Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Bits and bobs

The last few days have been a mixed bag, both weather wise and doing wise.

I managed a trip to Llanelli in bight sunshine,

The view from the car park.

I had a good walk round, managed to pop into many charity shops but found nothing with my name in it's destiny.
The heavens opened and hail thundered down at one point, luckily I was close to the covered market and scurried in there to shelter. Once again I bought nothing, there were only 2 stalls with crafty goods on sale and both were closed.
On my roam round I saw this lovely old church, sadly very damaged from fire by the look of it.

I have several plants that need potting on or planting out, I feel it will be the first option as the weather is so unsettled.
I left the green house door open for 5 minutes on Sunday and a cat decided to enter and trampole 5 trays of seedlings. All are now in the compost bin and have been reset. All my own fault as I have a section of fine mesh that covers the doorway.

The house has been thoroughly fettled, Fran was here from Friday to Monday, so nothing much was done during those days. She is off to New York next Saturday for a week. It is work but there will be a little sight seeing I am certain.

I am ploughing on with the knitting, Juniors jumper is part done, each section is up to armhole length, I will be fitting it to him on Saturday, he is growing like a weed on speed at the moment, once that is done it will be a quick finish.

Fran brought a dress with her to be relined, it is lovely but the lining rustled like taffeta and she was too self concious to wear it. I took it out and used it as a pattern, the new lining went together and into the dress very well, I used a cream 100% cotton and it looks good and no rustle.

Ben has had lots of walks and I have upped my walks while he snoozes. I came back this morning to find this.

He was gone with the fairies and slept on for another 30 minutes, mind you after piling the cushions up for his bed he must have been comfy.

Now he is back on them sleeping again, I have some washing up to take care of and then a little ironing to do.

       TTFN                                                                    Pam


  1. I'm itching to be planting in the garden, but we wait for the warmer times to come. We had a snowy thunder storm this afternoon, neither lasted long, but it's almost May for goodness sake.

  2. I have loads of plants ready to be potted on but this weather at the moment is so strange and extreme. Shame about the church.

  3. It is still much too cold here for planting out. And the wind has a bitter bite and blows all day. Believe I'll keep quilting!-)

  4. LarryPug and brothers Romeo and Elvis say "hello" to Ben! They are quite fond of snoozing on a pile of cushions too!

  5. I had to move my tomato plant down to the ground because we had gusting winds over 80K on Monday. Luckily they survived to go back on the table. I have to keep them up because the big dog will eat the baby maters.

  6. I will have to pot on was hoping to be planting out, I dislike potting on, never mind cant be helped

  7. I love how it gets himself comfy on the cushions!!
    I'm itching to get planting out too! It's so frustrating! Mind you a few weeks and no doubt I'll be moaning about how hot it is and watering said plants!

  8. I did some sewing sees in the kitchen yesterday as it was so cold , I am itching to get out in the garden , You are so lucky living in Wales so many pretty places to visit xxx

  9. I used to deliver to the pickle factory in Llanelli, many years ago.


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