Saturday, 3 September 2016

A Guest and a Gripe.

Ben's BFF Dolly has been at the vet's, she is just over 2 years old and her owners decided that it was time for "that operation", no more twice yearly worries and definitely no chance of a surprise litter.

As her partner in doggydom, Archie, is such a live wire he is staying with me for a while. Just until her incision has had a little while to knit back together and she is back on her feet. The last thing that she needs is for this chap to be bouncing all over her.

Oh Look Post!

I did receive some post, I have just been a little preoccupied and have only just got round to sharing. Note the important word up there ,sale, don't you just love a good sale. I must say that there was a pile of fabrics that were not to my taste, and I was committed to only paying a maximum of £3:30 a metre.

These two will be used in bags I believe, although I quite fancy some PJ's in either of them.

This glorious loud print will be for Kaitlyn.

What about this overload of cuteness.

Just too cute for words.

Tah Dah, Fran's shawl is done, I blocked it last night and it will on it's way on Monday. I don't particularly love it, not my colours, but it will be perfect for wearing to work and back.

I have almost finished the sock and have done some work on the grey waistcoat. Some gardening, housework and sorting out has happened along the way.

Some of the blogs that I read have a monthly goal page, I think that is a great idea, I do like a list, so I decided to scribble one for myself.

This months is pretty simple and straightforward,
A finish list,
The ww11socks, the grey waistcoat and 2 quilt tops to be layered and quilted. There is also the Autumn Quilt to do, it is cut out and I have started to sew the four patch blocks.

A sort and remove list,
A shelf of books to donate. They are bagged up ready to go.
Some surplus furniture to rehome. Done, it all went to the Barnardo's shop during the week.

Things to make,
A skirt, pattern and fabric picked out and ready to start. this is to replace one that I managed to rip open when tangled up in a blackberry cane.
The Spindrift Shawl, wool selected and in project bag. This is a little single skein shawl, but will wait until the socks are done.

I hope to work my way through this comfortably, I am continuing to work my way through the freezers and am slowly sorting unloved things for the CS.  A bag of clothing went off yesterday and has left a feeling of space in my wardrobe. None of the things had been worn in 12 months, there are some other things that have 3 months on the clock and if not worn in that time will be going.

I still  have the cookery books and craft magazines but do not plan on touching them this side of the next spring. I hope to get some mileage from then during the winter months.

I have passed on a few quilting mags to one of the knit and natter group, she wanted some inspiration.

And now for something completely different

Life goes on as normal, I do wonder about the mentality of the powers that be though. On one hand we have GP's who are stretched to the limit, Junior Doctors who want to strike for better contracts and schools with far too few places for the children in their catchment area.
On the other we have groups campaigning to allow more and more refugees in to the country. Yes it is a terrible world that sees people risking their lives to flee the country of their birth. Yes the pictures of small children living in the squalid camps are heart wrenching.

I also read of people lying on gurneys in hospital corridors for ages, waiting to be seen or be admitted into a bed that is none existent.
Families with young children living in sodden and mouldy accommodation that they can not get warm, as the windows and doors may as well be made of cardboard, even if they could afford to.

It will take a deal more than the hot air billowing round the house of commons to address these few long standing issues, never mind all the others.

I am not a political person and I know that there is no easy answer. maybe a building program of  really affordable housing would be a good place to begin. What about dealing with the landlords who happily take their rent each week and let the properties rot around the tenants ears.
Oh yes, I can hear the mutterings about irresponsible people having children that they can not afford and single mothers who are barely more than children themselves.
My Granny always said that it was the good girls who "got caught" as the bad ones knew better. There have always been children born out of wedlock, the percentage does not alter much, it is just the numbers that escalate.

Enough, I have fallen off the soap box and am off to walk Ben and Archie.

Put it down to Cabin Fever, it has been hammering down all day and I need some fresh air.

               TTFN                                                       Pam


  1. Our world is full of imperfections and is not balanced. The gap between the haves and have-nots grows wider all the time. Living in a educated rich country it beggars belief so many people don't have the basic needs for their life. It's often down to working hard and getting that lucky break.

  2. Somehow the folks with little and no decision making powers get villified as the problem when they are the outcome of assanine policy locally, nationally, and internationally. I don't have solutions either but understand your thoughts.

  3. Totally understand your venting.

    My country has a harsh climate. We've accepted many refugees over the years.

    The latest batch is different. $4000 a month from the government and it isn't enough! After paying rent they only have $1600 left for food and transport, etc (far more than many working Canadians see in a month). Two sisters are complaining they had to wait several months for motorized wheelchairs and they don't get into specialists fast enough.

    Hard to feel empathy for people who are entitled.

  4. The shawl is beautiful Pam and how adorable is that fabric?!
    I too agree with you about the state of the world and it makes my blood boil when people stereotype single mums. Not many of them ever set out to be single mums. Let him without sin cast the first stone etc! Happy Saturday Pam X cute house guest!

  5. I lived in a place with hardly any immigration and now a place with lots - both places were a nightmare getting GP appointments or school places.

    It's more about a refusal to invest in infrastructure than immigration I'm afraid. Blame austerity.

  6. Loving the fabric pam , There are some really pretty ones there, I have set myself a challenge with the jumble sale season coming up to see how much pretty fabric i can pick up for pennies xxx

  7. Gorgeous fabric and I love the shawl-x-

  8. That Archie looks like a little red fox. He is so cute! Lots to worry about in the world today and sometimes it really gets me down. I've been on line scrolling through fabrics. Wish I had the money to buy all the pretty fabrics I see. I once saw a bumper sticker that said, "The one who dies with the most fabric wins".

  9. Love your material Pam, very colourful and jolly.

    I believe charity begins at home and although legitimate asylum seekers should be helped, it shouldn't be at the expense of our own folk, who also need the help. As I've said before I'm disabled and I cannot fault either my GP's surgery or my local hospital (my second home at times), but I don't know what the NHS is like in the rest of the UK, although I see the news on the television. I think private landlords should only be allowed to own a few properties, not the amount that they do actually own. It's just pure greed.

    Joan (Wales)

  10. I live in a similar place to Mandy and have similar problems (I feel a blog post subject coming on)
    Archie is a hansome dog and loving the fabrics.

  11. I'm so loving your blog :D I was in LLandovery last week and the weather was amazing. It's always been my dream to move to Wales, but my health doesn't cope well with the damp so I'm having to change my plans! It doesn't stop me from visiting whenever I can though :D

  12. Just a little worried as you haven't posted.
    Is everyone and everything ok?
    Kim x

  13. Hi, Pam, I'm catching up on a few of your latest posts. Such pretty fabric. I'm hoping the motivation to sew hits me again soon; I have such a lot of fabric just sitting in boxes when it could be put to good use. I've thought of donating it, but if I do I'm bound to get the urge to sew the moment it's out of the door!


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