Tuesday, 7 February 2017

pic"n"mex with sides

I told you about the WIPs on my needles, and here they are. The first pair will be a gift and the yarn is Drops Fabel in the Tex Mex colourway. 
Now when I use patterning or striping yarn I am pretty anal about matching the colour runs. With this yarn, which comes in 50 gram balls, I just could not get a match without reeling off yards of yarn. These socks are for size 10 feet and will have long legs and deep cuffs. There will be very little yarn left and I did not want to have to join in the toe section. Sooooo I threw my matchy thing out the window and used one ball from the middle and one from the outside.

They are the same but  do not match, so I called them pic n mex. 
I am going to try a new (to me) version of the afterthought heel in them from the Smooth Operator socks by the wonderful Susan B Anderson.

This pair have a heel flap and gusset, I am not too pleased with the pooling on the sock front but as I knit my socks at the same time I was not about to go back and change them. In reality it is not unsightly just not what I would have liked. These will be off to their new home tomorrow.

My simple shawl is the last of my current WIPS, there are 2 more but they are on set aside for a while. As I said it is garter stitch and right now there are over 200 stitches on the cable but I still have 60 grams left on the ball. I plan on using all of this and then using the second ball to make a lace border, if it becomes too huge I will have to rethink.
I will be moving it onto a longer cable soon, I do not like my knitting to be scrunched up.

Once the pic n mex socks are done I want to cast on a pair using my Unicorn Poo yarn and I have been asked for a pair of bed socks. There is also a shawl on the close horizon and then Fran will be here in March and I would like a few pairs of socks ready for her.

Tomorrow I am at the hospital for tests, I have no idea which or how many. I do not know if I will be coming home the same day, it is just a case of suck it and see.

I have tea at my elbow and Ben is resting his head on me asking for some attention.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot. On our first walk this morning we started off in bright sunshine, in the space of 5 minutes we had hail, sleet and heavy rain followed by more sunshine.
It was knit and natter today and we had a good afternoon, there was cake! Homemade Cake!!
It doesn't stop there, we have been promised cake for next week as well, both times in honour of birthdays. I may have to have a real and an official birthday this year.

                   TTFN                                               PAM


  1. Very best wishes for your hospital visit and tests Pam,

    Ann Marie

  2. Gosh, all that wonderful sock knitting (and the shawl too). I am on brain work at the moment and all notions of crafting so far back on the back burner they've fallen down the back of the cooker entirely!

    Good luck with your tests at the Hospital tomorrow and I hope that they can sort out what is the problem and give a speedy resolution.

  3. Socks are lovely. Hope all goes well tomorrow, Pam. Love, Helen x

  4. Your sock knitting is making me want to give it a try. I have the yarn, need to get shorter cabled needles.

    God bless.

  5. Good Luck for tomorrow Pam-x-

  6. Hope all goes well at the hospital. I am always in awe of your beautiful socks.

  7. I saw on a podcast they suggested working from the same ball of wool using the wool from both the beginning and end of the ball. I tried it with my second sock using Cascade Heritage Prints 'Holidays' 26. It was close but not exact. I'll go back to using 2 separate balls, I knit mine at the same time. I will be thinking of you tomorrow praying all goes well and the outcome is good. Take care.

  8. Fab socks as ever!
    We are finally moving to Cwmgors at the weekend & I can't wait to suss out the walks, it will be a big change from pootling around the parks in Swansea. I've bought a pair of wellies in preparation.
    Hope all goes well at the hospital.

  9. Good luck with the hospital visit, love your knitting

  10. Your yarn colors are so pretty! I get lost reading about knitting. Sure wish I understood and knew how to knit.


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