Wednesday 29 April 2020

Listening to the rain

And loving it.

Michael put extra water butts in a few weeks ago and they are all just about full now. Every bucket and container without holes that I have is standing out collecting water.

Wales may be famous for rainfall but we do have spells of hot sun, low pollution levels, and wind. My garden is on a slope and runs roughly East to West, the soil is free draining and dries pretty quickly.

I have masks waiting for elastic, these are for my neighbours, it has been dispatched so hopefully will not be too long arriving.

I am reading more at the moment, Michael has a large book collection and I have only read a few. Dean Koontz is my current author of choice, I like a good thriller but no gratuitous blood and gore.

I have fabric and patterns for several projects, both garments and household items ready for the prolonged bad weather that we are bound to get once lockdown is eased.
The yarn stash has been delved into several times but does not seem to shrink. Socks and facecloths are the knitting of choice, I can manage those despite my sight issues.

Francesca is managing working from home wonderfully, we video chat most days, and she is getting out for an hours power walk most days. Fortunately she has a small garden and can work from her hammock on good days. It must be grim for those with no outside space, even worse for those with children.

I find it irritating when reporters want to know when lockdown will end and how much longer Covid 19 will be spreading. They may as well ask how long is a piece of string or why is snow cold. This is a new virus and it will be an age yet before any answers emerge.
We should be thankful that Boris is not suggesting any strange and dangerous treatments that may or may not contain Snake oil or Jeyes fluid.

I spent an hour, during a dry spell, tidying up round the greenhouse this afternoon. The wind and rain had showered the area with broken twigs and leaves, that is all in the compost bin helping towards next years crops. I will be spreading a good layer on the empty raised beds and any empty pots and troughs along with leaves, grass clippings and any manure that I may have.

The hour is getting late and I have Herbie to take round the garsden for the last patrol soon. A cuppa wouldn't come amiss either.

I hope that you are all making the best of lockdown and keeping safe.
                            TTFN                             Pam


  1. We've had a little rain here today too, very welcome for the garden. I decided to bake and make a nice cake for afternoon tea at 4.
    Take care

  2. You are lucky to get a nice rain. Still waiting here for a good ground soaking.

    God bless.


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