoyed his walk this morning, we were joined by his friend Dowie the Bichon and owner.

Just as I predicted Fran has put any thoughts of Christmas on hold till next month. Moving and setting up her new house has filled every spare moment for weeks and now she is having a rest. I should say that every year she normally starts planning and making lists in October, and is done and dusted by the end of November. She is a complete child for the whole business, the tree, bunting, decorations, a theme for gift wrapping and labelling, a new Bauble every year etc. etc. etc.

I just hope that once she starts it does not turn into a frenzy.

Now I am off to the kitchen to start chopping and sweating. (the veg, not me)

Enjoy the weekend as much as possible.

                           TTFN                                       Pam

Thursday 17 November 2016

Still going round in circles.

Knitting circles that is, the socks are off the needles, and will probably be on feet soon as the recipient loved them.
I cast on the first Antler Toque, love that word, and have done the ribbing and the first pattern repeat, I found 100g of superwash merino Aran tucked  away and will make it enough for the hat. I think that it was from a bag of oddments that I bought years ago in a closing down sale.

Archie and Dolly went back yesterday afternoon and the house went suddenly quiet. They didn't make a lot of noise but were very busy and often had a 5 minute of madness, rushing round play fighting and sofa diving. Ben just sighed and turned his back upon them. He did have a long snooze after they had gone and then demanded attention and fusses.

I could not make my mind up over dinner, I batch cooked some pasta sauce for the freezer but just didn't fancy it. In the end I chopped up some crunchy salady bits and had it with smoked cheese and granary bread. It was just what the doctor ordered, tonight I quite like the idea of a cottage pie, a one pot wonder with all the veg nestled under some mash.

Hopefully today will see the last of the blood tests and ECG,s, all the other bloods have been fine and this one is just a bit of "belt and braces" double check.

Apart from the vestiges of the cough, and the night sweats I am feeling pretty good. I wouldn't sign up for a marathon though.
I am yet to try getting pictures on here, I just haven't had the patience for it, but really must try soon.

I didn't have such an early start this morning, it was gone 5 when I oozed out of my sweaty pj's and into the shower. A brew made and a little sit down with Sandra of Cherry Heart and her latest podcast. Then a little pottering around blogland and now I am off to sling a load of washing into the machine before making more tea.

I hope that your day goes well wherever you are.

                     TTFN                                         Pam

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Filling the wee small hours.

After another sweaty night I threw in the towel and got up very early. I finished the second sock and rather than a new cast on, I must finish a WIP next, I had a blog reading session. I managed to write a comment or two but it is something that I have found difficult recently. Goodness knows why as I am not usually stuck for words. I read a post, a comment pops into my mind and I click into the box    and nothing  just nothing. Not a word never mind a sentence, it feels just like the times when I scuttle off to another room only to stand and wonder why I am there.

I know that I am not alone in this, my friend Mary does it frequently as does Fran. I chose to think that it is because we are always doing one thing and planning the next three things. Our minds can not keep up with our bodies.

I read Dawn's post on her home cured bacon and was transported back to my childhood. We had a wood fire with a smoker in the chimney, there always seemed to be bacon or sausages in there and quite often  fish. The taste was amazing, although I did not appreciate it then. I think that once this final, fingers crossed, round of tests is done I will get some pork into a cure.
I sold my smoker before I moved as it was far to big to bring, perhaps it is time for a replacement, albeit smaller.
I do like "green bacon" but prefer it smoked over Applewood chips.

We are having a wet and dismal time of it here but it is still quite warm. I have the heating set for a couple of hours morning and early evening but have had to turn it off the last few days. On the other hand all the washing is going into the tumbler, it is impossible to dry them any other way.

This afternoon Archie and Dolly go home, I will miss them but will be pleased to get back to the status quo. 2 little dogs mean 2 extra beds in each room, a whole heap of toys and a pair of super charged dynamos in the house. Luckily they are happy to charge around outside and use up some of that energy.

I think that is all, for now anyway, so it must be time to get the kettle on.

                      TTFN                                        Pam

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Sock it to me Baby

The stitches on the pins go round and round, round and round and sock after sock is born.
Not quite as fast as that but I have just turned the heel on the second sock of another pair.
I am romping through the stash and really hope to make it over to Debs shop very soon.
I may not need to buy very much but I do need to look at and touch some squidgy new balls of yarn.

I have two more pairs of socks on the list, two hats and a wip to complete before I finally decide between an Aran cardigan or the Antler sweater. I have loads of time to make my mind up as this will be my Christmas Eve cast on, I have the yarn tucked away. It is an Alpaca blend that I snapped up from Debs months ago.

