Friday 14 November 2014

Wow, Sunshine.

As the morning struggled out of the dark, one thing was abundantly clear, it was not raining. It did not look like rain, in fact there was a glimmer of yellow. Ben and I decided to get a good walk in while we could.

On our return I pottered around doing odd jobs and thought that a pot of soup sounded good, half an hour or so later a pot of Minestrone was ready to be cooled, and the fridge bottom was free of the remains of the last shopping trip veggies.

By now the sun was indeed shining so a trip to the park in Garnant was the order of the day. I had never been before but had heard lots about it. A few minutes drive and we were there, the sun continued to do its job and the dog walkers were out in force.

Ben had his head down scurrying around trying desperately to catch every last smell. I took the chance to get a few snaps.

This little pond was securely fenced in.

I had to smile at this sign, no chance of that today.

There are tarmac paths running all around, no soggy trainers here.

Unless of course you get too close to this.

The information signs are full of colour, and written in Welsh and English.

Back on the path again, we spent a good hour and a half there. I chatted to the other walkers and Ben spent time with an assortment of dogs, he was intrigued by a very elderly Jack Russell who was being carried in a bag. He has his walk and when tired sits down and waits to be picked up and carried.

I had a little sewing time this afternoon, a friend asked for 2 quilted place mats, and these were a very quick make.


 I had a fairly large bit of  quilted crazy patchwork and just used some excess quilt binding to finish the edges.

I had enough to make this little thing, I saw a version of in on the net this morning and had to do it.

It is just big enough to take a small knitting or crochet project to Knit and natter, or even some hexies and sewing paraphernalia, just the ticket for some EPP.
This evening I have been reading and blog hopping, and there may have been a doze or 2 as well.
Now it is hammering down with rain, Ben has been out and towelled dry, he is bone dry now and I am falling asleep while typing this.
   I bid you all a good night, I hope that you are all looking forward to the weekend, I know that I am. But then I look forward to everyday. The little quilted project pouch was a very quick make, if anyone would like one let me know, I am happy to make one and send it off, same thing as the craft caddy, names in a dish and pick one out. I am on such a roll getting through the stash that I want to go faster.
                      TTFN                                                      Pam.
BTW I am really starting to make an impression on the fabric stash, and not before time. I had started to wonder if the sewing fairies were stocking me up while I slept.


  1. Pam you live in a beautiful place! Ben must be in his element with so many wonderful areas to walk and meet other dogs. He looked do cute on your sofa a post or so back. You certainly are getting with the fabric busting, I have been wool busting, talking of which is it too late to go into the draw for the book? Although NZ is a bit far away. Those critters looked so cute.

    1. Of course you are in the draw, the creatures are as cute as buttons, the draw is next Wednesday and I will post out asap, that will give the winner the chance to hook up a few gifts. This part of wales is indeed Gods own country, there are walks and parks in abundance. I did consider having a bicycle but a good look at the hills changed my mind.

  2. It was miserable all day here yesterday, but is supposed to be better today. DH is coming back from Wales today until we have to go back down for the funeral next Weds and I'm hoping we can get in a couple of nice walks this weekend and have a good talk so he can get out some of his emotions about his mum's passing. He says everyone down there has been wonderful and it makes him feel like moving there and seeing your pictures I can see why; such beautiful scenery. He's been in the Bridgend area (Mid Glamorgan, South Wales) what part of Wales are you, Pam?

    1. I am not far from Bridgend, mid way between Pontardawe and Ammanford handy for Swansea, Neath,Llannelli and Carmarthen. It is an hour to Cardiff but straight down the motorway, an easy journey. The people are so friendly, I have settled in so well and would need a crowbar to get me out now.

  3. We've heard tell of the big yellow ball in the sky but certainly haven't seen it through the dreich clouds here sadly. Your walk looks gorgeous and the bilingual signs remind me of driving up the coast near Galway when they totally dispensed with the English. As we drove past some Gaelic signs obviously warning of something I remarked they might be warning that the road had collapsed and we were headed for the sea but I had no idea what they were saying!

    I'd love to be in your draw as that little pouch is just gorgeous.

    1. We had that yellow ball again today, I rather hope that it is stuck here for a day or 3 more. I have put your name in the draw.

  4. Hi Pam. I love reading your blog. I haven't commented for a while, but I also haven't been very good at keeping up with my blog, as life has been busy and instagram seems easier these days! So glad you are well and settled in your new place. You have inspired me to start quilting again, as that is something I have neglected in the past year. Still time to make some Christmas presents! Would love to be entered in your draw. You make such cute things.

    1. I understand, when I got my as new lap top back I struggled to find the time and inclination to start again. There are loads of simple things that you can make in plenty of time.

  5. Oh sunshine. I remember that. We are having the grayest November and not any green left after the snow and frost from Monday here in Minnesota. I love the placemats. Nice and cheery on a table.

    1. I stitch lots of scraps onto copier paper cut in half, then sew them all together to make crazy fabric. This gets layered and quilted and is ready for some quick and easy makes. Nothing like a fast finish to give you a little boost.


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