Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Whiling away the hours, Avoiding all the showers.

Showers, mmm, about 100 power showers all at full blast. We did manage 2 very short walks yesterday without dissolving or being soaked through. In contrast this morning we did 3 miles in sunshine, although I did have to slow down for the last part home for Ben. And in an hour I will be back out to walk to the library, another 2 mile round trip, that will help to make up for yesterday.
So, what did I find to occupy myself,

I now have 40 of these in various colours, all starched, and the yarn selected for another 40.

I did some blog hopping and added some of the blogs from bloglovin to my blogger reading list. 
The last one that I added was Crafternoon Treats, I have been following for some time but Bloglovin is annoying, I log in via email then have to faff about to get it on full screen, so much easier on my dashboard.
I played with hook and yarn trying out different ideas for Scrumbling, so addictive, and have a few bits for the first project. It is not decided upon yet, I must finish my garland first.
I watched quite a few craft videos on various blogs and bookmarked a few to try. While I was at it I removed some of the bookmarked pages that I have used and do not need again.
I drooled over some yarn and fabric, but did not buy anything. Ditto with some clover hooks, and some books.

Then I sat back and watched some of Stella, I downloaded the box set. I have no idea how I missed this the first time round, it must have been on when I was working. I do like Ruth Jones, and am loving this. 
Ben on the other hand was less than impressed.

He did have a quick glance,

But could not see why I was laughing and soon put his head back down. You may also notice that he has a good portion of the sofa, in fact he took my seat when I put the kettle on. I had to move to the other sofa as he was not budging at all.

The sun is shining but there is no real dry out, all the flagstones are still standing with water.
I have some weeding to do and some spinach to gather for tonight's dinner, omelette and chips, I also want to dig up the rest of the parsnips and get them prepped and frozen.

First though it is library time, that is after I have thrown a little pile of clothes over the ironing board and under the iron.

                        TTFN                                         Pam


  1. If I dare to leave the sofa in the evening to make myself a cup of coffee the two dogs on either side of me Suky and Mavis, roll into the gap I have vacated, they know well enough know that as I slowly lower myself back into MY place they need to shift away so that I fit back in.

    If Rosy jumps into my gap I have no chance ... all three dogs look at me as if to say 'must we move Mum' and of course there's nothing for it but to move to the cold half of the sofa, cuddle my coffee and sulk.

  2. Your energy never fails to amaze me.

  3. He certainly has a good life, bless him!

  4. Ben is a very pampered pooch just like my Rocky hound who is lying at my side as I type x

  5.'ve done forty of the snowflakes. That is some going. I do like the shape of them.
    We just have rain, rain and more rain here and not long ago we had the biggest flash of lightening and a terrific clap of thunder....just the one....very weird-x-

  6. Ben looks like such a sweetie pie! I have clothes draped over the ironing board too, waiting to be ironed. :)

  7. Lots of walking! You are amazing with your crochet speed, I don't know how you do it! xx

  8. I love these photos of Ben!! I'm glad you are liking Stella! Just wait until you get to see my favourite character - Aunty Brenda!


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