Monday 10 June 2019

More on yesterday.

Yesterday we decided that as last Sunday was a lovely lazy day we would do the same.
It did not quite work out as we did go out, I told you about that already.

I took the "me/us day" up a notch.
Usually I am a jump in the shower, wash hair and body, rinse and get out of there at top speed. Far too impatient to run a bath.
Well, yesterday I started the bath running and then went down to make tea, once it was brewed I took it back up and lolled about in the bath. Bubbles up to the danger line, I had to slither down very carefully to avoid a bubble cascade, and it was just on the hot side of comfortable.
I sipped my tea and felt the aches in my joints melting away, bliss, sheer bliss.

Once the dogs were walked and fed we set off, a quick pit stop in Lidl for a couple of things and then on to Neath. We were heading to B&M, known to us as "burgers and mayo", they do have a whole heap of tat but the plants are good and reasonably priced.

We were back home in good time and more tea was made and drunk, lunch was a naughty pastie from Morrison's. Okay but not as good as they used to be.

We spent the afternoon lazing on the sofa, dogs sprawled every which way. The SO was reading and playing games on his mobile, I was knitting while Captain Hastings AKA Hugh Fraser read an Agatha Christie Novel to me. Not just to me you understand, there are many audible books on YouTube.

Then we had dinner, a bit late after those pasties, and settled down to watch some "vintage tv" Murder City, dated but still watchable.

It was only as we were getting ready to go up that I realised we had not drawn the giveaway.

Much fussing with pen and paper, a hunt for the paper scissors that were hiding in plain sight, and the deed was done at breakneck speed.

The bag goes to Cherie, a crafting Guru from Yorkshire. I hope she does not look too closely. let me have your address Cherie and I will get it sent off.
Jackie of, In the land of the living skies11 from Canada
and Jo of Through the Keyhole each win a mini skein so again let me have your addresses and I will get them sent off.

I will not publish your comments if you chose that way or you can email me.

Knitter 2, if you let me have your address I will send you some yarn for your Charity knitting.

Thank you all for entering, I will not leave it too long before running another.

We are having a glorious day but the rest of the week looks horrendous.

                       TTFN                                           Pam

One down, two to go. Cherie has responded, many thanks, and I can now parcel that up and get it sent off.


  1. A lovely way to start your day with a bubble bath.
    Congratulations to your winners.
    We've got the rain here today, but the garden is happy and needing it.

    1. It has stopped raining here for the moment but the sky is looking ominous.

  2. Hi Pam, think I have emailed my address to you, but if any problems please let me know. PS envy you a soak in a warm bath, sounds perfect on a miserable, soggy day like today.

    1. Your email has not landed, you can send it in a comment that I will not publish if it is easier.

  3. How lovely to find that I've won one of your lovely mini skeins. I'm afraid I can't find your email address but if you could email me I can then email you back. I'm just the same with baths/showers, I find I just can't relax in a bath these days so I jump in a shower more often than not.

    1. I have found your address, I had it ages ago. your parcel will be on its way tomorrow, providing it does not rain so hard that I cannot leave the house.

  4. Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me. I LOVE a hot tub bath with lots of bubbles. Sure make me sleep better after working hard in the yard.


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