Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A Nosy Female Makes an Appearance

A warm welcome to Jeanette from makinghome and eggbounder new followers. A greeting also to the followers on Bloglovin, I am going to concentrate some hopping around there later on. I am not tech minded so will probably be doing this the slowest, most long winded way there is. I have started this before but been called away to another job and it has been, out of sight out of mind. My apologies to one and all.
Today has been a complete mixture, at 6:00 it was bright sunshine, so washing went on the line. During the morning the sun came and went a few times, the washing dried fast as there was a brisk breeze. By 12:00 it tried to rain but there were only a few spots and the day continued as before. It is now overcast but still quite warm.
Ben has been walked 3 times, all in bright sun, and is currently snoozing.
My liver was  delicious yesterday and used up 3 carrots and 1/4 of a swede from the fridge. I put a shake of frozen mixed peppers, 6 cubes of frozen spinach and a small sliced onion in with the liver. All in the slow cooker, I thickened the gravy and added the dumplings, AF Herby Dumpling mix, 30 minutes before dinner time. I got 3 ample servings from it, and all went down with relish.

This was mine, the other plates were larger.

The back of my floor cushion, I like the pattern but next time will try to make the corner loops smaller. I have made this in a simple pillowcase style but will be on the lookout for some big bright coloured buttons.

The ripple front, I like this and think that another will be along soon and possibly a lap throw.

Now, that nosy female.

I have made a start on Mrs Frank, this is the first time that I have used an Amigurumi pattern, and started with a magic ring. I did frog it out 3 times before the light came on and I read the pattern correctly, completely a case of more haste less speed.

I have the colours lined up and will beetle away happily tonight. in front of the TV. I gave her a pink nose as I do not have black or dark brown yarn, Mr Frank will probably get a blue nose. Then again he may turn out to be a Schnapps drinker in which case his nose will be red.
Nothing to say about much today really, I did a little blog hopping this morning and lost an hour. The garden is having a rest today, I made bread and a tray of flapjacks. Chicken thighs in a cook in Barbecue Sauce Bag from AF with salad for dinner tonight.
The kettle has hardly been cold all day as I have been indoors. I did consider popping into Long Sutton to visit friends but as it is now raining quite hard will think again.
I will have to shop tomorrow, just a few basics that have run down too far for my peace of mind. I need to pick up some more food for Ben as well and some milk. 
I got a flyer from Farm Foods this morning, I might nip in there for a look, it is just over the road from Lidl and Tesco so I can get every thing I need and fill the tank with cheap petrol in next to no time.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  The cottage is full of the scent of freash baked bread.

2. I have a batch of seedy, fruity flapjacks to nibble on.

3. Dinner is prepped ready to go, as the chicken is in a bag the washing up will be minimal

4. I have cooked Raspberries and Apples from the freezer, still eating last years fruit.

5. The last boxes went to the CS yesterday.

It was really good to see the last 3 boxes of unwanted things go off to the CS, it did not free up a huge space but it looks less cluttered now. I still have what seems like mountains of things but each and every item has been looked a twice and is a keeper, for now. I have extended my wardrobe rule, 1 in 1 out, to the rest of the home. I do not need cupboards full of extras in case I am swamped with visitors, now that my family is spread so thin and over such a wide area that does not happen. For years it was nothing to have over 20 sit down to Sunday Lunch, or have 30 to a barbecue. Now 5 is a crowd, and that includes me.

I emptied the glass cabinet as well and now have only the ones that are used regularly, about 1/10 th of what I did have.

I went through my baking tins and took some to James and Cerys when we went last. I have hung on to a few just in case I end up somewhere with a good social minded group of neighbours, or even a Knit and Natter group.  Tray bakes and cup cakes may well be required.
I have 4 bread tins, that fills the oven and gives me almost 2 weeks bread in one baking session.
The pyrex section is big but I do use every bit of it regularly, I have sizes from 2 to 6 portion dishes and am reluctant to part with any.

I think that will suffice for today, I feel the need for tea, again.

                TTFN                                                      Pam


  1. I've just realised that when I bake bread every week I never really notice the fresh bread smell, must be like making chutney when I don't notice the smell but C says he can smell it right up the garden. I shall be bread sniffing next week!

  2. I don't eat it, but I love the smell of liver cooking. I think I'm one of the few not to like the smell of bread though.

  3. Your progressing a lot quicker with your organising to move better than me, your cushion looks good, nice and bright well done.

  4. Thanks for the welcome. You enjoy the same hobbies I do, food and crafting. Thanks for letting me join.


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