Friday, 22 April 2016

It's me, I'm back.

I never meant to stay away so long. I have put in so many trips to Cardigan that the new car hardly knows how to go anywhere else.
The greenhouses are full and the garden beds are filling up fast, I am so happy that I decided on climbing peas and beans this year. Ground space is at such a premium that some of the squashes will be coaxed into vertical growth as well.

On the last visit to see the grands I helped to assemble a swing set that I bought for them. Junior was chief assistant and did very well at holding, passing and looking after all the small bits.
When it was finally finished and firmly anchored both he and Kaitlyn had a well deserved play, then he turned to me and said "Nanny, I think we will need a small one for Leo". A little while later the pair of them decided that if they had a roundabout it would be better than the park in their garden.

The knitting and crochet is done in the evening, Fran has a new set of cushion covers and I made a cover for her long bed pillow. My cardi is still waiting for the button band but I have made a start on jumpers for the children. I have done a little sewing, just to keep my hand in but want to get the big Janome in for a service soon. 

Ben is as happy as Larry, he is snoring right now, and loves seeing the children so often. His skin problem seems to be resolved, the new shampoo is doing the trick. Mind you at the price it jolly well ought to.

I will have to change my shopping routine next week, out Lidl in Ponty is closing on Sunday for a new store to be built. There is a smaller one in Ammanford but it is "back to front" and my brain just will not compute it. Perhaps I will use the one in Neath although it is further away.

That is enough moaning, I have the new Gardeners World to read and Fran is here for the weekend later. Next week she is off to New York for work, and possibly in Boston later in the year. Not the one in Lincolnshire.

I am reeling from the double whammy, Victoria Wood and Prince both gone in the blink of an eye. How much more talent will the world lose this year.

I have seen the first two episodes of Big Bang and am rather underwhelmed, I hope it gets back on track for the next episode or I will forget about it.
Fran has treated me to the Amazon Firestick so there are a few programs that I am now watching. It is not as wonderful as the advertising would have you believe, or it could be that I just do not want to sit glued to the box for hours every day.

I have sorted out my clothes, summer stuff out and freshly washed and ironed. Most of the winter clothes put away, just a few warm bits for the chillier today. What a difference to Wednesday when I had to slather on the factor 50 and dig out a hat.

I have made meatballs in tomato and chilli sauce for dinner, Fran is arriving on an early train and that is one of her favourite meals. I will cook tagliatelle to have with them, there is a blackberry and apple crumble to have with custard, also a favourite. I made far to much meat mixture so there is a meatloaf browning off now, lovely in a sandwich with some salad.

Now I must be off, I want the kitchen sorted before I set off to collect her from Neath.

                     TTFN                                             Pam


  1. Hellooooo !
    Sounds like you have been super busy! I love meatloaf and yet ha nt made in for ever. I think I will remedy this next week. It'll be an easy tea seeing as I'm back at work.

  2. Was just thinking of you this morning I wondered were you had vanished too, nice to see you have been having some quality time with the kids

  3. You have been busy, it all sounds like fun & very enjoyable. Lovely to have you back. Yes, it's so sad about Victoria Wood & Prince, such a loss, so many great names missing this year now. Have fun with Fran, Vee x

  4. Sounds like you have been busy. My garden is beginning to take shape with a couple of new areas for vegetables/herbs. The more I can grow myself the better.

  5. My word you have been busy.
    Nice to see you back-x-

  6. Enchanting for Me to read about everyday life of the so far away. Blessing-Denise

  7. Blimey, you have been busy. I wondered where you had gone to.

  8. My stepbrother works on the crew for Big Bang Theory and says that the cast is probably the nicest of all the shows he's worked on. He's been there since the beginning and doesn't see leaving until it's cancelled. They've nearly got this season in the can and will soon go on hiatus. Then back in late July. It's a quirky show but give it a chance.
    I was not surprised Prince left us, there were rumours of problems for a while now. My brother works down the road a few miles from Paisley and said traffic is awful. They'll be taking a different route home tonight.
    Glad to see you back.
    I'm off down the road to go teach a class.

  9. Lovely to see you back Pam, I was wondering what you have been up to Mariaxx

  10. Glad your back, missed you. Life does sometimes get in the way of blogging, glad you have had an enjoyable time.

  11. Eeh Pam, you're like a whirlwind lol, I don't know where you get your energy from :) it's always so refreshing to pop in and catch up on what's happening in the beautiful Valleys. I'm a diehard fan of Wales and have loved going over the years and hearing the wonderful language. We did think about having a van over there but it's to far for me to drive and unfortunately Mr B doesn't drive, never been interested.
    Enjoy your weekend with Fran, it's great to see them getting on in life but we still feel that pull when they fly the nest. X

  12. That was a good catch-up. I know what you say about certain shop layouts-I can never find things. One has not changed in 9 years but the other rearranges every year it seems.

  13. Lovely to hear from you and to catch up on your news. Glad that all is well. xx

  14. Glad all is well with you and the family.


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