Saturday, 31 May 2014

Cake, Fun and More Cake.

It was the party today, and great fun was had by all. The venue was the local leisure center, just a short drive from James and Cerys,s home. Junior was full of it but Kaitlyn had him beat, hands down. She was a concentrated bundle of energy.

Sian, Cerys,s mum made the Angry Birds cake. It was eggless as 2 of the children have allergies and was so moist and delicious.

There were stacks of cupcakes and I thought that I had taken photos of all of them, these Superman ones were very tasty and made by Cerys,s sister.

Now that the important part has been shared I will show the rest. Junior and friends were enthralled with the bouncy castle and slide.

Kaitlyn was charging round with Sian in full pursuit, with the rest of us taking turns to help her.

Junior had a few solo slides while his pals took a breather.

James was struggling but Sian gave him lots of encouragement.

When she wasn't on the slide Kaitlyn found a ball to play with.

The children had all worked up a healthy appetite and as you can see, Kaitlyn and her cousin Faith were tucking in well.

Junior was so busy chatting to his pals that he had to be reminded to tuck in.

It was a very successful party and there were not too many left overs. Party bags were handed out at the end and a tidy stack of presents were taken home to be unwrapped.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  There was cake, yum.

2. There were children having a wonderful time.

3. I managed to get on the slide without being captured on film.

4. Kaitlyn climbed onto my lap for a little rest and a cuddle.

5. There were NO tears.

I left most of the family at James,s and arrived home by 5:00 after a short detour to pick up some salad for dinner.
Ben had his dinner also and then we went for a long walk on the footpath into Gwaun Cae Gurwen and them home along the main road pavement. 
He had his wash with Hibiscrub and will soon have the gel applied and then we will not be late to bed.
Tomorrow, if it is fine, we are going up to the black mountain to explore. 
Now my tea is drunk and Ben needs to go out for a last wander round the garden.

       TTFN                                                  Pam


  1. Look like everyone had an excellent time, the cake looked great as well x

    1. Everyone had a good time, the cake was delicious.

  2. So good to be there for your grandson's birthday party and then to be only a short drive from home with Ben waiting. Enjoy your trip out today.

    1. The 1 1/2 hour drive home is a breeze after the 6 hour it was before. I try to vary the route so that I see as much of the countryside as possible.

  3. That looks like the perfect party for any child and I loved that picture of Cerys running for joy with Sian in hot pursuit.

    1. It was a great party for us all, most of the adults went on the bouncy castle at least once. It will be Kaitlyn,s birthday in August, her celebrations may well be much the same.


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