Sunday 3 January 2016

It never rains in Southern California,

That's because it is all in the UK right now, I took these when Ben and I went for a paddle this morning.

Water pouring out of a garden, this is not a drainage channel, it is very silty and is run off from the high ground behind some houses.
It is pouring off the pavement and some of it is going straight down a storm drain.

Then a few yards away it is bubbling up from another 2 storm drains, around a corner and turning into a river on the main road.

This is the side of the road that I live on, and that is the front of my car, I wish it was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

But at least the water is running down hill and disappearing into the drains further down. So far nobody has been flooded although those who live opposite me are keeping a close watch, they have been flooded in the past, more than once.

On a more cheerful note I have selected the 2 books to go, that will make room for my new ones.

I realised that I have 2 copies of the Fat Quarter Makes, and I have made all that I want to from the Star Quilt book. Anyone interested?

I am remiss in showing the gifts from the 12 days of Christmas swap.
Day 7 was a ball of squishy soft yarn, I am almost certain that it will become a pair of fingerless gloves.

Day 8 was a sweet treat, chocolate and nougat, the chocolate WAS delish and the nougat will be enjoyed later. I love it but can not remember the last time I had any.

Day 9 was a packet of hand made cards, lovely and I may send them out or I may put them in a frame and hang them in the sewing room for inspiration.

Day 10 was a cute Owl key ring, I have a favourite leather bag from Australia and am going to attach this to it as a bag charm.

And now for a confession, I have a small pile of stars ready for the next section of wall, but..... I was trawling round Attic 24 and clicked on her snowflake pattern. I was Hooked, he he.

So, last night I had a little time out to do what took my fancy ( take time is my mantra this year) and made these,

I have pinned them out and sprayed with starch, when they are dry I will decide if the next bit of garland will be flakes or stars, or maybe a mixture of them. Any ideas?

The rain has all but gone so we will be off out for a decent walk soon. I just need some milk today and can pick some up from the local C K,s .
It will be a bit dearer than Lidl but no petrol cost evens it out.
I have planned meals for 2 weeks using what is in the fridge, freezer and pantry and apart from milk and some fresh veg there is no shopping involved.
I will be in Pontardawe as usual on Friday evening and will have a saunter around Tesco. I will check out the RTC section but will only buy if there is a real bargain that I can freeze or use in my meals rather than dip into the freezer.
Oops, I nearly forgot, When I walked yesterday morning I popped into C K,s for some wood glue (cheapest place I have found it) and picked up 4 blocks of Lurpack salted butter for 50p a pack. It is in the freezer, there were around a dozen blocks but I wanted to give someone else a chance. It was not my favourite butter but at that price it is now.

The time has come, for that walk.

                            TTFN                                      Pam


  1. I've had my eye on that fat quarter book for quite a while, Pam. So, yes please, from Frugal Follies

  2. If I may request the fat quarter makes book? The HG bought me a FQ Xmas one but fancy something less festive! Will you move your car to higher ground? It's raining hard here but I think the council have got their darn busting teams into gear after the last floods and so far there's no puddles gathering. I've frozen a god half of the very reduced beef and we shall have the rest with actifry chips, peas and gravy! Healthier eating shall begin to row. I've a few mince pies to polish off first!

  3. We like Lurpack, and that was a bargain! The snowflakes are lovely, Lucy does have such brilliant ideas doesn't she? I've just finished crocheting one of her blankets, just the dreaded ends sewing in to do now.

  4. PS That's a lot of water....I hope it recedes soon. We've had a lot of rain but no flooding so far....just lots of mud and a very squelchy garden.

  5. The books look great Pam, I'd love either if I'm lucky enough to be picked.

  6. The new snowflakes are lovely.
    Crikey that's one heck of a lot of water. We are lucky that the road in front of our house slopes down towards a field and we are raised up from floor level at the back with steps up onto a hardstanding but the lawn is a bit of a puddle-x-

  7. I would love either book Pam.Happy New Year,love the crochet!Your house must be so cosy.


  8. I'm debating whether to go for a big shop this week as I've got so much in the freezer. Our visitors ate out mostly and so there are quite a few items that need eating up. I only need a milk and some fruit really. Right - decision made. Thanks for that!!

  9. The hearts on the snowflakes are so sweet. Hope you dry out soon. Rain always makes it feel colder than it actually is.

  10. Hi, have just had a lovely browse through your posts and have joined to follow. Look forward to reading your 2016 happenings.

  11. I would love the star book but doubt you'd like to post it to Western Canada! Hope whoever receives it, makes lot of lovely table centres.

  12. Lurpack was my favourite butter when I lived in England. Can't get it here. It was always the most expensive butter too in the UK. Our butter prices in the US are sky high for some obscure reason so that was an excellent price.

  13. 50p for Lurpak was definitely a bargain - you did well there. Your tip for using starch on those patchwork blocks made a big difference to them - well - they look half decent now - still not a patch (pardon the pun) on yours though - still have a lot to learn - I will get better though - can I be counted in for your give away please thank you xxx

  14. Well, it may not rain in southern CA, but that drippy stuff from the sky is promising to visit for the next week. I have to drive down to Long Beach tomorrow and I'm not thrilled about that. The snow level is predicted to be down to 4000 feet by the end of the week and I may be able to see snow on the local San Gabriels from the distance. We need it so desperately, though. It will aggravate my arthritis in my shoulder and in my back so I'll be looking for my shoulder heating pad as well as my rice warmers.
    Good luck on finding such fun things. I just color in my coloring books. Outlander and Dr Who are my new ones.


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