Wednesday, 6 May 2015

BOGOF, no not really, they are not for sale.

After spending what seemed like every minute for the last 4 weeks grubbing around in the garden and greenhouse I was not heartbroken to see the rain.

I had promised myself that I would tame the scrap monster for once and all, I have done my best.

A pile of orphan and trial blocks were set free from their storage, most were then cut and subcut.
Many strips, squares and other shaped bits were duly pressed into service. What resulted is completely mixed up scrappyness.

This just needs squaring up and a border added before it is ready for quilting. It will be around 72" by 84" finished, the back will be a rescued sheet.

Just a few of the oddments that make it up, just the result of playtime.

I also turned out a small bag of 1 1/2" strips, these were left from the string blocks (still waiting to be sashed tut tut) I turned them into a Jelly Roll Race Quilt. This is fairly small so has been put in the WIP pile for now, maybe it will grow, maybe it will become a Baby floor quilt.

This top is around 12" shorter, unfinished, and I am putting off deciding to make it longer until it has been squared up. I may well just put a deeper border round it.

Once again a selection of small blocks that went together. Some of this was in fairly large pieces from old sessions of scrappy playtime. I spent a morning measuring, adding bits and then assembling the top.

I also managed to get out for a morning on Monday, first to Llandeilo then on to Llandovery where I found Darth Vader, well a look a like.

He stands, frozen in time, guarding this castle.

Ben and I had a steep clamber up to see the walls, followed by a precarious slither down.

We returned home across a corner of the mountain and I stopped to take this, the weather was a bit murky but the view is breathtaking.

Now I must get myself off to the library, I picked up some books last week only to find that I had read 2 previously and there were another 3 that I could not get into. The ones that I want to read are still sitting waiting, as this weather seems set in it will not be long.

I had lost all focus on my sewing but a few days scrappy, aimless and mindless stitching has sharpened me, I have things to make and now the desire to make them.

                   TTFN                                                                Pam


  1. Now that is my kind of patchwork ! absolutely love it. Well done

  2. Love your patchwork, love the colours, love the random patchwork, simply stunning!!!

  3. Gosh Pam you have been busy, love the quilts! I'm glad of the rain to be honest, I scattered quite a bit of seed on Monday & nearly emptied the water butt on the garden x

  4. Love the scrappy quilt! I do hope you are keeping it for yourself!

  5. I just adore the scrappy quilt , it is pure sunshine and happiness in a quilt . Xxx

  6. Hallo Pam, I too love your quilts and much prefer random designs like these than a planned pattern. I know what fat quarters are, but please tell me what a jelly roll is. I keep seeing the term mentioned in blogs, but I haven't been able to work out what they are.

    Joan (Wales)

  7. I have a huge bag of scraps awaiting me. Your quilting looks lovely. Hope mine look half as good when I finally sew them..

  8. just gorgeous the colours work so well together.

  9. That scrappy quilt is just divine! I'm running out of superlatives to bestow upon you!!

  10. Hah! I've always said he looks like Darth Vader too!!!

    Great scrappy quilt. I could NOT just throw together something like that! Not enough experience. I bet the rain will help your garden - though gusts of wind on Tuesday gave my seed stack a flying lesson and all my Real Seeds babies were flung out . . .

  11. We've had a couple of wet days here but also some sunshine and bank holiday Monday was lovely until late afternoon. All your patchwork is gorgeous, it's amazing how you can make something so pretty out of such tiny scraps. I wish I could get my mojo back for crafting. Apart from a card for my sister's birthday and helping DD2 with the bunting for the wedding I've not really done anything for weeks and weeks. I have to admit that with sewing it's the preparation that puts me off, all that cutting and ironing, but I love the actual stitching. With knitting its the opposite, I hate the sewing up. I'm determined to take your example and get out for more walks...definitely need a canine companion.

  12. What fabulous patchwork, such bright, happy colours. It sometimes takes the weather to make us stay indoors and get on with indoor things, doesn't it? Love that last photo, the view is breathtaking.


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