I have a pair of house guests right now, Archie and Dolly, they will be here for two more days before returning home. Ben has been loving the company but I suspect that, like me, he will be glad when the house returns to normal.

My plans for today are very exciting, duh, I have to tidy the freezers and make a meal plan and shopping list. The idea is to get as much of the mundane shopping completed this month to take me to the years end. Because I tend to buy non perishables in large amounts when they are on offer, I will not need  toiletries or cleaning products.
The few tinned foods that I use will also see me through, although I will be looking for some garlic stuffed olives. I absolutely love them and have to use all my willpower not to eat a jar full in one sitting.
I still have to talk with Fran about The Dinner, it will not be the "stuff yourself stupid" roast with every veg known to man, unless of course she wants to prep and cook it. I will see how the conversation goes and plan from there.

The softly softly approach seems to be working, I no longer have the spells when I am gasping for air. If the night sweats would stop I would be almost perfect.
I have to replace the summer duvet soon, I still have not needed to put the winter one on. I do take the cover off and air it every day but I think that it whiffs a bit. I suppose that I  should wash it but it is King size and too big for my machine.

Apart from that all is well in my life, that is not taking Strictly into consideration of course. But I console myself with the wonderful new David Attenborough series, magnificent.

It is fast approaching 5 and I am in need of tea, there is a new podcast from Katy, at Inside Number 23 to watch and that sock to be finished.

               TTFN                                                    Pam

Friday 11 November 2016


That is what I have.
I have to have another session with the ECG on Thursday, after another round of blood tests. Luckily there will only be a small gap between the two.

There is talk of a heart scan and a 24 hour hook up to an ECG.
In the meantime I drift on through the hours and am racking up the knitting.

It is so much better to know, now I can see a path of sorts and plans are being put in place.

                            TTFN                                         Pam

Testing, Testing 1 2 3

I spent a large chunk of yesterday hooked up to an ECG machine, along with the other bits and pieces that were deemed necessary.

Reams of paper flowed like molten lava and various peeps looked and checked BP and pulse rate. I felt a bit like a new exhibition in a gallery.
The read out indicated where the problem lies and I have a follow up appointment later today. I hope that this, along with the results of previous tests, will mean that I get a diagnosis and a prognosis along with a course of treatment.

I did settle down with my knitting in the evening and the new sock is now long enough for me to start the heel. I do have the Fish Lips Kiss Heel pattern ( it still makes me chuckle) but much prefer the standard flap and gusset construction. This new pair is in a DK weight and will be boot socks, just the job for winter walking.

Jules, of Sew Sweet Violet, said in her first pod cast that knitting socks saved her when she was in a dark place.
They are certainly important to me right now, when I feel my breathing rate rise and after doing something, however small, I sit down and pick up my knitting.
30 minutes of gentle rounds see me calm and relaxed, of course a dogs head resting on my feet helps greatly.

I have another couple of pairs planned and then it will be a few hats, also knitted on circulars. Part of the appeal is knowing that there is no seaming lurking just round the corner, just two ends to weave in and "Job's a good un."

I am resolved to knitting from stash until I get over to Deb's Wool Shop, I have not bought any yarn for quite some time so a splurge may be in my near future.

On that note I have some patterns to look through, I do not want to waste these early mornings.

                           TTFN                                       Pam

Wednesday 9 November 2016

Just a Quickie

Donald Trump is President, I am not really surprised. What did make my eyes open was the change in stance and voice. His body language, in my eyes, has altered completely. Gone was the manic glint in the eyes, the histrionic delivery and the impression of an enraged bull about to show his handlers just how aggressive that he could become.

Instead my impression was of an urbane business man, at ease in his own skin, exuding the confidence that he is the right man in the right place. Time will tell.

My disturbed night ended with me falling into a deep sleep on the sofa, I woke with Ben stretched out beside me his head resting on my hand.

I will get on with my day, it is quite cold here the temperature fell alarmingly at around mid day. I am showered and settled on the sofa, full of delicious soup, with a knitting pattern, yarn and needles.

Enjoy the rest of your day as much as I intend to enjoy mine.

                  TTFN                                                Pam 

Sitting 'N Knittting

I have kept up the good work with lots of rest, and still managed to potter a little.
Lots of chatty visits with friends and neighbours and confirmation from one friends (retired Doctor) hubby that I am doing exactly the right thing. he did however suggest that when I have to go upstairs I should have a few minutes sit down before coming back down. Just to give my heart the chance to slow a little, mmmmmm. Whir, crunch, grind ( thinking don't you know) Lightbulb moment, have some knitting on bedside cabinet and do a little every time.

