Monday 2 May 2016

A Mixed Bag

I am talking about the weather, of course  like so much of the UK we have had brilliant sun shine, torrential rain, strong and cold winds, more sunshine and hailstones as big as marbles. Stir in some misty "Autumnal" days and chilly nights with a few, very few, hot hot spells and there you have it. The gloriously unpredictable UK weather. No wonder it is a standard topic of conversation, in a way I think that we are perversely proud of it.

I have put my winter woolies away only to grab a few back, I washed and ironed all my summery clothes and they are languishing at the back of the wardrobe. The thin duvet has gone on the bed, strangely it has stayed though as it is warm enough.

I had a good day in Cardigan on Saturday, it was Barley Day and there was plenty to goggle at. 
Magnificent Stallions, snorting down their noses at us mere plebs. Cute Shetland ponies, not one kick or bite, groomed within an inch of their lives. Welsh Cobs, Shires, and all manner of Equine beauties pulling an assortment of vintage vehicles. 
There were gleaming tractors, of all shapes and hues, even a red David Brown startling amid the normal white ones. The ubiquitous grey Fergie by the dozen, along with many more from my childhood memories.
Then there were the commercial vehicles and the cars, oh the cars. Pristine paintwork, sparkling chrome and crystal clear windows. Morgans, Morris Oxford, Travellers with perfect wood detailing, even a Ford Capri. 
The effect was mesmerising BUT, there was a sting in the tale.
Of these wonderful VINTAGE cars, and the tractors, there were far too many that I have driven or been driven in. 
It was almost enough to send me gibbering to the chemist for super duper wrinkle cream. 
Forget that I spent time cwtching with Leo and then an hour on the  trampoline with Junior and Kaitlyn, much better.

I really thought that an early night would be a necessity but it was not to be.
Francesca flew to New York that day and I sat up till she let me know that she had landed and then that she was safely in her hotel. I made it to bed just after 2.30, Ben was Disgusted with the situation. He took himself to bed at one point but came back down after around 30 minutes.
Fran rang yesterday to say that she had been shopping, she had the best bagel in the world, fresh from the oven, for breakfast and then hit the mall. Tommy Hilfiger  and Victoria's Secret were high on the agenda.
 She sent me a picture of her lunch sandwich, a massive roll with enough pastrami to feed a family. It was so large that even half was daunting.

I had hoped to spend yesterday in the garden but instead I knuckled down and got a scrappy quilt top finished, on the frame and partly quilted. As today should be more rain I plan on getting that finished, squared up and bound.
I did a big shop on Friday, I slipped up and went to Ammanford on market day. Parking was a nightmare but the shops were not that crowded. Apart from fresh fruit, veg and milk I am sorted for a few weeks, when the weather turns better I do not want to waste time trekking out shopping.

I am off now, there is a cuppa in my near future, along with some toast and home made marmalade. OH YUM.

                    TTFN                                           Pam


  1. The only concession I have made to Warmer climes is my socks, I am now wearing cotton rather than thermal.

  2. Happy Bank Holiday Monday to ya Pam! I'm mostly going to be inside scowling at the weather and knitting and filling my new bookcase with my knitting and sewing stuff!

  3. We were all too poorly to venture into cardigan but maybe next year...glad you enjoyed it.xx

  4. Oooooh so envious of Francesca being in New most favourite city......although I love to visit between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    Sounds like your weather is as changeable as ours so I am sticking with the sewing and crafting until it can behave-x-

  5. We have had strange weather too. In fact on Saturday we had the heat on in the morning and switched to the air conditioner in the afternoon. That's a on day. Poor Ben. He just couldn't sleep with you still up at 2:30. :)

  6. The weather has been very odd hasn't it. Fortunately a bit brighter here today, I hope that it sticks around!!


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