Thursday, 15 September 2016

A better day so far.

I have the new laptop back, most of the issues have been addressed. The main fault was that PC World did not inform me that a great deal of the data that should have been transferred was not compatible with Windows 10. My local 'puter man was very lovely and put it to rights for me as far as he could. He has also taken my old laptop in and is going to open it up and see if it can be resuscitated.
If so fine and dandy, if not I am thinking quite hard about a desk top set up. I like the idea of the bigger screen and it will stop me slumping into the sofa.

watch this space.

The left front of the "battleship" waistcoat is done and off the needles, I know that I should have cast the other side on ..................
Of course I didn't, I pulled out the new yarn and cast on the back of my new jumper pattern. I will finish the deep band of k2, P2 rib and then cast on the last part of the battleship. I aim, no , I INTEND to get that knitted up and sewn together over the weekend. Then the ribbing edges finished by mid week. I will celebrate with a day sewing my autumn blocks together. I may use the quilt as you go method, it just depends on how large it turns out. I am not using a pattern, just the yardage that I bought for the project. It will possibly go into the window of Deb's Wool Shop for her Autumn display and then I aim to donate it. I think that it will be a good lap size when finished an suitable for a retirement home perhaps.
Kathryn of Crafternoon Treats did a small update on her Etsy shop this morning, I watched her podcast last night and at 9:55 was on the 'puter poised and ready to do battle.
Deep Joy, once again I managed to purchase the exact skein that I wanted. This time it is not for me, ( I look forward to the time when
I can buy multiple skeins in one colourway) it is for a pair of socks to be gifted. I did restrain my greed and only bought the one, her colours are so lovely and all deep inside my comfort zone. I will be keeping my Eagle Eyes upon the shop as she has a very small amount of some glorious yarn containing a blend of different fleece and some local Angora... how lush is that, it is a natural cream and I hope to buy a skein.

The sun is shining hotly from an azure sky, the birds are singing, the grass has been cut, washing is on the whirlythingy and Ben is snoozing in the sunniest patch that he could find.
Me? Oh just wonderful, I have a hot date with the ironing. I regard it as rightful payment for my luck on Etsy this morning.

Then I will be (fingers crossed) loading photos ready for another post.

                                  TTFN                                    Pam.

PS. I hope that you enjoyed your visit to Deb's shop Yvonne ,and your holiday in Tenby. Happy Knitting.


  1. Glad to hear your computer has been put right, Windows 10 has lot to answer for. I have wool envy with your newest purchase, beautiful yarn.

  2. Hi Pam can you tell me where I can get a copy of your WW11 socks? I saw them a few posts ago and have looked for them.
    Thanks Su

    1. I found them on If you have no joy drop me a comment with your address and I will send you my copy. I will not post your details.

  3. It's so horrible when technology won't behave itself, thank goodness for the 'putermen xx

  4. Good to know your computer is well and okay♥ Happy Friday ♥

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  6. Thank you for your blog Pam without it I would never have known about Deb's wonderful wool shop in Llandielo. I did enjoy myself there and a very helpful lady. My cardigan half knit while on holiday and the jumper to start. I envy you having such a great shop.

    1. Hi Yvonne, glad you enjoyed your visit to my shop, it was a pleasure to meet you. Happy knitting. Debs x


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