Monday 27 May 2013

Bank Holiday Weather Rain Oh Yes

We woke up to rain and it has not stopped all day. It has been a good day, we went to Carmarthen and bought James and Cerys a gas barbecue, it went well yesterday but James struggled to get the charcoal one lit as always. Michael has just built it for them, Kaitlyn is sitting in the box making happy noises and Junior wants to know is he having burgers for tea.

I had a phone call from my baby brother, who lives in OZ, he is in England, on his way to Sweden for work. It was a rushed trip and he is staying for a week so I will see him and my SIL Sue when I return from Wales. I am so excited, I thought I would not see them until  next year.

Tomorrow we are going to Swansea, it is Juniors birthday on Wednesday, James and Cerys have bought him a scooter and we are kitting him out with all the pads and helmet and so on. I hope to find a fabric shop to have a look round. I have been sewing hexies in the evenings and should have brought more with me, so I may just have to indulge in some retail therapy.

Dinner tonight is venison in red wine with jacket potato and veg, with fresh fruit salad for pudding with some cream..

The barbecue is assembled and working so we will be moving soon, there is no Internet at the cottage, it is very rural, this is my view

Our closest neighbour

Last but never least

Eye Candy!


I am off to cook dinner now and will "see" you tomorrow.   TTFN    Pam

Sunday 26 May 2013

The Sun Shines in Tenby

Saturday was spent partly with the family, I had lots of birthday presents to open, and partly in Tenby. I have never been before and it is a bit like a time capsule, no body has come up with the bright idea of ripping the heart out of it and building it up with slabs of concrete and acres of grey tinted glass.

The remains of the tower,a back drop to the statue of Prince Albert.

The ancient canons, a reminder of our history and the need to be alert to danger from the sea.

The remains of a once proud fort.

The wind was off the sea but a few hardy souls were on the beach.

Sugar Almond coloured houses in front of the Parish Church.

A quick lunch break for the driver and "conductor" of the Tourist Transport.

All in all a lovely afternoon out, we had a leisurely drive back, after enjoying an ice cream , Black Cherry for Michael and Coffee for me, very nice and only £2,50 for the two, and they were not small.

We went into the local Deli shop where there was a tasting of Balsamic Vinegars, Flavoured oils, Olives and bread. That was lunch taken care of, what we saved we spent on vinegar and dried chipotle chillies..

It is time to go for a walk round the lanes now, Ben is pacing and I have breakfast to walk off. Local cured bacon, free range eggs, local butter and toast.    TTFN    Pam

Saturday 25 May 2013

Guess Where I Am

This is the only clue.

West Wales WOO HOO

We had a leisurely drive across yesterday via Cardiff just so that we could drive over the suspension bridge, not really,we just fancied a change.

This will be my domain for a week.

very old fashioned but spotlessly clean.

Just in case it rains, well it is wales.

Canoodle Corner.

My corner all pleasure.

Really comfy, I slept for NINE HOURS

Almost 3 nights sleep for me.

But I did not sleep Thursday night, I was too full of fizz.

Today we went to Tenby, I will post photos tomorrow.

We are at a barbeque in Cardigan  tomorrow at James's home and I will have a walk round and take a few photos.

I am making piri piri chicken, sweet chili pork and Eton Mess.

Cerys's Mum will make her wonderful rainbow coleslaw (I hope )

Her dad will supervise the cooking and I will play with Junior and Kaitlyn.

We have left Fran at home, she was hoping to join us but work is manic at her firm although she will be working from home. SAhe has several conference calls to New York and with the time difference travel to and from London would be difficult

Right it is almost 7, the sun is still shining and Junior wants me to play on the trampoline 
so it is     TTFN     Pam

Thursday 23 May 2013

Hyperactive. Me. No just having a yellow day

What a day, sun, rain, hail,sun, cold, rain,wind,rain, more rain, a little sun with rain and wind. Internet coming and going. more going than anything.

On  positive note, I have emptied the laundry basket, I know it has rained but I put it on airers in the corner with the dehumidifier going and the heating is on and it dried.
I then emptied the ironing basket, no I did not hide it I ironed it!

I emptied one of the four cupboards either side of the fireplace, threw some away, sent some to the CS and put the pitiful remains into a box for consideration.

That cupboard now holds:-
1, A container with my latest project.
2. A container full of strips these are destined to be string blocks.
3. My collection of pure cotton threads.
4. A box of small patchwork templates, thimble, stitch ripper, block of beeswax and snips.
5. A bag of scissors and rotary cutters.
6. 2 cutting mats and 3 rulers.

