Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Exercising my mind.

No, not at the Gymnasium.
It's my memory musculature that needs attention. I was talking to a friend recently and mid sentence realised that I had lost a selection of memorable moments.
We were talking about how smell can trigger old, long dormant memories. I remembered that my grandmother wore Lily of the Valley but had no idea what perfume my mother wore.

For the rest of the day I rummaged around in my mind and slowly discovered that random chunks were AWOL. Some recent and some going back over a few decades. I found it, not distressing exactly, quite perturbing. I (used to) have a good memory, able to recall conversations almost verbatim. I can picture various members of my family, over the years, at all sorts of gatherings. With a minimum of internal squinting I can see my grandmother working in the kitchen and the garden. I can see my grandfather mending work boots and singling out sugar beet seedlings. I can see my mother standing on the wash house table because there was a mouse running about and screaming for help.
I cannot remember my first year at school any more, I have no clear recollection of this year from the beginning of February.

I am working on it though, I have recovered some things but others are proving to be elusive. Like other muscles if you don't use them they wither away.

I have put some effort in to getting out and about and managed to catch up, albeit briefly, with a couple of people yesterday. Today I have been a domestic goddess and turned out a few deep corners. I found several things that I thought were gone forever and removed some things that are no longer used or wanted. my next trip out will be to a CS.
Now I need to scamper out and gather my washing in, the sky has darkened alarmingly.

                                   TTFN                                 Pam

Slowly crawling back.

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  1. How scary - like when you temporarily lose a word (and the harder you think the more it hides in the recesses of your mind!) only much worse. Easy for me with my mum's perfume, as she NEVER wore it. I hope your memories will slowly return as you exercise your brain - but at least you haven't forgotten your craft skills, which is a good thing (even though you have lost some - I'm ALWAYS doing THAT!!) Onwards and upwards Pam.


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