Thursday 14 May 2015

A Slaw of a Different Colour

I was reading through my blog list early this morning, I fell into bed at 9:30 last night after my day in the garden, and found a tasty recipe. Chickpea and sweetcorn burgers, it was on Happening upon Happiness from the Tesco recipe site. I made it for dinner and there was plenty for 4 hungry peeps.

To serve with it I made a large pot of coleslaw and a very naughty batch of griddled Mac'n cheese.

For this multi coloured slaw I used, 1/2 a pointy cabbage, 1/4 of a red and a yellow pepper, a small red onion, a chunk of cucumber deseeded and sliced and a grated carrot. The dressing was sunflower oil, sherry  and balsamic vinegar, Dijon and English mustard, a dash of tabasco, a squeeze of lemon and a good pinch of salt and pepper, into a clean screw top jar and shaken well.

The recipe also includes a tomato sauce and it is delicious, the burgers are really tasty and went down well with a small slice of the Mac'n Cheese. I picked the idea up from an American food program, it is indulgent but you only need a small piece and I never put them in a roll.

The machine is set up and I have pulled the fabric to make Sian an apron for cooking sessions. Sian is Mamgu to Junior, Kaitlyn and Faith and makes wonderful cakes. The children love to help bake.
I have not cut or sewed an inch, the weather has been awfull, monsoon type rain with lots of wind. I settled down with my EPP and have stitched away most of the day.
I did manage to walk Ben before the rain started but it hammered down when I took Maggie shopping.

This an old project that got packed away when I was getting ready to move and was forgotten.  It will be a present this year so I am beavering away at it in the evenings.

The "flower" on the right is the one that I am attaching now, the one on the far left will be next.
Regardless of how much I need to get this done the machine will rule tomorrow. 

I am hoping for drier weather on Saturday, I aim to have a quick trip to Neath, I need a new hairdryer, mine is making alarming noises. The CS,s there are very good, I want to pop into Poundland for bits for the children and I need a few things from Wilko.
Friday and Sunday  will be  sewing or gardening days depending upon the weather.

I was hoping to find a quilting group somewhere close, there is one in Neath but it meets once a month for 2 hours, by the time you have unpacked and settled down comfortably it is time to pack up ready to leave. I will have to look in the Swansea area, or perhaps talk to Hilary about starting one in her shop, maybe a block of the month club. Anyone in a quilt group, how often do you meet and for how long, it would be good to have a yardstick.
 That can wait till next week, I am off to make a brew and then settle down to stitching.

                   TTFN                                                Pam


  1. The colours on your found project are beautiful. Is this a quilt ? Is it hand sewn ? Xxx

    1. It will be a quilt, the piecing is hand sewn using the English Paper Piecing method, I will be quilting by machine though.

  2. I love home made coleslaw, your meal looks delicious. I hope you find a more local quilting group, I was on the hunt for a local knitting group but to no avail x

    1. I will put off looking while I am busy in the garden. If nothing is about I may put a notice up in the shops and see if anyone is interested in forming a sewing group.

  3. That meal looked scrummy and I'll be off to check out the burger recipe. Coleslaw recipe will be copied down WHEN I have the spare 5 mins (if that is possible right now - I had to get up at 5 a.m. to fit in what I needed to do today as it is!)

    I LOVE your hexagon patchwork - such pretty colours together it reminded me of apple blossom and early leaves. I saw a lovely pattern for a hexagon quilt last night which is sort of echoes on echoes of hexagon, each ring a different tone/colour but matching throughout the quilt. I like to have a hexxy on the go over the winter so may gather the material together to start that when the evenings start drawing in.

    1. This has been a long while in the making but I am on the home straight now. I read your post earlier and the photos are stunning.

  4. Hi. Love your flower garden patchwork. I go to a patchwork and quilting group here in Essex. We meet once a week in a local hall for three hours. Keeps me sane!

  5. That sounds more like it, I could do that with pleasure. I will have to pursue the idea once the hours in the garden start to dwindlew.

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