Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Mt gast is absolutely flabbered.

Last year I cancelled my computer protection with Norton. I kept the emails confirming this, thank goodness.
Today I went through my bank statement only to find that they had taken a years payment from me. Cue steam pouring out of ears.

I got on the 'puter to contact them and got someone called Yogesh.

I stated my complaint, asked for my money to be refunded and gave all the necessary details, after several exchanges, I got this,
"Pamela, Norton protects your computer from thousands of threats and vulnerabilities. However there are some threats, blah blah. My response was,

" this is not the issue, Please deal with the refund now"

back came,
"Pamela, we have free virus removal assurance blah blah"

"Also I see that you are using Norton protection for your computer since long time. As a valuable and existing customer I can offer you, blah blah blah"

"would you like to go with the offer?"

I sent,
"NO, I want my money back, what part of this can you not understand, perhaps I should speak to a manager"

Back came.
"Please allow me 2-3 minutes while I organise the refund for you.
Thank you for your patience"

My mind boggled. Where was the patience. Had we been face to face it may have been a case of ABH.
I have printed off the complete exchange and have saved it in documents for future reference.

It is a good thing that I do not keep alcohol in the house otherwise I might well be stinking drunk now.
Ben and I went for a good walk.
My equilibrium is restored.
I feel good.

Heaven help them if they try it on next year.

On another note, I walked a mile today, less than usual as I did not measure the distance I walked around Neath. I especially did not measure the distance round the shop where  6 balls jumped into my basket, and subsequently came home with me.

In penance I helped Maggie to move another car load of stuff from her house, and did not respond when she told me all the things that she was looking for on line.

Dinner is a spicy, tomatoey porky thing with pasta.

I have some crochet to show you tomorrow, I want to do a bit more tonight first.

                        TTFN                                                     Pam


  1. Go into the bank and physical cancel all payments to them, often its computer generated and unless you stop it at your end they payment just happens automatically. Hope your refund comes through quickly.

    1. This ^. If it is a credit card and not your bank then call the credit card company and stop any future payments they try to deduct.

    2. I was also going to say this as well. Please also remember if it is a direct debit, if this happens in the future, instead of going to them and getting all of the hassle, contact your bank advise it is not a payment you authorise and you would like to make an indemity claim. then you dont have to talk to them and be hard sold on something you didnt want.

  2. Oh Pam, I'd have been fuming too. Some of these big companies are just thugs.

  3. hahaha Sorry but that really made me giggle! I hate it when you get them pushing things on you when you are trying to deal with an entirely different issue! It would have been a case ABH with me too lol :)

    Balls of yarn just jump into my basket too! Especially in poundland, they just have a mind of their own don't they? ;)
    I received my lovely parcel today, i never expected so many lovely things! You are truly amazing :) Thank you xx

  4. They shouldn't have kept your details at all should they? What a blardy nerve. I'm not surprised you were so angry, but a brisk walk does help. So do 6 balls of wool!

  5. This made me laugh although its not a laughing matter when trying to explain to someone in South Africa or India etc is it. I once complained to Asda that they had not sent the eggs and the operative in who knows where said that they had probably sold out of them. Obviously he had never been in one of our supermarkets or he would have known that we do not run out of eggs unless all of th hens go on strike. ha ha.
    Tom checks the bank statements and usually picks up on anything, if it were me I would be rooked to death. lol

  6. Wow, thank goodness you check your statements, cheeky blighters! Glad it got sorted... eventually xx

  7. Honestly.......what a flippin' nerve.
    Hope the balls of wool soothed your frazzled nerves-x-

  8. I understand your being annoyed, but I did laugh at your heading Pam.

  9. We dumped norton years ago. I personally believe that they are a load of racketeers.

  10. I pay a number of bills online, but there are few that I will let be paid automatically, I just don't trust companies or institutions.

  11. OHHHH! Yes - I spent 40 minutes running round the automated voice / please / hold / customer service / and hold some more with my computer company the other day - over a pair of ink cartridges I ordered and hadn't received - I'm in Colorado and they were delivered in OHIO. Finally was told someone would return my call within two hours - it's been seven days - still haven't got an answer - but have a printer that may take a leap off a tall cliff!

  12. I agree, you have to physically block them, or they'll do it again. I don't trust auto with draws.

  13. My most annoying, brazen and insulting response from an overseas call centre chap called 'Frederick', on being told I wanted to speak to his manager, was:
    Oh Madam, just let me check. I think perhaps I am talking to the wrong lady. I just saw your date of birth and it can't posibly be yours, you have such a sweet, young voice. You could not be 10 years older than my mother I am sure you are no older than I am!'
    To which I answered that, if I couldn't speak to his manager, he should hand the phone to his mother as she could probably sort out my required refund better than he, I could just inform her that he had just insinuated that she was an old crone and could also confirm my suspicion that she had never called him Frederick in her life.
    He actually wailed and put the phone down on me, so I'm assuming she WAS his manager!

  14. I've had some right old set-toos with call centre folks both online and over the phone. Some of them seem to have a set script and don't even listen to what you say. I've also been caught out with auto renewal when paying online by card for anti virus, apparently there was a tiny little box that I didn't notice that was already ticked for you to agree to automatic renewal and payment each year. You had to untick the box if you didn't want automatic renewal. How can that be right? Seems all about face to me that you have to cancel something you haven't actually agreed to, that's already, in effect, been decided for you. I did get a refund eventually, and now I am super careful before hitting the send button. Not much walking done here this week, weather is foul and I have a bad back...but I did walk the equivalent of about 21 miles last week. Hope you don't have any more problems, love Helen xx

  15. Hi Pam, Glad you were able to get your money back I was on the phone to Talk Talk for nearly an hour on Monday all I wanted to do was cancel my package and get a refund for the money they took when they shouldn't I got passed around 3 times so know just how frustrated you felt. Could you cancel the direct debit maybe so it doesn't happen again? Look forward to seeing your crochet :-) dee

  16. I'm very glad to read your post today. I was bamboozled into buying Cloud back up last March and had to leave my card details. It's due to expire 24/3. I've just rung them and it would be renewed automatically. I've cancelled it but have lost a few months til March! (How's that fair when I paid for a year???). Good riddance to it all!!

  17. I think that anyones ghast would be flabbered by that! You really have to wonder what planet they are on at times don't you! Good on you for persisting and getting it sorted though! xx

  18. Good for you! Bloody annoying though.

  19. Is everything OK? Haven't seen you post this week.


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