Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Muddling along

Nothing much happening here, a mix of sun and rain, both together some of the times. I hoped for time in the garden but did the little bit of ironing there was. Then mooched around, picking things up and putting them back down.
Finally I got stuck in and blitzed the bathroom then went through the house and washed all the paintwork down. Feeling very virtuous I sat at the sewing table and managed to get the binding sewn on my new table topper. I quilted it yesterday but was a bit headachey so left the binding ready to sew.

I used a solid blue for the binding as there is so much pattern in the top. A nice amount of scraps used and another 2 should help get them back to manageable proportions.

The backing is most of some yardage that I bought in a sale years ago. There is still enough left for another project, possibly as binding.

Dinner today will be impossible quiche with loads of salad, I like to use up all the odds and ends from the fridge on Wednesday.

Tomorrow is shopping day, I need to get some coriander seed and mustard powder for piccalilli making.
Dawn from Doing if for Ourselves in Wales has made hers, reading her blog post was a timely reminder that I am down to a small jar. I do not make tons at a time as the basic ingredients are available all the year round. I do vary the veg content depending on what I have.
Then Bovey Belle left a comment on Dawn,s craft site reminding me that needle felting is on my "to do one day" list. Of course I fell in love with the rainbow of felt that Dawn shared and I aim to play with some this winter.
I may have to give up cooking, eating and sleeping to have a chance to try all the things that I want to.

Oh well, better rig up and get Ben out, he does not care what the weather does.
        TTFN                                                                   Pam


  1. sleep is for wimps, if you fancy doing some needle felting perhaps we could have a session, I have plenty of books for inspiration and supplies, I keep looking at the ironing then find something else more productive to do :-)

  2. Ironing, what's that?! I just don't do it, neither of us wears anything that particularly needs ironing, thank goodness. Even OH's work uniform is, blessedly, non iron. It's vacuuming that I always manage to put off for something else. Another lovely make, Pam, must be so satisfying using up scraps.

  3. Hubby does the ironing in our house, I have needle felting in my stats, one day.

  4. I was bought a needle felting kit for mothers day, it's blinking harder than I thought it would be so is on the back burner for now. Love the quilt Pam, I love how you use up scrappy bits for a proper project xx

  5. I have done some needle felting recently - posting about it tomorrow if you are interested - and found that it was great fun. It needed some concentration to start with, but once you get going it is really enjoyable. I hope you enjoy having a go! Your runner looks great and is a good use for your bits and pieces of fabric. xx

  6. Lovely scrappy quilt! I have lots of scraps that I want to use like this but they are such random shapes that I don't know where to start. Maybe I should trim them into squares or rectangles first to give me half a chance.
    Teresa x


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