Saturday, 2 April 2016

Just Chilling

Fran arrived right on time last night, we were in the house before 10.00 and in bed and asleep well before 11.00. It turned out that we were both wide awake by 5.00.
I was presented with some yummylicious chocolates from Brussels, I did manage to try 2 before sloping off to bed. 
Ben was overjoyed to see Fran and pinned her to the sofa, he was waiting for her to get up this morning for a repeat performance but has managed to tear himself from her side now.
I have a leg of lamb in the oven, we are having Sunday Dinner tonight as we are off to Cardigan tomorrow. I have an idea that after a day of Junior, Kaitlyn and Leo neither of us will want to cook a roast. 
It rained for 14 hours solid from 7.00 last night but the sun is shining now and Ben and I are off for another walk soon. We have an hour before I need to get the roasties in the oven, they are all ready and the rest of the veg is prepped.
No pudding, we have the chocolates and there is a full fruit bowl.

My friends who live opposite import wine from Italy, both for consumption and gifts. With each order they get a freebie pack of pasta, oil, sauces etc. This afternoon I was given the latest freebie, truffle oil, extra virgin olive oil, pesto, 2 sauces and 3 varieties of pasta. There were also 2 boxes of biscuits, lemon flavoured Amaretti and coconut shortbread, the shortbread is totally lush but the others are disgusting, they taste like air freshener smells.
We had a quick tour of the garden and a chat about our plans for the rest of the year. 

The clock is ticking so I am off with Ben, I hope to manage to increase my walking mileage this month.

             TTFN                                                    Pam.

We have recorded some of The Two Ronnies to watch, it was sad the hear of the death of Ronnie Corbett. There are few of the old school funny men left now. The only really funny person that springs to mind is Peter Kay.


  1. How lovely to get foodie gifts from the neighbors, Hope you have a lovely trip to Cardigan and enjoy chilling with choccies :-)

  2. Our heavy rain has just turned to sunshine too! I've tasted things too that remind me of air fresheners. Yuk.

  3. Have a good time, you are right we have lost so many really funny men from our childhood.

  4. Hi Pam, I've been enjoying reading your posts. Though many miles away from you, I aspire to many of the same things in way of life. Love how you use the word LUSH; reminds me of Gavin and Stacey which we enjoyed very much and were sorry to see end. Take care now from me in Ottawa, Canada. Ahh the wonder of the internet!!

  5. Hey Pam, hope all is well in your world, I'm getting worried because we've not heard from you in a while xxx

  6. Missing your blog posts, Pam. Hope everything is ok.


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