Tuesday 26 May 2015

Monday Meander.

It was a glorious day for me yesterday, not only was it my birthday but a Bank Holiday and the sun shone. I picked up a load of very cheap plants, all they needed was a good long cool drink and a rest in the shade for a while, who doesn't on a hot day.

After dinner Ben and I had a slow slope round the park, we looked at lots of things and Ben had a major snuffle round as well.

The sun was still warm and there were a few peeps out enjoying the last hours of their day off.

The warm, still air was heavy with the perfume of the Hawthorn flowers, some call it "stinking May" but I love it.

The odd blossom of Campion stood tall drawing my eyes to a tiny glimpse of the river. It is there, I promise.

The brilliant yellow of the Dandelion has given way to the soft billowing white fluffy clock heads, just waiting for a gust of wind to carry them away to begin the life cycle over again.

Then the path slides closer to the river and you get a good view of a slow flow of water, slipping by silently on its journey.

A few steps more and it is chattering and bubbling round rocks strewn in it's path, between the river's chattering song and the birds singing their hearts out it is peaceful but very far from quiet.

There is a plethora of seats scattered along the paths, some in sunny spots and some in the shade of the old trees.

There are drifts of Bluebells throughout, some dotted around like this and some a carpet of blue.

Little paths snake around enticing you off into the unknown, Ben loves to explore these, and often goes out of sight for a few minutes only to rush back to me, tail wagging, ears flopping bursting to tell me all about his discoveries.

There are a few splashes of gold, some from gorse and some from the glorious Broom.

In places there are steps, worn by generations of walkers, leading right to the waters edge, here there are rocks and ferns and of course the wild garlic. Still in full flower here.


Finally this clump of Campion caught my eye, it is a wonderful Barbie pink, by far the brightest that I can recall seeing.

I nearly forgot to include Ben, he stopped near this little patch of clover then turned to look at something intently for a moment, then whatever it was moved and we were off at the double.

A very good end to a very good day and to cap it off on our return home I checked my gardening apron pocket and there were my spinach seeds. They will be going into the soil soon.

                   TTFN                                                     Pam


  1. Happy belated birthday, a lovely walk thank you for taking us on your evening meander with Ben :-)

  2. Looks like you had a lovely birthday walk. Happy birthday for yesterday.

  3. Happy happy birthday Pam . Hope you were spoilt . Beautiful photos , how lovely to be able to walk in such a beautiful environment. Wales looks beautiful. Xxx

  4. Happy Birthday for yesterday, glad it was a nice day for you.

  5. Belated happy birthday - but it looks as though you had one anyway!

  6. A belated happy birthday Pam.
    I love hawthorn too; the smell of a hawthorn hedgerow after the rain is one of my favourite smells.

  7. Happy birthday and many happy returns, lovely to see the places you walk with Ben

  8. A belated Happy Birthday to you and thank you for taking us on your walk.

  9. What a lovely place for a walk, lots of interest there for both you and Ben. Happy belated birthday, glad you had a good day.

  10. I hope someone made you a cake xx I love how Ben comes bursting forth to tell you of his adventures. Many happy returns for yesterday xxx

  11. A little late 'Happy Birthday'- glad it was a good one xxx

  12. Happy birthday, glad you enjoyed your day. Seeing the blossom my mum always called it May, I love it reminds me of walks through the village as a child.

  13. I thank you all for your best wishes, I did not have cake, my choice, I can have cake when ever I like, those first homegrown new potatoes where much better and you can only have the first ones the one time. I had some wonderful gifts and will be getting pleasure from them for a long time. I am now in the throes of preparing for Junior's birthday on Friday, a slide has been ordered and a tee pee is being cut out tonight, I have the poles already. His birthday cake cushion is made and he has an apron for baking with mamgu.

  14. Happy Birthday Pam! Seems you had a wonderful day. Wonderful clippings...

  15. Another late "Happy Birthday", from me! I enjoyed the walk with you and Ben. So many wild flowers and the river to walk along side. It was beautiful.

  16. Happy birthday for yesterday, Pam, so glad it was lovely :-) x

  17. A very happy belated birthday to you.

  18. Your birthday day sounded nice and relaxing. Glad you enjoyed it. Happy Birthday!!!

  19. Belated birthday greetings from me too. That looked a lovely walk alongside the river.

    Have you discovered Penllergaer Woods yet? It would be so lovely there this time of year. I was there with my friend Deb back in December (blog post 4th December) and it was nice then.

    Your garden is so well planted. You won't ever want to leave it.


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