There is still a little room but I have allowed for a larger project than my current one.
I would take a photo but my camera and my phone are in the car and Michael has taken it to work.

Dinner was a casserole from the freezer with dumplings and fresh veg. I was given an armful of rhubarb so that has been diced and open frozen and is now bagged up and in the freezer.

I made a banana loaf cake and a coconut one and 5 pasties, these are for Neville and Marina my neighbours either side.

I have had a productive day and feel good, I hate grey days and usually get the blues but today has been a yellow day. Time for tea and telly I think.     TTFN      Pam

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Where Did Today Go?

I can scarcely believe how late it is, we have all been at home today, so although I have done a great deal I have also drunk a lot of tea, chatted a lot and played with my sewing.

I need some simple cotton skirts, no frills, no flounces, no pleats to iron and definitely no peplums.

I had a look at Seasalt , I have some clothes from them that are going strong at 10 years old. ooh err, £49.99, I don't think so.
I had a look at M & S, Next, Matalan, George at Asda and so on, zilch, nada, zero.

I had a cup of tea and looked at the Toyota all freshly cleaned with a shiny new (American}needle,then I looked in the storage box that holds my big cuts of fabric mmmm  promising

I pulled an old skirt out of the rag bag and out with the stitch ripper, and Bingo  3 panels and a waistband. I found scissors and pins and 2 hours later I had these.

You may remember this from a while ago, from Michael Miller, patchwork cotton so a little thicker than dressmaking material, no need for a petticoat.

This has not seen the light of day for 3 years. I bought it in a closing down sale  if I remember right it cost me £2.

Before I cut the fabric I realized that all my zips were too short or too long and all the wrong colours.

I discarded the back panels and cut 2 fronts from each colour and sewed straight up the side seams. I cut a 2 1/2 inch waistband and made it so there were 2 seams at the front,  1 each side of the center. with a gap in each to take a drawstring.
I sewed this to the wrong side of the skirt,making sure to have the drawstring gaps in the right place. I then folded the band to the front, pressed a turning and top stitched it down, I pressed a narrow double folded hem and stitched down. The drawstrings were made from the selvedges, just folded and sewn. It took me almost as long to make and thread the drawstrings as to cut out and sew the skirts.
I am going to run at least 2 more up but will put side seam pockets in those, or maybe patch pockets, just something big enough to hold the car keys and a little purse.

These will be just the job for the summer, I have stacks of little tops in white and cream .It is a long time since I made clothes, but I found it a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. There is still quite a bit of both fabrics left, more for my shoe thingys.
I manages to get 2 loads of  washing done,dried and ironed, I just wish I knew where it all came from, and socks, I have said it before, there are only 3 pairs of sock wearing feet in the cottage so whose socks am I washing!   On that thought I wish you a good evening....TTFN    Pam

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Tidy up Tuesday, Episode 1

I have made a good start on tidying  up my fabric, I now have two shoe "thingys" hanging in the wardrobe and both are full, well each compartment is occupied.

As you can see there is plenty of room in some sections, that is such a shame. he he

This shows the top sections with pre cuts on the left.

This is the section that hurts, in the middle section on the right there are two lonely pieces of  Aqua. That along with turquoise and teal feature high on my list of go to colours. I feel that until I stock up I can not start a large project. I have spent a few hours searching the net and have not found what I want at a price I will pay. I will keep looking until I strike gold.

This is where I contradict myself. I found these layer cakes tucked away. I have a jelly roll to match the cabbages & Roses and two charm packs to match the Joy Christmas one. There are two quilts without Aqua, teal or turquoise, well maybe, there is some clear blue in the joy range so I would put a solid Aqua to stretch the pattern out and I would use some Teal in with the pinks and reds to give it a boost.

Finally tucked in a corner I found this pack of 3 inch squares, I have no idea how many are in there but they look to be several different patterns. This came free with a big order of fabric and much as I think they are pretty the size  means that I will not use them, I work in multiples of 2 1/2 inches.

So if anyone would like them shout now.

