Wednesday 8 February 2017

Filling waiting time with pleasure.

My visit to the hospital was not entirely wasted, I had an ECG which was almost identical to the last one. I had a chest X ray and had to have another round of blood tests.
At some point I will be called back for  heart and lung function 
tests and a walking test!! It will mean a treadmill I expect, I know that I can walk as well as they do, after all I had to walk round the hospital
I did have to sit and wait between the various department visits but I was not idle, I took the pic n mex socks with me and am ready to do the toe shaping now. Then I am going to attempt the new heel construction.

Dinner tonight will be a Salmon and Broccoli impossible quiche  with jacket potato. The quiche will be stuffed with peppers and broccoli and I will have fresh fruit salad later, if I have room.

Now I am off to drink tea, I am falling seriously behind in my liquid intake.

                             TTFN                                              Pam


  1. Sounds like you need a cardiac ultra-sound......

  2. Happy to hear your hospital visit wasn't too stressful and you got some knitting time in between tests. Hoping the results are favourable. Love, Helen x

  3. Did you ever settle on how to send the money to the U.S?
    I heard a couple of days ago about Moneygram, that is supposedly easy to do from the U.K. and inexpensive too.
    I am glad you filled your time so productively.

  4. Glad you are back home and I hope all the test come back good. I was going to catch up with the post I've missed but it is time to fix supper. Your dinner tonight sounds wonderful!

  5. Glad your test came out the same as last time, which is about as much as we can expect

  6. Doesn't sound to be much progress in the tests, but hopefully some result will come from these tests or the next round. Glad you weren't idle in between walking from one part of the Hospital to the next!

  7. Hope your tests continue to turn out well.


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