Monday, 17 October 2016

Many thank yous.

I thank you all for your kind comments and wishes. I am getting lots of rest, drinking plenty of fluids and taking my meds.
I have barely touched my knitting, it all seems so heavy, but I have managed to knit a few hats for the annual smoothie Big Knit campaign. They will all be washed before being sent off, don't want to risk passing anything nasty on.
I am trying my utmost to eat enough but even that wears me out so quickly.
I hate being ill and am so looking forward to being back on my feet.
Now I am off to bed before I fall asleep on the sofa.

TTFN                                                                    Pam

PS. A very kind person gave me trifle tonight. I did manage to slurp it down with no bother. Hmmm perhaps I need to rethink this healthy eating lark for a while.

Note from my sick bed

I am so sorry to have dropped off the radar. I had a cold that turned nasty and then picked up a horrible tummy bug doing the rounds. The result of that marriage attacked my whole system and laid me out cold ( apart from the fever ) I am recovering slowly, very very slowly, and hope to be back on my feet soon.
    Pam xx

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A really Good Day

Yesterday dawned fine and bright with a little nip in the air, a perfect early Autumn morning.
The dogs were walked, while the washing machine did it's thing, and they were very perky and bouncy. I like to think that they enjoyed the change from the humidity of recent days.
Washing went out and more travelled through the machine until there was nothing left to wash.
Windows and doors were flung open and the whole house had a good airing. I could almost hear my granny chuckling and rubbing her hands together with delight.
Iwhisked through the rest of my chores and after a quick sandwich went off to knit and natter.

I took my gold stylecraft  jumper and managed to finish the back and get the front cast on and half the ribbing done.
I picked up some yarn for two hats, King Cole Moods, an acrylic with 30% wool and 2% viscose.Two balls each in Petrol and Firecracker. It is a DK weight but I find that it knits up as worsted so will make for warm hats.

The early evening saw the temperature fall and Ben and I had a very pleasant walk into the village and back. He can not manage long walks now but is happy (and eager) to have 3 or 4 shorter ones spread out through the day.

We have had a blast of cold air in the last few days, not a real frost but enough to make my Crookneck squash plants turn their toes up.
I gathered all the remaining fruits and will make a vegetable curry tonight.
Last night I made shepherds pie with a root veg mash top, very tasty and a splosh of mint sauce and a handful of peas in with the meat helped it along. A and K had one for their dinner and enjoyed it.  I have enough meat left for another meal, possibly a Rogan Josh, or maybe an Oggy.
This morning I am off for my second session of Nordic Walking and looking forward to it. It is lovely to be out with a group of like minded people. I have signed up for a 6 week training course and will hopefully go twice weekly after that

I think that it is time for more tea,  and maybe a slice of toast.

                         TTFN                                                 Pam

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Good intentions come to fruition.

It is almost the end of another day, the weekend has been busy but unhurried.

Most of my plans happened, the grey waistcoat (my Grandfather called them Weskitts ) is off the needles, at least the 3 main pieces are. I have to join them and knit the ribbing.  Oops, just realised that I did not get the buttons, Tuesday at knit and natter will do it.

I dug a leg of lamb from the chest freezer and cooked that today, A and K were all too pleased to have Sunday dinner cooked for them.  Ben had the small shank bone and spent a good hour and a half chomping and gnawing away at it. It gives him a full body workout
without  getting to his feet.

Shopping was just fresh goods and some frozen edamame beans, I did forget mushrooms but can manage without.

My latest skein of yarn from Crafternoon Treats has been wound into 2 x 50g balls ready to be cast on for socks.

The partial quilt blocks have been pressed ready to be sewn together and both washing and ironing baskets are empty. HURRAH.

I am tucked up in bed with a cup of gingerbread tea and just about ready to turn off the light. I had an early start again this morning and have been doing something all day.

Ben already has his head down and is snoring.

Time for me to emulate him.

                      TTFN                                               Pam

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Saturday and all is nearly well.

I have managed to load my printer onto the new laptop and successfully printed a new sock pattern out. Score 1.

I am still dithering about my photo's. I am concerned about doing something wrong and losing them forever. I will gird up my loins, put my big girl knickers on and try a bit later.

It is still very early, I did a great deal of rushing around yesterday and fell into bed at 9:30 last night, I do not remember turning the light off. I do not mind as I can play catch up with some blog reading.

I did cast on the right front of the waistcoat and am on my way to completion, I also made good progress on the new jumper. I am loving the rich colour and plan on making my next socks in a very close shade. A West Yorkshire Spinners yarn in Nutmeg for the rib, heels and toes, the rest of the socks will be in Pheasant. I bought enough of the Nutmeg to make a Featherweight cardigan, I have seen this knitted up in a multitude of colours and yarns over the last few months.

You remember that I made a list of things to do this month, well on the clearing out front I have surpassed myself. 4 large bags of bed linen, fleece blankets and clothing have gone and 2 more are ready to go later this morning.
I have taken a large bag of books to Knit and Natter and plan on thinning out some more.

I had planned some clothes making but upon reflection I have put that on hold. I have enough clothes, more than enough really. I plan on slowly replacing some of my wardrobe over the next 12 months. To satisfy my "making" desires I will be knitting, crocheting and sewing for gifts. I have steadily built up a supply of materials and am ready for a very crafty winter.
I also have a very early Christmas gift coming soon, I am going to take part in the blanket CAL on Crafternoon treats, the kit is quite pricey so I was planning on using as much stash yarn as possible, using up oddments of yarn and making a scrappy version. But the kit was offered to me and a refusal was not allowed, so I accepted gracefully and gratefully.

