Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sewing and Baking, lovely.

Today has been a bright, dry day, not particularly sunny but not at all cold. Ben enjoyed his walks, we went to pick up Archie and Dolly at 1.00 as usual and I ended up bathing Dolly. The little humbug had found some fox scat and had a jolly good roll in it, Smelly Melly had nothing on her.
I cut and sewed another 4 scrappy trip blocks, 2 of each again.

It is very restful sewing these strips, sub cutting and sewing again. So much so that I have cut several more blocks worth, all grouped together ready.

I did not count them, just stacked them up, it will be a surprise when I reach the end. I have used most of the yardage fabrics in the stash, but have not touched the fat quarters yet. The large scale prints will not be used, it would be a waste as very little of the pattern would show in the 2" finished squares.

This is the second Snapshot block, a sewing machine, I have almost decided what fabrics to use and hope to get it made tomorrow. If anyone is interested it is being run by The Fat Quarter Shop on their Jolly Jabber blog, it is on my blog roll in my profile.

I did some baking this morning, bread and 2 coffee and walnut cakes. The other has gone to Maggie, her little cat, Sophie is under the weather. I drove them to the vet in Ammanford on Friday and will probably take them again tomorrow.
Now the smells from the kitchen tell me that my dinner is just about ready, Pork steak in a sticky glaze, baked potato and leek gratin.
                     TTFN                                                     Pam


  1. Oh, I love coffee and walnut cake...especially with buttercream icing. My mum used to fill hers with whipped double cream too. Mustn't think about it too much...I'm trying to eat healthy for a few days after having a bit of a pig out this week. Can't wait to see the sewing machine block when it's done. I finally got round to cutting out some more fabric for tote bags this morning but sewing will have to wait for a couple of days as I'm off to Maidstone tomorrow for DD2's trial run of her wedding hair and makeup.

    1. I usually make a frosting and top with walnut halves but decided that I would rather have a bigger slice of cake. I hope to make the block today, and have just found another quilt pattern to add to the Wish List. I hope your day goes well.

  2. Replies
    1. I am having fun choosing all the fabrics, today will bring a few more blocks.

  3. Love your scrapy quilt, I'm aLways in awe of your sewing Pam, its always very precise, your seams match perfectly, mine are always a bit wonky :-)

    1. I sweat over the points, it is all about careful cutting and seam allowance. My needle moves sideways to get a scant 1/4 " seam but as long as you are consistent it should all match up in the end. I still have to ease a few corners here and there, and sometime unpick a bit and ease when I sew it.
      I did try the "wonky" blocks that were everywhere last year but did not like them.


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