Tuesday, 13 September 2016

I Hate My Laptop

Just a quick note to say that all is well with me.
It is the laptop that is ill, I have borrowed one for the time being but as it is not loaded with my data I can not post photos.
The WW11 socks are finished and I am pleased to have knitted them but as the pattern is sooooo borrrring will not be knitting any more.
I am happy to report that my first pair have been knitted on short circulars, I don't think that they were as fast, for me, as magic loop but there is no tugging the stitches tight to avoid a ladder. I now want to experiment with afterthought heels and various toe shapes. I just did my first Kitchener finish, a tad untidy but passable, and found it fiddly. I must look in my "socks on straight needles" book as there are several versions in there.

The "battleship" waistcoat is progressing nicely, the back is done and half of the left front. I have adapted the pattern to have pockets and instead of knitting the band separately and easing it to fit I will be picking up stitches and knitting it on a long circular. That way it will match the armhole finish as well as the pocket additions.

I have some lovely rare breed 4 ply yarn from Crafternoon Treats. It is a blend of 95% Romney Lambswool and 5% fawn Shetland, woollen spun in a small mill in Yorkshire. Hand dyed using dyes manufactured in Yorkshire, it is  a new venture for Kathryn. It is sublime in shades of pinks, plums, blues and some cream but overall reads as pink. I want to knit a shawl with it and just need to decide on the pattern.
I am not turning into a yarn snob and am still more than happy to carry on buying and using yarn from stylecraft and the like. Indeed I bought a pattern  for a vintage style jumper today, cable and lace panels with a deep waistband. I also got my yarn, Stylecraft special DK in gold, I think that it will be perfect for Autumn (need to get a wiggle on) right through to spring.
I am slowly putting the garden to bed for the winter, there is still lots of colour but the wind and rain have taken their toll. The beans have done well and I am leaving the remainder on the vines for a bit longer to harvest the beans for drying.
Knit and Natter was busy today, I think that the noise levels, at times, must border on the maximum decibels allowed.
Ben is asking to go out so I must obey.
             TTFN                                                             Pam


  1. I was wondering if you were OK so it was nice to see a post from you today.
    Glad to hear that you are still knitting away-x-

  2. Don't you just hate computer problems! You are so talented. Sure wish I had learned to knit or crochet back when I was younger.

  3. I sympathise with the laptop problems, hope yours is fixed soon. The knitting needle terms you use are just like double Dutch to me, as are the quilting terms! (I don't possess either skill, as you can guess!). You sound happily busy anyway.

  4. Glad you are well,Pam. Sounds as if you have been very busy. Catriona

  5. Me too, I bought a new one last week and it's causing me no end of problems, could chuck the wretched thing through the window

  6. Hope your laptop ills will get better soon Pam, my goodness you are so busy!

  7. I hate all of my computers, and the ipad but couldn't do without them, I love them for the blogs and looking up craft things but sometimes I could throw them all out of the window. ha ha but not funny.

  8. I too am fighting my laptop! The family says toss it and buy new, but I'm thinking not! Did take a look at a few in the shop yesterday, and the prices are not unreasonable, but I'd rather have something more useful for the house - like a freezer!-)

  9. I did miss you Pam and can't wait for you to be posting photos again! I'm commenting on my phone! My laptop has died too!


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