Thursday 23 April 2020

Many thanks

Lots of thanks for all the comments, I should have said that yesterday.

Just as many to all the people who are still working.

The health and welfare workers.

The bus drivers, who get many people to work and back.

The shop staff, from the tiniest coener shop to the largest hypermarket.

The men and women who transport goods from one place to another.

The list is long almost enough for a book.

There are many who shop for those who cannot, collect and drop off newspapers and so on.

We are now fostering 2 dogs, a tiny 7 year old Jack Russell and a   young Chocolate Labrador pup, the owner is a neighbour who is now working such long hours that he cannot manage his dogs. Herbie is beyong happy, after a totally mad free for all that lasted a good hour, all is now at a satisfactory pace. At one point Herbie and the Lab, Revi, collided with the damson tree and shook it. The tree rocked and they were showered with white petals.

The little terrier, Poppy, has staked her claim to Michaels lap and almost lands before he has sat down properly. I forsee lots of entertainment while we have them.

Of course, just like small (and not so small) children they all wanted the same toy at the same time. Just as with children all the toys were confiscated, and they didn't care one iota.

Luckily my garden is Herbie proofed so nothing will be destroyed, and if by chance a pot gets knocked over it will not worry me.

The last of my seeds arrived today, all in time for sowing except for some tomatoes which will now wait till next year.

I have an abundance of plants and there will not be an inch of space to spare or an empty pot to be seen.

I hope to be able to share the crops around as my freezer space will  not hold it all. That is if it gives me a crop, of course.

I still have weeding to catch up on, but not too much, a session tomorrow should see it done. The ironing was done but there's another basket now. The floors have been hoovered and or mopped and dust levels are back to almost zero, it doesn't last long with the doors and windows open and 3 dogs stirring the air.

Painting has been put on hold for a few days, just to let the dogs settle into the new routine.

The cauliflower pizza crust was not bad at all, we will have it again. I didn't stick to the recipe, I added lots of fresh herbs which tasted great.

Tonight will be an mushroom omelette with salad and perhaps a few sneaky chips or maybe a jacket potato.

Now it is time for a long cool glass of squash and perhaps an apple.

Take care and stay safe.

                      TTFN                                                  Pam


  1. Good for you fostering the dogs that will keep you busy. We intend to plant as much as we can too, hopefully we will have a little bit of success. Washing and all the ironing done here but it doesn't take long for the next load.

  2. Mushroom omelette and salad ... delicious, I had that earlier this week.
    I bet your new visitors will enjoy their little holiday.
    Take care

  3. Good for you fostering puppies. I bet they give you hours of fun.

    God bless.

  4. So glad to see you back. So sorry to hear about Ben but it sounds as though you'vv got your handsful with your foster dogs. Take care


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