I am off to finish dinner prep, cottage pie, carrots and cauli.   TTFN    Pam

Monday 20 May 2013

Is Anybody Awake

I am busy sorting out my material, I saw a marvelous thing on a blog awhile ago. I bought one of those canvas she storers that hang in the wardrobe and have filled each section with a different colour, well filled is the wrong word.
I have enough Pink, Yellow and Red to fill 2 sections each, I only have 2 pieces of Aqua left. I have BROWN in large quantities, where did that come from ?
I have a good selection of blues, I found a bundle that I bought very very cheap 2 years ago. But most amazing is that I have stacks of Purple and quite a bit of Orange.
I have taken on board three things,
 1, I need another shoe thingy
 2, I need more Aqua.
 3, I am not so colour restricted as  thought I was.

I just had an email from a work colleague copying me in on a message she received today, One of our boilers is being shut down for necessary work at 2.00 tomorrow morning. This has been planned for some time and an email was sent out 2 weeks ago. In their wisdom the powers that be sent it to all the leaf department, for both shifts, all the logistics department for both shifts and to deli assembly and mixing.
The only people that will be affected are those cooking at 2.30 in the morning, oh that will be me then!

I sometimes wonder about management.

I once told a factory production manager that If every woman ran their homes as he ran his factory there would be nobody at work from Wednesday. When he asked me why I told him that they would have no clean clothes to wear.

It does not get any better, we ran out of tomatoes a few days ago. They go into 60% of our products!

I am off back to my sorting.      TTFN    Pam

Sunday 19 May 2013

A Lazy Sunday Stroll Round the Garden

I am having a very lazy day, last night at work was slow, long cooks of various rices for the deli salads. To keep awake I did lots of tidying and cleaning out of storage containers and various rooms that belong to my department. The consequence was that I came home, went to bed within 30 minutes and slept like a bump on a log.

I pulled a beef casserole out of the freezer and we will have that in large Yorkshire Puddings, the mix has been beaten within an inch of it's life and is now resting.

I felt like a little fresh air so had a meander round the garden.

This is a shady corner I love the way the new ferns slowly unfurl.

These "Granny Bonnets grow with my Espaliered Apples.

This is the only blossom on one of my Apples, and right beside it is this one, OK it was intended to be espaliered but slipped through the net and the apples are superb, it does have the basic framework but has been allowed to reach for the skies, more apples to have and share, see the Elder, that is kept for the blossom and growth is restricted. They seem happy together.

Goodness knows why.

This pear has just started to flower, while it's neighbour has set fruit, I hope that this means that the ripening will also be staggered. Just think of all those crumbles. I like them baked into a loaf cake as well, and don't forget that they go well with pork and duck, just to make a change from apples.

To finish this is the first bud on my Geoff Hamilton. A pretty pink rose with a wonderful perfume. It grows in my little courtyard just outside the kitchen and on hot days the scent fills the house. I bought it on my first visit to Barnsdale, I have returned many times and intend to go many more, each visit reveals new treasures.

It is time to get myself organised for dinner, so once again I say     TTFN    Pam    

Saturday 18 May 2013

Quick Throw and a Thrifty Cushion

First I would like to welcome a new follower from Texas, you can see the little thumbnail of Bluebonnets, very pretty, and a reminder that I have all that scrumptious Bluebonnet fabric to play with.

I really have to use some of my fabric as there are new collections coming out that I have fallen for,I am also nearly finished on a pair of quilts, made to order, which will generate even more scraps. Yum.

Francesca asked for a lightweight throw for the summer, her room faces north and although warm needs colour in it. I had a stack of charm packs from Bonnie & Camille and let her cherry pick through them. I took one colour and bought a fleece throw from Dunelm, only £4.99 and made this.

Then she thought that a cushion would be nice, so I pulled these out of the scrap bin.

I found some decent sized bits and did this

Then this

And carried on stitching and pressing till I got this

I now have 6  of these and will square them up and join them, then quilt them onto some lining material rescued from CS curtains. I will make a simple envelope back and sew the lot together. This will be on her bed with the throw tonight, by the way it is highly unlikely that she will get to put any part of herself on the cushion, there is always at least one of the dogs with her and he will have the cushion, that's just the way it is here.

Dinner tonight is Pork steaks in a barbeque sauce with homemade oven chips  and salad.
I am having a lazy day, i will be at work tonight and Sunday and Monday............then two weeks off Woo Hoo.
This is part holiday and part rest days, boy oh boy am I a happy bunny

I am going to have a coffee and another play with Tom Tom, it is fascinating now but I am sure that the novelty will wear off soon. TTFN    Pam

Friday 17 May 2013

Technical Overload

Short and sweet(?) today.

