Thursday 27 November 2014

Not another lost day.

No, not this time. I was about to settle down with the lap top when I had a visitor and after a lot of chatting, laughter and a small lake of tea it was too late. Ben was champing at the bit for his walk and there was washing up and other boring stuff to do. It did not help that we met up with a neighbour and her little dog and went back for ..... yup, more tea and chat.

I am still playing with the scraps, but had a break from the Christmas fabrics for an hour.

These little cases hold a pair of glasses or make up, anything you care to put in them really. I have the pretty little flower buttons and that striped ribbon for the fastenings. The ribbon was a little "thank you" extra in my last order to "Pretty fabric and trims" they have lots of lovely haberdashery, and fabrics, on their site. I often have a look but have to restrain myself.  I have quite a bit of flowery fabrics and may make some bigger versions.
I enjoyed my time with the pinks but the Christmas pile was looming, so I pulled some charms and a few jelly roll strips and ran some cushion tops up.

I have 2 each of these and will make simple pillowcase backs for them from the bigger pieces.

This one is for Francesca, I will put a zip closure in so that it is reversible. I have not decided on the back yet.
I still have loads of jelly roll strips and wanted to try something a bit different, I cut them into 6" lengths and cut some of those in half.
Then I did a bit of brick laying, so to speak.

A birds eye view of the first 5 rows, they have not been pressed yet.

This close up shows the colours better, and the layout. I was aiming at a 36" by 46" toddler quilt but got carried away with the rotary cutter, so it will end up a bit longer, cot size. I have some soft greens and cream fabric to back it with and will probably make a scrappy binding.
Dinner last night was lasagne, a one pot wonder version full of peppers, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, onions, garlic and herbs. I made one for Maggie so she has a ding dinner tonight. Five a day without trying. Tonight I have Chicken in a garlic sauce with sweet potato and parsnip oven chips and mushy peas, not 5 a day but I have a bowl of fresh fruit to munch on.
My car is booked in for a winter service tomorrow, a month later than normal, just another result of my decaying memory.
I have read about the poncho in this months Simply Crochet, and once I saw what Daisy Jones and Lucy Croft were doing I jumped on the band wagon. I have the pattern, I have the hooks and I am shopping for the yarn later, Wool Warehouse, here I come.
 The oven needs my attention so,
       TTFN                                                         Pam


  1. Gosh .. you are as busy as ever..
    Just love that brick laying effect .. looks super .. and the cushions are so Christmassy.

    Vicky x

    1. I did not fancy sewing a zillion 2 1/2" squares together, I had seen the brick effect a while ago and thought that it would be different. I do like a bot of colour around and as I was making Francesca her Christmas cushion I decided to have some myself.

  2. I've just cut a lot of ' brick' shaped pieces of fabric for my daughter's quilt. I'm hoping to get the pieces laid out and pinned up this evening ready to start sewing tomorrow. I wasn't sure if it would look okay when I cut them out, but having seen yours, which look fab, I feel better about it. I don't really know anything about quilting and just make it up as I go along!

    1. I had to ease every other row where the half bricks are, I should have added 1/4" on for the extra seam. I tend to dive in with an idea and then sort it out as I go, and I never attempt the math. I have read some of the US quilting blogs where they are cutting to 3/8th of an inch to get it perfect.

  3. Lovely stitching, the bright Christmas colours are great.

    1. I must admit that being surrounded by the bright colours does wonders for my mood, I have even been singing along to radio 2. My voice is nearly as good as Steve Wrights, it is a good job that the walls are thick or the neighbours might revolt.


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