Now, my bathroom is upstairs and I drink quite a lot of "almost tea" and water through the day. Soooo a WIP is now, albeit slowly,  growing nicely.

On Monday I was whisked out for a little trip, just into Ammanford, a quick visit to Wilco's (parking right outside so no walking) and then a slow slope round Tesco, again we parked close to the doors, any nearer and we would have been by the tills.

I bought some fruit and snapped up some Lamb neck fillets for less than half price. I see Tagine and Oggies in my near future.

We had lunch on the way back, a lovely surprise treat, but I ate far too much. In fact it was 7:30 before I could think about food, much too late to cook even a "ding dinner". I considered poached eggs on toast but even that was too much effort. In the end I had dish of muesli, I mix my own as commercial blends are too sweet for me, made with Almond dream oooooh that is so good.

I was in bed by 10:30 and to my shock and surprise did not wake until 8:15 the next morning. I felt wonderfully refreshed and as a Brucie Bonus it was not a very sweaty night.

Tuesday started late and slowly, Ben was reluctant to get up but managed it by 9:00, by which time I was ready to take him out. We did the slow walk with a rest, and a chat, at roughly the mid point.

I got the second sock cast on and have just finished the heel and gusset and done 4 rounds of the foot. I should tell you that these are Boot socks in Aran weight wool and nylon blend. This yarn has been in my stash for a few years, so long that I can not remember where I found it. Possibly it was from a shop closure in Lincolnshire, I really have no recollection at all.

I found a pattern online and, after knitting a swatch for gauge and making a few adjustments, am on my 6th pair. They knit up fast and are very warm, and comfy, to wear. I hope to work out some leg shaping and make a pair for welly boot wearing.
After my long night's sleep I was a bit put out to find myself nodding off at 9:00 and threw in the towel and got into bed by half past.
Not such a good night, sweaty and sticky, tossing and turning. I gave up at 3:00 and washed and put clean pj's on before coming down and making a brew. I had to strip the bed, luckily my mattress protector is a good one but that is in the washing machine as well.
No probs, I will finish the second sock and choose a pattern to cast on next. 
I did not make it to Knit and Natter, the rain swept down over the Morriston Mountain so I stayed in the warm and dry. I will try to get there during the next couple of days.

You will possibly have noticed that there has been no mention of strictly, I am speechless.

I am also thirsty so another brew is required. Then I will have a look on You Tube for a pod cast to watch while I get on with the sock.

                    TTFN                                                    Pam

PS, Sad news to hear that Jimmy Young has left us. As my Granny would have said "he had a good Innings though".

Sunday 6 November 2016

So far, So Good.

My new track went well on the first day, when I settled down on the sofa after the pizza I was comfortably tired rather than bone weary.

I enjoyed Strictly, tonight's dance off will see me ready to boo and hiss I expect. I could not believe Len Goodman telling our bouncing ball of a politician that he hoped to see him back next week. Ed Balls may be an entertaining comedy act but Len is a judge on a DANCE show not Hughie Green hosting Opportunity Knocks.
Who remembers the cringeworthy Tony Holland, The Musical Muscle Man.

My pizza was delicious, I managed to chomp my way through 3 slices.

Any hoo I have wandered off piste.

I had my new cast on and finished the ribbing and a few rows of the leg.  I watched the last episode of Arctic Live, I have enjoyed that mini series, and went off to bed quite early.

The amount of money that went up in flames, sparkles and bangs last night would probably have fed a small town for a week.
Ben was oblivious, he slept through it all. When I took him into the garden for his last pee the street lights were swathed with smoke and the smell of burning was chokingly strong.
I do like fireworks but for many years have only seen them at organised shows. As they have become bigger, louder, more dramatic and containing more and more explosives I do not think that they are suitable for the average garden. I hope that nobody was injured last night.

I have had my first cuppa of the day and am now about to make the second, by that time Ben will be telling me that he wants to go out  Right Now Please.
I have nothing planned for today, apart from roast pork for dinner, so the new cast on may well get past the heel flap and gusset. They are to be a gift and I hope to knit a hat to complete the gift, I have the Antler Toque pattern from Tin Can Knits in Canada. I made one earlier in the year and it was well received, I have the Antler sweater pattern as well but not the yarn yet, I  hope to make it to knit and Natter on Tuesday when I can rectify that.