I am awash with tech speak, I pushed the boat out today in the techy side, with which I am totally unfamiliar.

I now have Tom Tom in my car, with a 6 inch screen, so that I can find my way round new areas of Wales.

I have a new memory card in my camera, with umpteen bites of mega or giga, I am not sure what or which.

I have a new memory card in my phone so that I can take loads if photo's on it if my camera batteries die.

I have a small hole in my purse that used to have money in it, that is this weeks shopping money ( no need to shop this week) and a bit from my savings.

I have a headache and a longing for a cool pad on my forehead, a hot water bottle on my feet and my Mum to tell me that dinner is ready.

See you all tomorrow.    TTFN     Pam

Thursday 16 May 2013

The Answer My Friend is Blowing in The Wind.

I get a steady trickle of emails in the crapola  junk box asking me to upgrade/ switch my power supplier.

I work next to an Electricity plant belonging to EDF

 During my journey to work I see 3 lines of massive pylons marching across the fields.
Within the local area we have a new Wind Farm, small with only 7 windmills but more planned I believe.

A few farms and horticultural units have a windmill or 2 on their land and many many houses and businesses have solar panels.

When plans for the wind farm were published a few, shall we say Opinionated,  peeps stuck their heads over the parapet. Some were for and some were not. Feelings and words ran hot and loud and one poor soul took the only way out that he could envisage, it was to be on his land, would have saved his farm and his "friends and neighbours" made his life a living hell. Bye the bye, long gone now.

I look at the massive plant,lit up like the Star Ship Enterprise, as it is referred to by some, and I see a, now how did it go... oh yes  A Monstrous Carbuncle.

I see the Pylons looking for all the world like Extra Terrestrial Invaders staking out new territory and shudder, did you ever read the reports of the high levels of various cancers that occur in their vicinity, truth or fiction?

Then I look at the windmills, and I see  Kate Bush singing Wuthering Heights, I see Dame Margot Fonteyne  gliding through the air, as light as thistledown, to be caught gently by Nureyev.
I see the Great Crested Grebe performing their mating ritual dance on the water.
Perhaps I am a woolly  headed romantic, perhaps I am an Idiot, but this is how I see them, elegant and graceful.

The solar panels seem intrusive and ugly, thankfully most of them are well above eye level, having said that if my roof space allowed for it I would have them as nobody overlooks my roof, and the savings can be remarkable.

I have climbed to the top of a windmill and walked around the outer edge, a wonderful birds eye view of the countryside. I would not dare set foot near a power plant or a Pylon, just in case.

All this came about from work last night, at tea break I was chatting to some one from another department, she was saying that her daughter, who is house hunting, had found the ideal place, the right size, the right area and at an amazing price, all this was from the house details sent from the agents. They went to look at the property and WOW, no where in the details did it say that  there were pylons very close and the cables went over the garden.

The agent, who met them for the viewing, was blase about it and the vendor pooh poohed the bad publicity about living under power lines.
Needless to say the viewing did not happen, the next day the agent rang to offer a £2,000 reduction in price, for a quick sale. The answer was ....... you guessed not printable, therefore blowing in the wind.

When we went back to work I had to laugh, the song on the radio was, Windmills of my mind.

It is not a bad morning here, the sun keeps popping out to say hello, the dogs are snoring gently beside me, Michael is snoring not so gently upstairs and my washing is now about to go on the line.

No photo's again today, I have damaged the memory card in my camera and a new one is on it's way, it is probably in a canoe as we speak winding it's merry way down the Amazon.
 OOh It may be travelling with my new sewing machine needles, £9.61 for 100, yes that is right 100 including postage from the US. I found the site from a quilting blog, I buy these exact same needles at £1.98 for 5, well I used to, I will save 30p on every needle and I change my needles often.

Now all I need is to find my favourite thread at the same level of saving.  TTFN   Pam

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Wot No Sewing Here? Well none that I can share.

I see that I have some new followers, you are most welcome, I do see you when you first arrive but I am usually in a tearing hurry and click on Post before my brain catches up with my fingers. Hmm I just looked back at this and I had run about 5 words into 1. I always preview sometimes I  read back and it does not make sense at all.

