Wednesday 22 April 2020

Sun, glorious sun.

As a May baby I love the warmer weather and am lapping this spell up. I keep out of the intense rays though, long sleeves and a hat and working in the shade.
My skin is so fair that I turn to a beetroot crisp in no time at all.

Yesterday was a flurry of sewing and getting another batch of masks sent off, no idea how many I just cut, sew and press till there is a decent pile and get them sent off. There will be several care workers sporting pastel shades and flowers upon their faces, I hope that it proves amusing for the patients.

Today I am running up some for friends and family, the suggestion that we will have to wear them in public has been aired too many times to not happen.

There are stacks of young plants itching to get into the garden but I am being cautious, there is still plenty of time for a frost. The greenhouse will have to cope, if it becomes untenable I will plant out the sturdiest and cover with fleece.

My water butts are doing well, Michael had doubled several of them up a while ago, I am using the water primarily for the ericaceous plants. They may not be food plants but they give lots of pleasure.

I have a food delivery today, I have a prepaid slot and mostly I get what I order. There have been a few substitutions but most have made sense and things that I did not want have been passed along.

It amazes me that bread flour seems to be in short supply, there must be lots of new bakers emerging. Fortunately I had just stocked up when this all fell upon us.

I am making  pizza for dinner tonight, I have a large cauliflower to use and will be making the crust with that. I looked online for recipes and that one popped up, I look forward to trying it.

Life is ticking along comfortably, nothing much has changed for me. Michael is champing at the bit slightly, he was partway through a fairly long job for neighbours and feels that he has let them down.

I feel for those with no garden, I would find it difficult to be stuck indoors with just a single hour to exercise. The thought of Herbie without the garden to burn off his energy fills me with something approaching horror. 

One thing I did not mention was that we said goodbye to Ben in January. He had a good winter but started to go downhill fast,  we saw the vet who agreed that it was for the best. Ben was deaf and mostly blind, he was not interested in eating and was sleeping most of the time. He is in the garden, safe under a stone slab, in one of his favourite spots.

I think that's about it for today, nothing exciting, just another day in the complaints though. I don't miss the endless traffic in the slightest, instead of watching the vapour trails of air traffic I watch Red Kites, song birds, rooks and the odd magpie and to my delight the Cuckoo is singing loud in the valley again.

I wish you all well and safe.

                              TTFN                                     Pam


  1. So sorry to read about Ben, Pam. He had a delightful life with you, loved you and was loved in return.

  2. Here there are more cars about, its not as busy as normal, how often we use that word, but the bird song is beautiful.

  3. The Govt are scared to request masks to be warn as they fear supplies for the NHS will dwindle. Yet scientists have said we do reduce our risk considerably wearing even a homemade one. Apparently ones made from tshirt material are good as the weave is fine.

  4. The Govt are scared to request masks to be warn as they fear supplies for the NHS will dwindle. Yet scientists have said we do reduce our risk considerably wearing even a homemade one. Apparently ones made from tshirt material are good as the weave is fine.

  5. awww RIP Ben. I love cauliflower but I cannot stand it as pizza crust! Maybe I did something wrong - hopoefully you will enjoy yours x

  6. Much the same here Pam no complaints just getting on the best we can.

  7. I've been making masks too... my daughter/ teacher and other teachers volunteer to help Harvesters deliver food to those who need it. Anyway... masks are in short supplies so I have been asked to make some and I will till my elastic runs out!! Wish I could see them wearing owls, batiks, Royals ( our local major league baseball team), stripes, London buses and so on!!

  8. I'm sorry you lost Ben. He got lots of pleasure as your dog. Did Herbie miss him?
    We're in for a weekend of high temps and wind. They're predicting 29C for us. The winds will be worse north of us but LA Intl Airport was reporting 15mph winds steady. Our tree is just swaying in the wind.
    Thank you for sewing masks, they will certainly help people prevent this horrible disease.

  9. I was also amazed that all the bread flour seemed to disappear overnight. Now when I see it I always grab a bag of white and whole wheat.

    God bless.

  10. Pam! So glad to see you're back. You were gone so long I forgot the name of your blog. :) I spent one whole day trying to remember then I thought duh! scroll through your reading list. So sorry about Ben. Time flies, doesn't it. Glad to know you are well and safe. My daughter has been making masks too, mostly for friends and family. I think about you every time I look at the beautiful socks you made. Take care.

  11. Sorry for the loss of your pet. I too feel so bad for those with pets and children limited to such a short amount of time outside. We have less restrictions in the US, but then our cases are through the roof as so many people are ignoring and doing their own interpretation of what stay at home means.

  12. The peace and quiet has been most welcome. The different birds in the garden are fabulous to see. Plenty of time in the garden here too.
    We've not been out the front door for 41 days now. I do miss a good walk.
    Take care


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