Sunday, 11 May 2014

Still Here, But Only Just

Well, "W" Day is almost upon me ( Wales Day that is) I am surrounded by an alien landscape of boxes and cases. Even after all the carloads of stuff that I have taken out of the cottage I have an embarrassing heap mountain of possessions.

I will be able to sew for a year without buying anything at all, including thread.

I will only be buying fresh ingredients for cooking, my dry goods and herbs and spices will keep me going for ages. Thanks to AF and some really good RTC offers in various shops I have enough tins, jars and bottles to last for ages as well, that is after I took 2 shopping bags full to Francesca.

It is raining at the moment but should blow out later, even if it does not there is only a few steps from door to removal lorry so things will not get very wet. I only have a few cardboard boxes, containing Christmas decs, and I can always pop them into black bags.
Most things are in a small mountain of heavy duty plastic storage boxes. I decided that at £20 for 4 huge boxes they were an investment, I can envisage them in my craft room, neatly stacked, full of segregated supplies. They are large enough to hold a full sized quilt kit including batting, and with space for all the remaining fabric  that will become cushions etc.
My evergrowing Yarn stash will also be rehoused in them, and with room for future supplies. The cushion that I have just started has 17 different yarn colours so far with several more to come, that needs a container to keep it under control, and I plan on making a blanket in the same pattern.

The current edition of Simply Crochet Magazine, love at first glance.

My version,Oops Mrs Frank is still on the sidelines. I needed something straightforward and bigger to keep me sane after Friday.
I picked it up in Lynn Friday afternoon while doing my, now unnecessary, top up shop. Yet more stuff to pack.

I will be plugging the slow cooker in as soon as possible once we land, I have a pack of diced venison and another of veg hash, that will feed me for 2 days along with couscous or pasta. Every thing that is left in the freezer will go into cool boxes with ice packs, they will be cooked and frozen as "ready meals" within the 2 days and then I can get a shop in.

Back to crafting, several of you told me to chill and do some crochet. I woke early on Saturday, made tea and returned to bed with my new magazine, yarn and hook.

This little thing had caught my eye, Jeannie is decorating and said that she wanted some more pink and green in her bedroom. 

I thought that this would look good mounted on a soft green cotton and turned into a cushion. Then a couple of Mandalas for the wall should do the job.

I will be making her another quilt for Christmas this year, that will also be pinks and greens, I have all the fabric and batting to make this in my stash mountain.

This year will see home made gifts just like last year, I have so much fun matching materials and ideas to the recipients. I will have more people to make for now, I will be seeing so much more of Cerys,s family and I know that her Mum would love a quilt, then there are the sisters....... happy times ahead.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Packing almost completed.

2. The rain has stopped and the sky is brighter.

3. Ben is snuggled up as close as he can be, snoring gently.

4. In just over 24 hours I will be There.

5. I have worked through the list of "people to contact" rearranging the move and all were so helpful and understanding, especially the people at Eon and Sky.

I have to amend the last statement, I have decided to move broadband and phone to Sky now that my really good contract with BT has finished. They were most annoying when told of the new arrangements, instead of just taking the "I no longer wish you to be my provider" statement this annoying person interrupted 3 times to argue and try to persuade a change of mind. each time she was told to please cancel the account and in the end voices were raised and she was put in her place.

I am taking no prisoners after last Friday, I gather from most of the people that I spoke with that last minute cancellations are the norm with house sales. 

Any way, enough chatter, I may have a small delay on broadband connection so if I am not here it will be out of my control. add to that the mountain that has to unpacked, the supply of food that has to be cooked, portioned and frozen, the new walks for Ben to discover and a period of absence is inevitable.

           TTFN                                               Pam


  1. Beautiful crochet. I love the blanket with 17 colours, mind you mine only has 5 and I did a whole row in the wrong colour on Friday, that will teach me not to talk while changing colour!!

    Good luck with the move, I hope everything goes smoothly for you.xx

  2. All the best for your move and your new home, I know its not your forever home but I hope you settle in OK.

    I know only too well how stressful moving can be, and I have to do it all over again in 4 months thanks to our unhelpful landlady.

    Will be watching for your posts from your new abode.


  3. Lovely crochet Pam, I hope all goes well with the final move. I'm pondering a move from BT myself more for the break in connection every now and then, not fun on the days I work from home.

  4. Looking forward to your first Welsh post, safe travels :-)

  5. I hope all goes well and your next post is from Wales, all unpacked and a housewarming meal in the slow cooker. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly xxx

  6. good luck with your move, We moved 2yrs ago and though we got rid of lots of stuff still had too much as we downsized. wish I had thought of setting up the slow cooker.enjoy Wales.

  7. Hope all goes well with the move deeply envious I would like to move to Cornwall eventually, but in the interim am making all sorts of bits to keep me occupied and from spending money apart from craft essentials and it is also keeping the dream alive. You have to have dreams and I am so pleased you are going to be living yours. Safe journey and look forward to your posts from your new home once you have landed and sorted out the essentials. Love the Crotchet blanket think that is fab. Think I will be popping into WH Smiths sometimes this week for the magazine.

    Catch you soon



  8. Hi Pam, I just accidentally deleted your comment from my blog as I was trying to publish it using the fiddly buttons on my phone screen. That's the last time I'll be trying that! Thanks for your comment, I hope your move goes smoothly.

  9. I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures of your new area in Wales, hope all goes VERY smoothly. Safe Journey and we'll see you on the other side! of the country.

  10. Good luck with everything you sound nice and organised I am sure it will all go smoothly, hopefully a few weeks and I will be joining you in Wales.

  11. Good luck with the move, I hope all goes well. You certainly sound very organised. I'm looking forward to reading more about your new adventures when you get settled in. All best wishes, Vee x

  12. Hope the move goes well and before you know it you'll be sitting with your feet up with a nice cup of tea and hooking away!!! Remember to take lots of breaks or you'll be sitting with your feet up with a cold cup of tea, fast

  13. I hope it all goes smoothly. I'm most envious of your chosen place! Your crochet pieces are beautiful. Looking forward to reading your blogs from Wales x

  14. Good luck with everything, I hope you will be very happy, Wales is top of our list to one day buy a home,take care,don't over do it, xx

  15. Thank you one and all, my home has gone off in the lorry and I am sitting on a garden chair. I sent all my crochet, I dare not keep it here as i have a car full already. Plus i want to make an early start so can not sit up with hook and yarn all night. I will be back here as soon as I have the internet, it should not be long, I have Wales TV stations now. I must find a place to learn Welsh ASAP. Pam xx

  16. Good luck with the move,best wishes for your new house and happy unpacking

  17. Hope all goes well for you, Pam, and there are no last minute hitches. Good luck in your new home. Love, Helen x

  18. Hope all arrives in Wales without any hitches. Your crochet looks lovely. Look forward to see how you settle in.

  19. Just checking all went ok, I was thinking of you earlier x

  20. Love your post! So inspiring!
    May be you'd like following each other? Let me know:)

    Maggie from

  21. Best of luck with everything x looking forward to hearing from you at the other end x

  22. I hope all went well with your move and you and Ben are settling in. Goodness me you're doing fantastic with your crochet for someone so new to it, its so addictive isn't it :). X


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