I had a couple of hours in the garden yesterday, I cleared the last of the rubbish out of the greenhouse and got it ready for when I come back from Wales. I hoed an area ready for sweetcorn, and another ready to empty one of the compost bins on, this will be for my greedy squashes. I have a path leading to "wilderness corner", my hedgehog box is here along with a stand of nettles, long grasses and various plants for wildlife. The path needed defining a bit so I sharpened up my little hook  and cut it back on both sides, now I can get to the blackberries, and to where the Bramley apples fall off next doors tree.
Shame they don't grow the pastry as well :-)

The ironing basket is empty again, not for long, and the Wednesday Whip round with duster and hoover has been done. I want to make up a batch of pastry mix and a couple of cakes then make chicken pie for dinner.

I have had a minor disaster, both my sour dough starters have died, my own fault my cottage gets very warm when the sun shines and we had 2 very hot weeks. I had both starters out of the fridge to use for a baking session, fed them and left them out for 3 days! OOPS. I tried to rescue them but not only were they merely dead, they were really most sincerely dead.
We had a family meeting and the decision was made to just make standard bread for a while.I will probably make a new starter when we have had our  planned trips to Wales.

I need some new shoes, it sounds simple but I have BIG feet, size 9, or 43 in foreign. I usually buy all my shoes from Hotter but have looked and looked and can find none that I like that are not nubuck. Now there is nothing wrong with suede but it is not for me and I like bright colours and I do not want to pay through the nose. I used to buy mainly from the sale section, now they have what they call "Last Chance" and take £5 off, big deal., I like half price or 35% off at least. I have tried size 9 from the high street but they are really an 8 and if I can get my hoofs in them they are too tight.

Next have flats in a 9 but they are very flat and I wear the titchy little heels down when driving, any ideas anyone?

Another grey and blustery day, this weather needs to get over itself and go back to spring, I do not fancy another summer of rain and more rain, any more than the rest of the country.

Michael is reading over my shoulder and has asked for bacon chops on a bed of apple and onions and baked in cider, he will get a version. I have apples and onions but no cider however there is a glass of rose wine lurking in the fridge, I will mix that with some chili sauce, a splash of light soy sauce and a splash of sherry and pour the lot over the apples, onions and chops. On with some foil and into the oven for up to 2 hours, I will pop some potatoes into bake in their skins and we will have it with salad.

I would like to have my greenhouse planted up but have nobody to look after it for my trip away so it will happen on my return, I did the same thing last year and all was well, I have my plants all ready to go to a friends greenhouse for their little vacation and she will bring them back for me.

My teacup is empty again, I would not mind a £1 for every time I pick a cup up only to find that it is empty. I would be fairly well off!  Any how it is  that time again.      TTFN      Pam    

Tuesday 14 May 2013

It's Over, Baby it's all over now.

Woot Woot, the 9 Patch is done and delivered, the recipient, a long time friend and work colleague, is tickled pink with it.  I imagine that he and Mrs friend had it on their bed last night as it turned a bit chilly.

The chocolate just in view is Michael's how he can eat white chocolate toblerone I do not know.

All rolled up ready to go.

My sewing machine is having a rest now, after yet another clean and a nice new needle. I like to have it ready to rock and roll.

While the oven was on I made a Fruit crisp,

It was just a few sticks of Rhubarb and 2 eating apples ,peeled and cored, diced up and covered with
120 gramsof buttery stuff melted and the same weight of demerara sugar and oats stirred in, I threw in a handful of flaked almonds as well. I baked it for around 25 minutes at 180c. It went down well with some Greek Yoghurt, it is good cold for breakfast too, crunchy porridge and fruit!.
I like a crumble but do not always want to faff about rubbing butter into flour.

I have finally posted the book off to Mum and the embroidery pattern to Kim, they have been sitting on the side looking at me for ages, it was just a matter of brain,eye and hand coordination, it does not come easy when I am concentrating on a project.

It is a bright sunny day so far, washing is blowing in a gentle breeze and I am off to the garden.
                 TTFN    Pam

Monday 13 May 2013

The Parcel Has Arrived

The Postie has been and delivered a stack of mail and the parcel !

All the way from Canada.

Chock full of little gift wrapped surprises.......Oooh

3 shower gels, Orchid, vanilla and lavender.

Some green leaves that dissolve in the bath with a fresh scent.

A packet of jel pens, I will use these planning my next patchwork.

Some scented pencils, I have not opened them and the perfume is filling the room, citrus and jolly nice.

A pink covered note book with a page marker and an elastic strap to keep it closed. This will be just the thing to go into my bag, when I see something for future reference I take notes and photos. I have an eclectic mix of little note pads, sheets of paper and old envelopes with the odd till receipt in a folder.

