Saturday 4 February 2017

Reflections and achievements

I watch the Cherry Heart pod cast and have read the blog from the beginning, I fell upon it by accident, and have crocheted many of the patterns.
This year Sandra is running an idea that she primarily uses her stash of yarn, although she is planning to shop at the Edinburgh wool festival.
I had planned to collate my stash and record it, to my shame that has not happened.
I did start a journal of sorts in which I have recorded all my knits from Jan 1st and all my yarny acquisitions from the same date. I have included the gifted yarn in this so it is quite  enormous.

For the whole month my journal reads thus,

I have knitted up 1150 grams. Phew.

That includes 10 pairs of socks, 3 of these were bed socks, so small, but as the yarn I used was super thick they each took 100 grams.

In that same time I had 3300 grams of yarn in, in my defence I have to say that a great deal of that was gifted. 2400 grams were a great deal from Debs shop, far to good a buy to miss, and all has a project. 

I did knit a couple of hats for my charity project but did not count them as they are from deep stash. Wool that I brought with me when I moved to wales. I also have 2 wips that were started last year, I will not be counting these either.

I was surprised when I added up the socks, I knew there had been a few but not 10. I count that as an achievement considering that I only started knitting socks last year.

February has had a kick start, I have 2 pairs of socks on the needles, one pair is almost at the heel flap and the other pair is halfway there.

I have also made a good start on the Terribly Simple crescent shawl by Caitlin ffrench. Simple is the exact word, garter stitch with an increase at each end on every row, perfect telly knitting. I may add a lace edge to add some interest,I will play with it and see what I think. I am using Head over Heels from Stylecraft, lovely colours but very long repeats. I have realised that I really like lots of short colour runs or self striping wool for socks.
These 3 projects will take at least 300 grams, more depending on how big I make the shawl.

On the subject of telly, how sad that this is the last ever season of Bones. BUT I am watching Whispers from the beginning and for silliness Bitten from the beginning. It is silly but also entertaining, I am not certain that I will watch it right through but it is filling a gap now.

I have my hospital visit next week so, fingers crossed, I will know what's what.

On that positive note I am off to make a cuppa, I will take photos of my knitting for the next post.

Before I go it is a gloriously sunny morning with a crisp frost that went quickly, there is real warmth in the sun (shshsh, spring may be on the way)

                   TTFN                                                   Pam


  1. My crafting bug has gone, I am reading piles of books, I am not a fan of this time of year, so dull everywhere, so to lose myself in stories is my escape. I have everything to start a pair of socks, and baby jackets and always cross stitch. Soon I will have to find my bug and get going.

  2. That is some serious knitting....and wool stash.
    You put me to shame as I still haven't got back into sewing.
    This next week though my house will be halfway back to normal and there may some whirring noises coming from the dining room.
    Let us know the day you have your appointment so that we can keep you in our thoughts.

  3. Hi Pam, my goodness you accomplished a lot in one month. I would love to make an inventory of all my yarn but I son't think that will happen. I did catalogue all my books (over 2000) last year and I have to say that has been a great help in the buying, not buying department. I have it in a word document on my phone so I can check before I buy.
    I didn't get into the tv show Bones but I have read all the Kathy Reichs books that the show is based on. As soon as a new book comes out in paperback I buy it.
    Hope everything goes well for you at the hospital. I am confined to home for 3 days (post op) which is no hardship at the moment as it is really cold and snowing. It is supposed to snow until Wednesday so I am quite happy at home.

  4. Wow, you have been busy, Pam. I've had to donate so much yarn and fabric, plus the majority of my craft magazines, in preparation for our move to a much smaller home, but even so I seem to be taking a lot with me. Once we're settled I hope to start making inroads into it, with the idea that nothing new comes in until something goes I have to use some of the yarn I have before I'm allowed to buy any more. This is intended to be my philosophy with a lot more items such as books and magazines, if I want something new I have to donate, sell etc. an item I don't use much. I'm hoping this attitude will help keep us from getting all cluttered up as we are here. With luck moving from a large 4 bed to a small 2 bed will bring a permanent change to my hoarding nature. best of luck with your hospital appointment; I'll be thinking of you. Love, Helen x

  5. I was hoping that Spring was in the air yesterday and than I woke this morning to a hard frost. Hope all goes well at the hospital.

  6. So lovely to find someone else who watches Bones, none of my friends do. It is sad that it is finishing, will really miss the characters. Have you made any quilts lately, I'm working on one for a friends 60th. Love all your socks must knit some myself .

  7. You've accomplished a lot, especially as you've had to battle illness. I don't think I dare look at my stash xx

  8. Wow Pam, 10 prs, your needles must be smoking well done you. I daren't even start to log my stash of yarn, fabric and cross stitch supplies :) I have the Terribly simple shawl on my needles I can watch tv or listen to a book tape and not mess up but to add a bit of variety every few rows I do a YO knit 2tog to give it a bit of interest. I'm using Stylecrafts Cabaret in Aurora, I knit a Pirates Cove shawl in the Storm and really liked the result. Take care.


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