Thursday 1 October 2020

keeping my eye on the ball.

 It's been a funny few days here. 

With the news that the Royal Glamorgan hospital is taking no new admissions due to an ongoing Covid situation. The extra work load will be divided btween other units including our local Morriston hospital. I am resigned to the fact that my cataracts will be with me into the next year.

Michael has had a letter asking him to arrange both an Xray and a video call regarding further work on the thumb that he almost severed. He has managed with it as is for the last 3 1/2 months. He should have had this Xray at the end of July and has no inclination to go anywhere near a hospital right now. So he has declined the invitation.

Our neighbour,S, who owns Revi and Poppy was at work on the family farm, last weekend, with his teenage nephew is on red alert. Yesterday his sister rang him to say that her sone was home from school on the direction of the track and trace system. he had been in contact with someone who tested positive for C-19. They are now trying to assertain when the contact occured and whether S has to be tested and/or quarantine. Thankfully we have a system in place where we transfer the dogs with no close contact. This was a "just in case" decision and I am so pleased that we made that call.

My friend has finished her treatment so the Bichons will not be here for a month now, then she will have a checkup appointment. as before we have a hand over with no close contact.

It was easy to arrange in both cases, it isn't rocket science, it isn't even like picking up a dropped stitch in a lace pattern.

We have a new to me veg box scheme in Pontardawe, Frosty's will deliver to our village. they will make a mixed box with fruit or 2 separate ones from £10 to £whatever. They also offer a range of pantry staples, whole foods and vegan supplies and are very accommodating. Yes they are dearer than the supermarkets. Yes they have a smaller choice, you will not have 30 types of lettuce to chose from, but that can be a bonus. We will be trying them out soon, I have a fridge full of fruit and veg to eat through first.

The news is still full of whinging people but there are some truly inspiring people out there as well. Those who have weighed up the situation, thought about it and altered their routines to be able to help their neighbours. 

The writing was on the wall in plenty of time for all to get prepared, in fact it has been on the simmer from the beginning. The warning has been there for all to see and hear that the winter would bring an upsurge of cases. 

I am still amazed that anybody thought that opening up the Universities was a good idea. Hundreds and thousands of young people are now in virtual house arrest, having paid fees and accommodation costs and getting much less in return than they expected or deserved. At the same time those who are bleating about wanting to return home need to stop. Look in the mirror and ask if they really want to potentially take a killer into the family home.

Once again. It isn't rocket science. If they haven't got it before they start for home it is highly likely that they will be in contact with it before they arrive. Pessimist. Too right I am. We will not be in contact with anybody for a long time, we do not want to put ourselves ir anyone else at risk.

Apart from all that we are well, the dogs had a good 2 hours walk this morning and are happily slumped across the sofas sleeping it off.

Keep safe.

                      TTFN                                                       Pam

PS. I am sure that i started this with something particular to say but have run off piste. At leaast I didn't have the soapbox out to fall off.


  1. So sorry to hear about your local hospital. I don't see this getting any better anytime soon.

  2. I think they are trying herd emuimity with the students in hope they are through by December and Christmas, in one way it does make sence. But as a tutor said their course can be 3 or 4 years so these few weeks are just a small part. We are really lucky at the moment we are in a lower area, just hope it stays that way.

  3. We still have new cases but not on the level they were before. LA County is mentioning opening the primary schools for kindergarten through 3rd grade. I don't know if it's a good idea, children are spreaders. I have to have my pre-op physical next week, and then 10 days later my visit with the surgeon. After that, before I'm admitted I have to have another C-19 test. If I'm clear then my scheduled surgery is the 21st. It's outpatient so if all goes well i'll be home by the evening.
    Herd immunity might happen if there ever will be a vaccine. I'm not expecting a vaccine till mid 2021, irregardless of what the idiot president says. I've had my flu, pneumonia and shingles this year so I'll bide my time.

  4. I am a bit worried about our uptick in numbers causing me to miss out on my surgery yet again. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Our high schools, and elementary (younger kids) are in school. The universities are only doing online classes.

    God bless.

  5. This going back to school/college/Uni doesn't seem to be working using the Covid protocol or at least the one that is being employed here. My grand-daughter returned to college three weeks ago and there have already been outbreaks in some of the classes. Luckily in her case she is a class of only nine people which is manageable. However,she tells me that they have to wait until their first break to use the toilets and that is at the end of a 4 hour class!! I consider that very bad and totally unhealthy!! I really think the college and Uni students could have managed online instead of putting them at further risk! tch!! Amanda x


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