And last but not least a little bar of 70% dark chocolate, I have to tell you that it is littler now than when I took the photo ;-)

I have been piecing left over fabric to make the scrappy binding for the 9 patch quilt and Ben and Bertie have been busy sorting out the bone from a leg of lamb, we had the lamb last weekend and I froze the bone.

As you can see they are oblivious to what I am doing, they even ignored the Postie ringing the door bell.
I give them a bone on a regular basis as neither of them take kindly to teeth cleaning and gnawing on a bone keeps the dreaded tartare at bay.

It is a sunny day here so far, my washing is blowing on the line, it turned so cold here last night that we put the heating on for a few hours.

I must get back to my sewing now I have to get some things in the post this afternoon and I would like the binding cut and pressed before I go out.     TTFN    Pam    

Sunday 12 May 2013

Sunday Sunday, sew good for me

That is my take on the Mamas and Papas hit song.

My day started well with lots of sun shine and blue skies.

Then had lots of this. :-)

Which led to lots of this.  :-(

Which needed lots of these.  Yucky

I used 6 cotton buds to clear the lint out of my Toyota  and that is the third time during this quilt, once more before I put the binding on should do it. I just have one more row to attach but that is three long seams. I am not sure if it is this material or the wadding that is generating so much lint. I use the Warm and Light in most of my projects and have never had to clean so frequently before.

We did manage a little of this. We had to come home too soon really, there is a vintage car and motorbike show in the village and some of the bikes are hurtling round the lanes and they are very noisy.

I am going to attach the last row to my quilt and then make the binding, I went through my stash of fabric and nothing jumped out at me so I will be using all (well alright then, some) of my left over strips to make a scrappy binding.     

I hope that you are all enjoying your week end as much as I am. I nearly forgot to say,when I was visiting Mr S on Friday the Postie left a card to say that there was a parcel for me too big for the letter box
. It is being redelivered tomorrow. I have no idea what it is,
 I have all the books from up the Amazon, I have all my goodies from America and Hereford, perhaps someone loves me enough to send me a nice surprise I will share tomorrow.  TTFN    Pam

Saturday 11 May 2013

Going Going Gone

I  have gone down with a humdinger of a headache, I am putting the blame on my sinuses. They are my Achilles Heel, I can cope with the stuffed up feeling, I can take medication for the headache, It is the sneezing that is my undoing. It creeps up on me and when I sneeze you might hear a sonic boom. I have been thrown backwards by the force and a few times have fallen down.
My brain feels as though it has been kicked round a football field and my neck thinks it has been in a RTA.
All in all I am good for nothing. I am going to share my latest fabric arrivals with you and then I am going out for a slow meander with Ben, Bertie is snoring gently on HIS end of the sofa.

These are from America, some more from the Texas Bluebonnet range, I will use them with my April Shower blog hop winnings.

These are from Doughty's I bought them on line and they arrived within 48 hours of ordering.

They will go with this to make a strip quilt for my bed.

I fell in love with these cuties and they will be marching across the middle of the  quilt. This will be for the winter and I will be on the lookout for some flannel for the backing, or even some Minky.

I am all organised to have breakfast for dinner today, Mr. S has supplied the sausages, taste the difference outdoor reared pork and cooking bacon rashers rather than chops, my usual source has supplied the FR Eggs. I have some big flat mushrooms from the staff shop and will use potatoes from the larder for hash browns.

Tomorrow will be Roast Chicken with stuffing, Yorkshire Pudding and as many veg as I can fit into the steamer.

If anyone wants a pudding there is a bowl of fresh fruit and lots of Greek Yogurt, on the other hand I have everything to make a cheesecake and fresh pineapple to go with it.

The weather here is chopping and changing, I hope for better tomorrow, a little gentle pottering in the garden sounds good.

The Postman brought me my Elizabeth West books this morning, Garden in the hills and Cooking in the Hills, I will have a wander through those this evening.

I bought a new lamp, for sewing, yesterday. We had not been back 20 minutes when Michael opened a cupboard and found the craft lamp that I thought was lost. I plugged it in and bingo it works so now I have 2.

 It is my birthday soon and we are off to Wales I am so looking forward to it, I hope to have good weather so I can share lots of photo's with you. I have ordered a new memory card for my camera, Francesca assures me that I can store most of Wales on

Wonderful, my headache is abating and I have not sneezed for about 20 minutes so I am off outside, hope it does not rain again for a while.   TTFN     Pam