I hope that you all enjoy your day, where ever you may be.

                    TTFN                                                Pam

Saturday 5 November 2016

A new track

At the moment "getting back on track" is not an option, sooo I have started on a new one.

After a sweaty night and an early start I took time to start the foundations of a new one.

A cup of real tea, just not the thick as tar stuff that I prefer. I merely frightened the tea with the boiling water.

A slightly longer, but slow and steady, walk with Ben with a little rest at the halfway point.

Then another lightweight brew and a little knitting while I got my breath back.
I did not fancy eating but took a lesson from my Granny and had 2 cream crackers with my tea, just to stop any gnawing and grumbling.

The sun was bright and there was a good breeze so 2 loads of washing done, all that bedlinen!!, and on the whirlythingamajig.
Another little sit down and a few rows of knitting and I felt energized, so the iron came out.

Nice and steady and of course I did all the easy stuff first, there is still some left but it can wait it's turn.

By now I was feeling like eating, so a sandwich and a cuppa followed by, Oh Yes more knitting and then a little wash up and tidy round.

Ben decided that he really really wanted another walk, so I wrapped us both up ( the wind had picked up and was very chilly) and we crossed to the sunny side of the street and set off. Same formula as the morning as it worked just fine.

Upon our return it was more of the same, tea (well nearly) and some knitting. I watched the latest pod cast from Sandra Paul at Cherry Heart and an older one from Inside number 23 that I had somehow missed.

I finished the socks that I had been beavering away at and to celebrate put all the ironing away. My iron generates lots and lots of steam and I always hang everything either on hangers or a horse.
The heating was on low so everything was completely ready to go away.

I did throw my clean bedlinen in the tumbler for 10 minutes and then put it back on the bed. I couldn't see the point in dragging another set out.
At the beginning of the year I prattled on about Taking Time, slowing down and so on. Well I failed miserably after a half decent start.
NOW however I am sick and tired of whinging on about my health. There are so many thousands of people who would love to be as healthy as I am right now.

I have dinner planned, pizza and salad, I make a batch of dough, roll it into as many thin bases as I can and then stack and freeze, baking parchment keeps them from sticking together. I keep toppings in the freezer all the time, mainly leftovers, so tonight's offering will have a smear of tomato and garlic sauce, some finely diced peppers and some chilli chicken with an extra drizzle of sweet chilli sauce. If I feel like it a handful of grated cheese will be broadcast over the top.

I have cast on the first sock of a pair, I using magic loop and would normally knit both together but have not got the right size cable empty. No probs, it is just a vanilla stocking stitch, nothing that needs looking at, after all it is Strictly tonight and I may get a bit hot under the collar.

There may well be fireworks tonight, although there were loads last night. They do not bother Ben in the slightest, he stood out in the garden with me for awhile last night watching them.
I had one Springer Spaniel who I had to take into a "tent" made of  blankets in the middle of the living room, radio playing and a supply of carrot sticks to hand.
The other two thought that it was a good game and joined in merrily while poor little Jed shook and quivered like a half set jelly.

 On that note I am off to wash up the various cups and mugs from my tea swilling afternoon.
Have a good weekend and stay warm.

               TTFN                                                      Pam

Tuesday 1 November 2016

Houston, we have a problem........

The trouble is we don't know what the cause is.

Another session at the surgery yesterday, much tapping and stethoscoping, lots of heavy breathing. Blood pressure checks and so on.
The chest is clear. Woo Hoo
Air flow is spot on. Woo Hoo.
Breathing rate too fast. Duh.
Heart is galloping away too fast. Duh
Loads of tests in my very near future ( starting tomorrow morning)
Bloods for everything they could think of and of course an ECG.
In the meantime I am still coughing and sweating. If I was a Horse they would shoot me. Neigh, I could have a rub down with the Sporting Life and some magic liniment.
Life goes on, Ben is quite enjoying a series of short sloooow slopes up and down the road. I never go far from the house and carry my phone with me.
I knit a little, nap a little, fuss Ben, have a drink etc etc etc.
I am doing a little simple cooking most days, the laundry is up to date and if the vacuum cleaner ought to come out, well there is another day tomorrow.
Kitchen and bathroom are pretty much as usual, the tiles could do with some extra attention, all in the fullness of time.
And now I am off to feed Ben and throw a potato in the oven to bake, home cooked ham, cold spiced baked pineapple and some homemade coleslaw will make for a very tasty dinner.

                       TTFN                                                 Pam