Tuesday 30 September 2014

Riding the Ripples.

There are a few ripples in my life but it could be worse, they could be waves. There are some good ripples as well, you will see them a bit further down.

I have not been far from home for a few days but will be out and about tomorrow. I have made a few more pillow case dog beds and have 3 more ready to sew, these will go to Many Tears in the morning.

These are the perfect size for the smaller dogs and being poly-cotton with polyester wadding they wash easily and dry quickly.

The pillowcases were either old ones that I have relegated to the scrap sewing stash or in the case of the pink patterned one picked up for 25p in a charity shop. With the wadding supplied at cost these are as cheap as chips and take minutes to make.

I was sorry to miss Yarndale but am making firm plans to go next year. I have been looking at pictures on some blogs and they are great. I am enjoying hooking away in the evenings, they are pulling in so fast now.

I have made a start on Lucy,s seaside ripple blanket from Attic24. Just for once I am following the pattern completely, a new discipline for me.  

The pattern is simple and repetitive, and I can watch the TV without missing a thing. There is a new version coming out with Cottage Garden colours, that is in my line of sight but I will maybe change some of the colours. It will have to wait until I have looked at the blanket in detail and mull it over.

The most wonderful smells are creeping around the house, I have Frugal Queen,s Sticky Fiery Pork in my mini oven, I have some runner beans and sweetcorn ready to cook and some noodles ready to heat. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Another recipe that I am following exactly, it won,t last.

I spent an hour with Maggie this afternoon, she is a talented artist and has started to work with semi precious gems. We both have a love of colour and some of the materials that she uses have sparked my imagination. I will be playing with lots of new ideas this winter and looking for sources of various materials.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  The weather continues to be lovely for the most part.

2.  I have been given  many plants for my garden.

3.  I seem to have a never ending supply of runner beans, good job that I love them.

4.  My new friends and acquaintances are very supporting.

5.  Ben is in good health although ageing quite obviously now. 

We are curtailing our walks as his hind legs shake if he over does it. I am going to have to put in some swimming time or start walking alone to make up for it. There is a walking group in the village but they take it very seriously and I prefer my exercise to be enjoyable.

My landlord dropped in today, there are a couple of little jobs to be done, he was very complementary on the garden and looks forward to seeing how it develops. He was most impressed with my little apple trees, I imagine that he thought that all apples grew on standard trees 40 ft tall.

Enough now, I have pork to turn and veg to cook, dinner is not too far away.

      TTFN                                                    Pam


  1. I have seen lots of posts about ripple crochet, it looks lovely. I will have to try it :)

    1. A lovely effect from such a simple pattern. I am hooked, forgive the pun.

  2. Ripple crochet is something I've yet to have a go at. It does look beautiful, gorgeous colours. I too have seen pictures of Yarndale but I've never been. My idea of heaven x

    1. Try it with caution, very adictive. I am going to get to Yarndale next year, I may have to hire a van to get my acquisitions home.

  3. Your ripple blanket will be gorgeous - I am looking forward to seeing it when it is done. I mastered the very basic Granny square last June and have hardly had a minute to touch it since. I find knitting easier, but I am determined to get better at crochet - you look as if you have it well under control!

    1. Ripple is easier than Granny Squares, no sewing together and less ends to weave in.

  4. You are a very talented lady Pam, and a very busy one. The pulled pork sounds really nice, x

    1. Thank you, the pork was lovely, a repeat feature on my meal plan.

  5. Hi Pam, I came across your blog last week when I was idly blog-hopping, and you don't live too far from me (we're near the Towy Valley). We have interests in common too : )

    I love the Attic 24 ripple blanket - such lovely colours. I follow her blog too, especially in the depths of winter when I need some colour-therapy! These days I prefer crochet to knitting, and have a lap blanket I need to edge, for my middle daughter.

    Well done with helping Many Tears. They do sterling work and I can imagine the latest intake of dogs were very distressing for the folk involved with helping them.

    I must go across and look at that recipe - it sounds scrummy.

    If you have time, pop across to my blog, and say hello.

  6. i have popped and said hello, I will be back for more.

  7. The ripple crochet is really lovely. I've not done any more crochet since the granny square blanket. I've mostly been knitting lately, and for myself for a change. Poor Ben, sad for both of you that you won't be able to enjoy your walks together any longer.

    1. We still have our walks Helen just a bit slower and not so far, the silver lining is that I now pop in to see my neighbours who have dogs and Ben gets some free exercise and I get to chat. I have found a pattern, a very simple one, for a triangular scarf, but it is on hold while I play with some more ripples.


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