I am still slowly working through the freezers, it will be at least another four weeks before I need to start a list for restocking. The plan is to have a wider range of home cooked ready meals stashed away. I am certain that I will be happy to have a "cook up week" at some point.

There is still a lot of colour in the garden, I have cut the spent flower stems off the perennials and hope for a late show albeit of smaller blooms. The Penstemons are looking very promising, the roses and fuchsias are still going strong and show no signs of slowing down.

I have collected good supply of plastic drink bottles and plan on installing a load of slug traps, I am not looking forward to emptying the contents but needs must. I do not like using pellets in large quantities (if at all) but we are over run with the slimy blighters.

It is 5:30 and I think that a cuppa is warranted, I have some gingerbread green tea that is lush. So I am off to get the kettle on.

           TTFN                                                                   Pam


Thursday, 15 September 2016

A better day so far.

I have the new laptop back, most of the issues have been addressed. The main fault was that PC World did not inform me that a great deal of the data that should have been transferred was not compatible with Windows 10. My local 'puter man was very lovely and put it to rights for me as far as he could. He has also taken my old laptop in and is going to open it up and see if it can be resuscitated.
If so fine and dandy, if not I am thinking quite hard about a desk top set up. I like the idea of the bigger screen and it will stop me slumping into the sofa.

watch this space.

The left front of the "battleship" waistcoat is done and off the needles, I know that I should have cast the other side on ..................
Of course I didn't, I pulled out the new yarn and cast on the back of my new jumper pattern. I will finish the deep band of k2, P2 rib and then cast on the last part of the battleship. I aim, no , I INTEND to get that knitted up and sewn together over the weekend. Then the ribbing edges finished by mid week. I will celebrate with a day sewing my autumn blocks together. I may use the quilt as you go method, it just depends on how large it turns out. I am not using a pattern, just the yardage that I bought for the project. It will possibly go into the window of Deb's Wool Shop for her Autumn display and then I aim to donate it. I think that it will be a good lap size when finished an suitable for a retirement home perhaps.
Kathryn of Crafternoon Treats did a small update on her Etsy shop this morning, I watched her podcast last night and at 9:55 was on the 'puter poised and ready to do battle.
Deep Joy, once again I managed to purchase the exact skein that I wanted. This time it is not for me, ( I look forward to the time when
I can buy multiple skeins in one colourway) it is for a pair of socks to be gifted. I did restrain my greed and only bought the one, her colours are so lovely and all deep inside my comfort zone. I will be keeping my Eagle Eyes upon the shop as she has a very small amount of some glorious yarn containing a blend of different fleece and some local Angora... how lush is that, it is a natural cream and I hope to buy a skein.

The sun is shining hotly from an azure sky, the birds are singing, the grass has been cut, washing is on the whirlythingy and Ben is snoozing in the sunniest patch that he could find.
Me? Oh just wonderful, I have a hot date with the ironing. I regard it as rightful payment for my luck on Etsy this morning.

Then I will be (fingers crossed) loading photos ready for another post.

                                  TTFN                                    Pam.

PS. I hope that you enjoyed your visit to Deb's shop Yvonne ,and your holiday in Tenby. Happy Knitting.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

I Hate My Laptop

Just a quick note to say that all is well with me.
It is the laptop that is ill, I have borrowed one for the time being but as it is not loaded with my data I can not post photos.
The WW11 socks are finished and I am pleased to have knitted them but as the pattern is sooooo borrrring will not be knitting any more.
I am happy to report that my first pair have been knitted on short circulars, I don't think that they were as fast, for me, as magic loop but there is no tugging the stitches tight to avoid a ladder. I now want to experiment with afterthought heels and various toe shapes. I just did my first Kitchener finish, a tad untidy but passable, and found it fiddly. I must look in my "socks on straight needles" book as there are several versions in there.

The "battleship" waistcoat is progressing nicely, the back is done and half of the left front. I have adapted the pattern to have pockets and instead of knitting the band separately and easing it to fit I will be picking up stitches and knitting it on a long circular. That way it will match the armhole finish as well as the pocket additions.

I have some lovely rare breed 4 ply yarn from Crafternoon Treats. It is a blend of 95% Romney Lambswool and 5% fawn Shetland, woollen spun in a small mill in Yorkshire. Hand dyed using dyes manufactured in Yorkshire, it is  a new venture for Kathryn. It is sublime in shades of pinks, plums, blues and some cream but overall reads as pink. I want to knit a shawl with it and just need to decide on the pattern.
I am not turning into a yarn snob and am still more than happy to carry on buying and using yarn from stylecraft and the like. Indeed I bought a pattern  for a vintage style jumper today, cable and lace panels with a deep waistband. I also got my yarn, Stylecraft special DK in gold, I think that it will be perfect for Autumn (need to get a wiggle on) right through to spring.
I am slowly putting the garden to bed for the winter, there is still lots of colour but the wind and rain have taken their toll. The beans have done well and I am leaving the remainder on the vines for a bit longer to harvest the beans for drying.
Knit and Natter was busy today, I think that the noise levels, at times, must border on the maximum decibels allowed.
Ben is asking to go out so I must obey.
             TTFN                                                             Pam