Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Looking back at September

This is a double first for me, I do not usually look back at much but I have been reading one or two blogs that do a "Slow Living Monthly Nine" and like the idea. So a copy cat post ;-)

1. Nourish.
Well I have certainly nourished my body and my soul. I have simplified my cooking in lots of ways, cut down on ingredients, reduced the amount of animal protein and increased pulses.
I have taken time to just enjoy the views and my surroundings.

2. Prepare.
I have excelled myself in this area, I built up such a stockpile of food that it has taken a low spend September to make a hardly noticeable dent in it. I have jammed and jellied to my hearts content and dried chillies and herbs.

3. Reduce.
My self imposed challenge to make 100 items from stash may not have been achieved, but I did make a great deal of things and many of them were from new materials for gifts.
I have recycled items of furniture and upcycled bedlinen and curtains into clothes and cushions, plus a pile of dog beds.

4. Green.
I recycle every bit of waste from my home, raw fruit and veg go to compost, cooked foods and meat waste go to the council compost scheme. Paper, card and plastic are also bagged for collection, tins and glass have their own bin and fabric is re purposed.

5. Grow.
I have had tomatoes and herbs from my garden and fresh flowers. I have planted trees, garlic and herbs with more to follow. I have harvested Apples, Beans and Courgettes from my garden and as gifts. I have picked countless black berries, hazel nuts and rose hips from the wild spaces.

6. Create.
Oh Boy have I created, cushions, aprons, bags, toys, skirts and on and on. Then there are the dog beds, an ongoing make. I have crocheted flowers and leaves and started a new Ripple Blanket.

7. Discover.
I have found new friends and a slower pace of life. I have just started to explore a new craft ( more on that at a later date) and read voraciously.
I have found footpaths and little lanes to stroll along with Ben.

8. Enhance.
I have made/found time to spend with my new friends, some of them leading quite solitary lives. This has enhanced my life and hopefully theirs.
I have given time and material support to Many Tears which will be ongoing.

9. Enjoy.
More than anything I have so enjoyed these first months in my new home. Yes there have been things that I have missed but other things have taken the empty places over. I have talked, laughed and cried. Learned a few Welsh words and phrases. Restyled a neglected garden (with muscle courtesy of Michael) and turned a house into a home. The enjoyment factor has been high, long may it be so.

The enjoyment factor is off the hook here, Ben was just out of shot and his pals were waitiung for him to catch up.

The last few days have been bumpy but it will pass, and the fun will prevail. 
Thanks to all the wonderful blogs that I read my spending has diminished and my skills have expanded and been honed. Lucy from attic24 and Bunny Mummy in particular are responsible for my new love affair with crochet. Jack Munroe has taught me how to eat astoundingly well on pennies, with support from Frugal Queen and a cast of dozens. I could carry on like this and write a full length book but you know who you are, as does anyone who reads my blog list. I just have to add that Karen is a naughty blogger who shows pictures of her glorious baking sending me into the kitchen on a regular basis, Alice Cake anybody? then there is the embroidery, drool drool.
Enough already, I have not even had breakfast yet. The flesh is not that strong.
Tea and more tea then a walk with Ben before I sew the last 3 beds for Many Tears, I have also pulled 3 of my scrap boxes down to cherry pick through, I hope to make a few more things to put on the craft stall at the open day.

   Enjoy your day.

       TTFN                                                          Pam


  1. Sounds like a blissful life, I'm on my way getting there, I really have to concentrate on reducing spending, but its a new month, so I'd better make a start xx

    1. Sometimes I spend to save, I have industrial quantities of shampoo, shower gel and deodorant, teabags and coffee. I buy things that I use in massive amounts when they are very cheap. Often that means 6 months supply, as long as I have the space to keep it I am happy.

    2. Yes that is a good idea.

  2. God bless you, Pam. You have been embraced by the simple life. It's such a rewarding lifestyle.

    On the subject of adding something to your blog that you found on other blogs, I would like to add a thankful list, which I would 'borrow (the idea) from you. Would this be appropriate for me to do? Please let me know as I'm itching to add it. Thanks.

    1. Go ahead, I find that my reasons are mostly the simple ones that we all take for granted. Even though I do not have a liking for spiders the sight of a web, bejewelled with dew drops, sparkling in the early morning sun shine makes me catch my breath.

  3. It's so lovely reading other blogs and getting so many new ideas, being supported when you not well and feeling a little down. Sharing good news and laughing at loud at some posts. Long may our blogging continue! X

    1. It is akin to being part of a sprawling multi cultured extended family, there is always somebody to "talk" to and bounce thoughts and ideas off, to exchange thanks and commiserations with and of course there are the recipes. Food for the body and soul, all things to be found in blog land.

  4. Glorious and uplifting post, Pam. I am amazed at how well and how quickly you have settled into your new life. Continue being positive and creative and thrifty and friendly, and not forgetting - blogging to tell us all about it!

    1. I waited 5 years to get here and intend to get the most out of every minute. The people here are so open and friendly that it would be difficult not to settle in. The only pup in the village is as near closed as it could be so there is no "Friday/Saturday night uproar". The only loud voices that i hear is when I am out with Ben and someone calls"Kettle's on Pam" soooo nice.


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