Sunday 2 June 2019

Wet and Windy with a Giveaway.

The weather that is, my garden is happy for a respite from the dry wind that has sucked so much moisture up.

I had a little play with some food safe dyes yesterday, I injected the dye into cakes then, once they were heat set and spun in the washing machine, I wound them into skeins.
These were some that I caked up ages ago after taking 20 grams off to make mini skeins.

I dyed the cakes first as they would take the longest to dry.

spinning may have helped with the drying time but it was a job and a half getting the cakes into skeins, as you can see it is a bit raggedy looking.

The colours are much quieter than my normal palette and that was deliberate.

As I said, a bit raggedy, but they will be wound into cakes and cast on later today. There is enough here for socks for both Francesca and me, mine will have toes knitted with commercial yarn because I have very pokey toes. This soft merino nylon blend would not stand a chance.

These are the mini's, they are  stronger shades than the large skeins and there is much less natural colour left. They are around 20 grams, more rather than less.

I am offering these as a giveaway, well 2 people will get 1 each. for those who have no interest in knitting or crochet I have something else.

A scrappy zipper bag, 11" tall and 15" wide, padded, quilted and fully lined.

It opens wide and is pale so that you can see what you are looking at.

I have stuffed it with 300 grams of yarn but it would be ideal for make up, hair brushes, sewing projects or anything that needs to be kept together.

If you fancy one of these 3, drop me a comment. Possibly tell me what you would use the bag for or what project the mini skein would be used for. 
I will post anywhere and there may be some extras popped in.

I would like to restrict this to my followers, old and new and will run it for 7 days. The SO will pull names out of something vaguely hattish around this time next Sunday.

I look forward to reading your ideas, so get those comments rolling.

I have finished that latest socks but they can wait till tomorrow, and you will be able to see the new cast on as well.

Now the clock is making it's way to midday and I think that a brew is in order and perhaps it is time to consider some lunch.

                              TTFN                                  Pam


  1. What a kind gesture. I use donated wool from work colleagues to make blankets, small ones for four legged furry friends in need, and large ones for homeless charities to distribute as required. Keep up your good work you have more patience than me and I love reading your posts and seeing your beautiful work.

    1. Hello Knitter, I will put you in the draw but if you leave me a comment (or email me) with you name and address (i will not publish it) I will send you some yarn from my stash, just say if you want dk or 4ply.

  2. I would love to knit with your mini skein, I would add a pain colour to it, but would not know what to suggest, I would have to feel the yarn before deciding, Socks or gloves.

  3. I bought some undyed yarn with the intention of having a go at dyeing it up myself but still haven't had a go. What a great giveaway, if I won the yarn it would be added to my cosy memory blanket and if I won the bag I would use it as a project bag.

    1. I will put you in for yarn and the bag.

  4. All the items are beautiful and any one would be a lovely gift. I like the idea of a snood/ cowl from that pastel coloured skein. Catriona

  5. Pam, you are always so generous with the things you make and give away. Having been a winner of one of your giveaways a few years ago I now how generous you are. Your dyed yarn is beautiful, looking forward to seeing how it knits up. The bag would be perfect for knitting projects.

  6. Hi Pam, a regular reader of your blog, an a big, knitter and sewer, I would just love one on your giveaways, wool to knit or a lovely bag to keep sock knitting in.
    By the way, I am moving near to Tydd in the very near future.
    Love and best wishes , happy knitting Jane

  7. hi pam, i love seeing the progress of your work on your blog, i don't sew much but do enjoy knitting and crochet, especially baby clothes and throws/blankets, i really like the scrappy bag and would use it for toiletries if i go away, or cosmetics, if i was lucky enough to win, kind regards, julie king x

  8. Good work with the dying!

    I'd use it on my scrappy quilt, BUT the cost of mailing to Canada is too high. So, please don't enter me.

  9. Oh Pam. Surely anyone can see that the bag would be a perfect 'socks on the go' bag. I would give it a very happy home. :-)

  10. Hi Pam, the dyed wool looks so lovely, hope you enjoy all the colour changes as you knit up the socks.
    As much as I would love to win your generous prize, postage to Australia is ridiculous so please give my entry to someone deserving of a second chance.
    My choice would be a snuggly cowl with the yarn and the bag would protect a baby blanket I am knitting in a cream and white chevron.

  11. This is a lovely idea! I would like to win the bag as I have just started sewing clothes (well, trying) and there seem to be an awful lot of oddments that are needed. I have knit for years and just started experimenting with dyeing my own yarn - there's a great slow cooker method for keeping mess to a minimum but it does only really work for one skein at a time. Vicky from Brum.

  12. I would use the minis to make the rib for socks, then I could see it or maybe hand warmers

  13. Your dyed yarn is really lovely, you should do some more and sell them, with the mini as a contrast for heels/toes/cuffs etc.. or I might use the mini as an edge on a shawl.

  14. A very generous giveaway.
    I have a bag like that made by a friend that I use for sock projects.
    Good luck to all who enter your giveaway.

  15. Hi Pam! I have not commented before but really enjoy your blog. Crocheting is my thing but I do knit dishcloths. You created such lovely colors when dying the yarn. It would be an honor to be gifted some of the beautiful yarn. There is so many things to make that it will be a tough choice.

  16. Hi Pam

    I look forward to reading your blog and often chuckle to myself.

    I used to knit & crochet many years ago and have just started again to crochet a baby blanket for my daughters 1st baby - due in just 8 weeks time.

    I wold love the scrappy bag and it would be a beautiful home for my 'baby knits'...….

    Gill from Oxfordshire

  17. I would love to win one of the mini skeins. I would use it to make pocket prayer shawls. They don't take much yarn to make since they are 4" squares.

    God bless.

  18. What a lovely thought. I could use that lovely bag for my sewing scraps, but then again I am sure I could find a use for that beautiful wool. You are quite safe, I don't win anything usually and I think the postage would be horrendous. For us it is very cold here at the moment.

  19. How generous of you Pam. I would love to be included in the draw for the yarn and would love to crochet a lacy snood.

  20. I just love the bag. If I were so lucky as to win it, I would use it as a jewellery bag for some of my bracelets.
    Myra Meyer from Winnipeg, Canada

  21. eta I have tried twice to comment but it disappears so this will be my last attempt 😂
    Thank you for another generous giveaway Pam. I would love one of your minis as I like to knit with stripes and could make a border for a cardigan for one of my granddaughters, or both if there was enough. I would love to do some dyeing one day. Jenny Larking xx (hope this gets published this time as I already tried to post and it went up in smoke)

  22. I always read but never post comments. I'd love a skein of the yarn. I really don't know what I would make with it. Perhaps socks with a solid color heel and toe. I have small feet so that amount probably would do for socks. I'd have to think about it. I do have a set of mini skeins of solid blues of graduated colors so might use your skein with those for a smallish scarf. Something to think about.

    Victoria from southern Indiana USA

  23. Hi Pam, I started reading your blog a few months ago and you inspired me to try to learn to knit again, so I bought a book and finally worked it out, so I wanted to say Thank you!, your mini skeins are gorgeous and would make a lovely edging for a cowl or the bag would make a fabulous project bag.


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