Sunday, 20 September 2015

Alo Nanty Pam

Just after 9 this morning the phone rang and the title is what I heard, closely followed by a dirty chuckle and " betcha dont know who Iyam"
Of course I played along and went through several names, including Daffy Duck.
He shouted his name and almost deafened me, it was the small grandson of a friend, he said that he was staying with Gu and had not seen me for lots of days ( a few months) and could he come for dinner and could it be chicken with roasties and sausages and yorkies. Then he stopped to breath. Gu came on the phone and said that his first waking thought had been to come and see me as he was in Wales, of course I threw all my plans out and said yes.
Oops, chicken in freezer so at 9.45 I was off to Lidl, first through the doors, scooped up chicken, sausages and off home.
Dinner was lovely although I am not used to having a cooked meal during the day and now can barely breath never mind move. Gu and hubs are washing up, the monster is having a nap curled up with Ben .
I am sorry to miss the Boar Festival but it will be there next year, and it has been overcast and grey here.
I plan on going to Lampeter on Wednesday, I want to visit the quilt museum and I will have a quick look round Calico Kate's while I am there. I am not looking for anything in particular but it is a lovely shop, an old building with little rooms and stairs and landings running hither and tither. Of course I may find something that I can not live without.
I had workmen here yesterday shoring up my fence, 2 of the posts had started to rot and the fence was starting to lean at an alarming rate, all sorted now. I plan on having sweetcorn along there next year and the raised beds are  2 ft in front as it is a sunny spot.
The opposite fence has been cut down to 3 ft and now lets much more light in, that bed is due to be cleared this week and will be veg and some fruit next year. 
Some work to be done in the greenhouse area, but that can wait. I have been planting troughs and pots with bulbs, these are going where the sweetcorn will be, they will give a splash of spring colour and can be moved to make room for planting. I have put weed proof fabric there and some pots are in place already.

I hear footsteps coming my way so I am off to be sociable.

           TTFN                                                     Pam


  1. Aww Nanty Pam, you are such a pushover!! X

  2. The title of your post was enough to make my heart melt a little. I hope you had a lovely time together. X

  3. Sounds as though your visitor really cheered you up! xx

  4. Sounds like a great surprise visit, always nice.

  5. What a great phone call to get Nanty Pam!

  6. Wonderful. Its lovely having the little ones around Nanty Pam. Sounds a lovely child.


    Hope you have had a lovely day


  7. Ah so lovely! Nanty Pam! What an impact you must have made n the little fella!

    We had a lovely visit last year to Lampeter to see the quilts - the Kaffe Fasset exhibition was on at the time so it was a double pleasure. Bit of a drive from where our caravan is, though! Also - of COURSE -had a visit to Calico Kates even though I can sell fabric I have so much! Have a lovely time,Pam.xx

  8. There is nothing sweeter than having a small child friend who obviously adores you and your cooking .

  9. 'Nanty Pam' I love it, he sounds like a fun little chap x

  10. Oh bless his cotton socks. I bet he is still talking about his lovely day with "Nanty Pam"! Enjoy your trip to Calico Kate's. I love what I see but no spare cash to indulge myself at present. Your garden plans sound great. I am still doing my Autumn Tidy Up, bit by bit.

  11. There was no contest really, after a call like that!
    Teresa x


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