Wednesday, 26 October 2016

mince, step, pose, twirl and lift

Yep, I am back on to Strictly. I have read lots of comments on various media sites, some are laughable, a few are constructive but far too many are just a vicious rant.

It seems to me that a small percentage of the "professional dancers" are far too concerned with their own image, and are not trying to make the best of their partners.
I am so not an expert but I love to watch dance, indeed for many years I danced at least three times a week.

No matter what you are doing or where you are, if you dress in cumbersome, ugly and restrictive clothing you will crash and burn.
Some of the costumes seem to  have been selected to make the wearer as uncomfortable as possible.

I have a small waist, in proportion to my bum so I do not wear pencil skirts. A line, gored or light gathers suit my body shape so that is how I dress. I do wear jeans but make sure that tops just end below the hip pockets or are waist length and boxy. Much as I love the puffy, quilted and padded jackets I do not have one. I stick to smooth lines as they help to elongate my body line.
Size has little to do with this, even at a size 10 I followed these "rules" but could relax them slightly as in those days I wore heels. I do not dress for other people, I aim for comfort first. However I would not feel comfortable in clothes that made me feel like a sack of spuds or a clown.
Oops, I seem to have slipped off at a tangent, appropriate clothing that makes the best of you is the way forward.

A last word on the subject, I have a couple of  "leisure suits"  in velour that are so comfortable I can not part with them. You know the things, sweat pants (no cuffs) and little hooded top.
I have a pair of Jogging bottoms that are for gardening only, I hate them but they are suitable for the work.
On a surprise ( to me) note I have some thermal leggings that, under a sweater dress, look good and make me feel good. Even with my chunky walkers legs, I wear them with a pair of short boots when walking and lightweight pumps the rest of the time.

I have still not figured out how to download my photos on to this laptop, but have not lost hope yet.
If you read reports of a madwoman seen jumping up and down on a flat black object before launching it into the sea off the Gower, it will be me.

I need more tea, it is almost 6 am, I have been downstairs since I woke at midnight in a pool of sweat. I did doze off for a while and when I woke I squinted at the clock and read 6:55, should have put my specs on.

Toodle Pip everyone, I hope to read some blogs later I am sorely behind.

                   TTFN                                               Pam

ps, I seem to have lost the plot on this post, so just have a paddle through the ramblings. Shake your head in wonder and be thankful that you are you and not me.


  1. I struggled when the computer automatically updated to Windows 10. Although I can still upload photos, I have yet to find where the photos of the grand children are now. The wonders of technology...

  2. Good to see you are making back into the land of the living :-)

  3. Pam you are so it.
    I will forever be grateful to the person who designed the thigh length handkerchief hem tops. I have lots of them in different colours and patterns and they are all worn with either slim leg jeans, jeggings or leggings and it is just like the outfit was designed just for me. The only skirt I can wear that looks half decent is fitted over the hips and flaring out at the hem. I do think it's good when you know what suits you as it saves so much money when you don't make mistakes.
    Keep on getting well-x-

  4. It's lovely to chat! That's what this post is, a good chinwag over a brew! Xx


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