Friday, 11 September 2015

More pootling

In my world pootling is just whiling away the hours, usually I manage to get loads done without it registering. At the moment the hours are weighing a bit heavy.  There is still enough pain in my shoulder to restrict me but it is getting better. I managed to get all my various parcels sent off today, I walked back in from my trip to the Post Office, only to see the small pile of cards that should have been in the parcels on the table.
Rats, Rats and double Rats.
I am itching to get busy, I even miss housework. I did manage to clean some glass this morning but pushing the vacuum around is a no no.
My home has never been so tidy, I can not sit and see clutter right now so steadily it is being sorted and either disposed of or put away.
I have printed some patterns off for the Dress a Girl drive, I am intending to make as many pairs of shorts as I can, both for boys and girls, once I am able. I have pulled a pile of fabric ready and there is a drawer full of elastic to hand. 
I looked at the pillow case dresses but decided to sew skirts on to tee shirts, I read on the website that these cover the shoulders and this is a bonus for the girls. I will be putting pockets on the dresses and hopefully will make a bag to go with each one.
I have made quilt blocks and sent off  disaster areas in the past but want to do something just for children.
 I do send clothing to  Swansea  for the homeless when I have a turf out but that is obviously for adults.
Despite the painkillers which normally knock me out I am still  wandering around half the night.
Typing also hurts so I am cutting this short and heading for bed.

                         TTFN                                            Pam


  1. Sorry to hear you are still in pain. Sounds like as always you are doing meaningful things for those in need. I am not sure what the campaign is but is it making clothes for refugee children? That is a good thing you are doing Pam and home made clothing is that extra bit special.

    1. I just googled the Dress a Girl , such a wonderful project. They have one here in Australia too. Your dresses will be especially pretty I think with a matching bag .

  2. "I even miss housework" - not a phrase that's ever likely to come out of my mouth! I hope your shoulder pain goes away completely very soon, being so restricted must be very frustrating for you. And losing sleep is never good.

  3. Hope that shoulder improves soon Pam. Strains and tears do take longer to heal as you get older so it is difficult to wait it out when you normally just get on with it. I ruined my shoulder by too much knitting and not listening to my own counsel so take it from me. Don't push it

  4. So sorry to read of your injury and continuing pain but pleased to hear that it is beginning to ease. Could you possibly give us the link to the Dress a Girl project which I haven't heard of but would be happy to support. Thanks and get well soon.

  5. Oh poor you, I sympathise.

  6. I somehow missed reading your last post so didn't know you were out of action. So frustrating for you when you are always so busy. I really hope you are on the mend and back to stitching and dog walking and house cleaning ASAP

  7. Sorry to hear that you are still not so well, I do hope that things improve for you very soon. Your pootling all sounds very busy to me! xx

  8. We made load of pillowcase dresses and shorts the other year in the shop we had a whole day and got loads done it was good fun, I hope you have a speedy recovery :-)

  9. I am so sorry to hear you are suffering, Pam. I have been on holiday and not had any internet connection so am very out of touch. I do hope you feel better soon x You know... you are one amazing woman; in pain and still planning to help others. I have just googled the Dress a Girl project and it is wonderful work that they do. Do you have a local drop off point for finished garments? Or do you post them on? I might have a go at making some shorts. They also have a link to another charity which sends pants to women and girls making them feel less vulnerable. I will look at helping them too. Well done for inspiring us all x

  10. I'm sorry to hear you're still struggling Pam it must be very frustrating for you. I've read about the Dress a Girl project before & I'm off this week so I shall try & make something. I do like your idea of attaching a skirt to a tee shirt, I shall see if I can do that - shorts seem beyond my skills at present x

  11. Dear Pam, so sorry to hear you are in pain, have missed your posts as I haven't been able to bear going onto blogger as I felt so guilty not having written a blog post since early July! All remedied now. What a great idea the Dress a Girl project is, and how typical of you that you have signed up to it. Well done for bringing it to our attention. Lxx

  12. Dear Pam.
    The sewing pattern has arrived safely. Many thanks for this. I`m still willing to exchange it for a book, so please let me know if you are interested. I could offer a choice of: 'Low cost living' by John Harris, or 'Live more, spend less' by Sarah Flower, or even a cookery book, called 'Tagine, Spicy stews from Morocco' by Ghillie Basan. The choice is yours.


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