Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Melissa and Other Thugs in the Patio

True to my word the oven has been cleaned and the washing machine has been pulled out and cleaned under and behind,( there were spider webs but no residents) I did the same for the small fridge. The soak in washing soda and hot water left the oven shelves and the glass doors sparkling clean and the Bicarb paste lifted every mark off the oven floor.

The whole lot took less than half the time I had allowed so as the sun was shining I decided to have a quick wiz round the patio slabs.

It is not that long since I did them but there was a green haze appearing. Once down on my trusty kneeler I was surprised at the culprits, I had expected dandelions and there were a few, stinging nettles none were there, chick weed and there was a little. The main invaders were Lemon Balm (Melissa) and my pretty Aquilegias. The gaps between the slabs were filled with a dry mix of sand and cement when they were laid. Over time some of that has been eroded by weather and by my vigorous sweeping I expect, the gaps have been filled with soil and compost migrating from beds and pots.
I grew various Thymes in pots here and there in the hope and expectation that they would seed into the gaps, not a one to be seen.
Any way I have grubbed out hundreds of seedlings and all I can smell is the tang of Melissa. I have some Common and Lemon Thyme seed in a jar and once the patio has been swept I will mix some with some sharp sand and sprinkle it and water it in. I may not benefit from it but somebody will. 

Another mystery is my Mint, I have it in pots and at the start of the warm weather it sprang into growth, only to have given up the ghost and disappeared. I tipped a pot out and broke up the root ball and replanted some in fresh compost, the remainder has gone into the furthest corner of the garden behind the big glasshouse. I will leave it to meet it's fate. 

All in all a good mornings work, after a bit of cheese on toast for lunch I settled down on the sofa to find a back for my Ripple Cushion. I played with various ideas and was unable to make up my mind. I watched Horton Hears a Who, I was amazed at how much I had forgotten, and the St Trinians film with Rupert Everett on TV, it was frenetic and noisy but there were some bits that I found hilarious. 
I much prefer the original Alastair Sim, George Cole, Lionel Jeffries and Terry Thomas films, I have decided to look for them as a birthday present to myself.

I had no joy finding something that I loved for my Ripple Cushion until this morning. Reading my emails I read Little Tin Bird on Bloglovin and she shared some Elmer Granny Squares, BINGO, just the job, and she shared the tutorial. I scrabbled for hook and yarn and have made a start, I Love It. Once the ripple is finished I see an Elmer Cushion in my future, after Mr & Mrs Frank ( fingers crossed I can resist the lure of another cushion).

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A sunny day, lovely.

2. All the jobs on my list done.

3. My jeans are getting loose.

4. A pattern for a new Granny Square to back my cushion.

5. Rain today means time to finish the cushion and start Mrs Frank.

I do love the sun but am happy to see rain today now that I have the pattern to back my cushion, and a Brucie Bonus is that I will have enough yarn left to make a family of Franks.
Lambs liver in onion gravy with veg and dumpling for dinner today, easy, tasty and hassle free in the slow cooker. I do like one pot dinners, cuts washing up to the minimum. I put all the veg in with the liver, today it will be carrots, peas and spinach.

Time for tea and a quick tidy round the kitchen before sorting out what to watch while I hook away. If the rain clears I will have some time in the garden and of course Ben will have his usual 4 walks.

                       TTFN                                        Pam


  1. It's a long time since we've had liver, I must get some as it's one of Mick's favourite meals. It sounds like you've had a very busy day. I find aquilegias popping up all over the place in my garden, as you say, they self seed in the tiniest of cracks.

    1. I do like liver and bought some when it was on offer, that was the last lot out of the freezer. I will not buy any more until the Autumn, I think of it as a cold weather dinner.

  2. This spring I rescued some baby ferns that had decided to set up home from between the slabs and 6 pine trees that had come from the giant pine cones we have by the door, all are thriving well now in pots.

    1. I do have a small shady area that is planted with ferns, I have not seen any seedlings so far. I did have 3 hostas in there but I assume they made snail dinner.

  3. My, you have been busy. I like to get all the weeds out from around the paving too. There is quite a lot of tufted grass this year.
    Love from Mum

    1. Luckily I do not have a grass problem in the garden, there is no lawn for it to migrate from. There is a little twitch here and there but I keep an eye out for it and grub it out as soon as I spot it.


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