Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Crawling back slowly

I had a set back yesterday, a massive coughing fit that had me  gasping for the breath to cough. It brought on a panic attack and I ended up a snotty, sobbing wreck on the bathroom floor.
I survived and got through the rest of the day with no more issues.

Today started much nicer, very little coughing and what there was felt quite different. No retching and gasping for air, no subsequent headache, and I managed a small dish of nutty muesli with a sliced banana, it was yummy.
I was even well enough to get my hair cut off, no I am not bald, I have a very nice graduated bob. The hair that was cut off has been put into the legs of some old tights, and is acting as a Fox deterrent.

Apparently the scent is distasteful to them, worth a try at any rate.

On Sunday I woke early and finished the last three of my Innocent Smoothie hats. It took ten times as long as it should have but they have all been washed and will be in the post this week.

On an even better note.......... There Is A Man Upstairs!!!!

He is in the bathroom, no, it is not a version of "That" Coke Advert.

There is paper on the ceiling and it has to go, so he is steaming and scraping away. I have the paint (rollers and so on) all ready for tomorrow.
Just simple white and Mongolia, but I have some colourful accessories to jazz it up a bit.

Ben had his bath earlier and is now snuggled up snoozing away.

Do you remember the motorcycle accident outside my house earlier this year?  It may yet come to a court case . I have made and signed a full statement and now have to wait and see.

I can not face my knitting WIPS quite yet, but finishing the little hats stirred the urge again. I have cast on the WW11 twisted rib pattern, I know that I said it would not happen but hey ho. I found my mind and changed it.
I amusing a quite bold colourway, shade 751 Zig Zag from King Cole. It has mid brown, fawn, cream and red with just a hint of orange. Much nicer in the sock than in the ball. It is a hard wearing mix of 50% superwash wool and nylon, very soft and easy on the hands. The idea was that they could go to a charity that clothes the homeless, I have already got someone who wants them so I will have to buy some to donate.

I am now totally washed out so it is a  brew and feet up for an hour for me.

               TTFN                                                     Pam


  1. Glad you're feeling better, it seems the older I get the harder it is to kick things and get back to normal.

  2. Your cough sounds horrendous, much the same as I had at the beginning of the year. If I get a cold it usually ends up as a chest infection and only antibiotics clear it. If my husband hadn't been on hand to 'thump' my back I don't know what would have happened as I couldn't stop coughing nor could I get my breath. It was scary. I'm dreading getting another cold.
    Stay warm and take it easy Pam.

    Joan (Wales)

  3. Hopefully you are over the worst now. Take care of yourself.

  4. It is good to hear that you are feeling a little better. I envy you knitting socks I have never been able to turn those heels.

  5. That cough/cold is dragging on that's for sure, hope you can shake it off and get out and about soon

  6. Gosh you have had a rough spell, let's hope you've turned the corner now Pam. I've missed reading your posts.

  7. You certainly have been thru the mill mrs X bet your new hair is v glam xx look after yourself

  8. So glad to hear you're on the mend, it takes time to fully recover from such a nasty bug/s you've had. So.... just take each hour as it comes, and slow down, do as little as possible. Just concentrate on getting your strength back. Love your blog, you still managed to make me laugh with your 'mongolian' paint, the mind boggles! Terry xxx

  9. My goodness, it's been a long haul for you, but it sounds like you are finally on the mend.

  10. I hope you're taking it easy and are going to let The Man do the painting.

  11. Glad you are feeling better, that coughing fit and panic attack must have scared you almost to death! Take care of yourself.


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