Wednesday, 16 September 2015

On the Mend, at last.

Yesterday I had the all clear to drive for short distances, YIPPEE, so tootled off to Ponty.
A pop in and out at Tesco, quick visit to Lidl and then into Poundstretcher for some cheapo Aran yarn.

A new multi coloured hat is on the pins, I love bright hats and have made this pattern a few times. It is simple and keeps my head warm and my hair under control in the wind.

My EPP project, little hexie butterflies.

This one is nearly completed, I plan on machining these onto pocket squares for my Dress a Girl project.

Before I went to Ponty I decided to do some baking, a batch of Cheese Whirls and a half batch of Cinnamon Buns(no frosting)

There was another tray of these, some are in the freezer and some have gone to friends

The Cinnamon Buns were tested as soon as I could pick one up without getting 1st degree burns, Oh Yum.
4 have gone to friends and the rest have been open frozen and wrapped.
I can put up the recipes if anyone is interested.

When I was in Ponty I picked up 2 big Avocado Pears for 10p!!, Guacamole here I come.

Onion, Green Chili, Garlic and Lime juice, a little ground cumin and a sprinkle of cayenne, the flesh of 2 Avocados and there it is, Heaven in a dish.

A look in the fridge and oh yes, salad, lots of it for a crisp, fresh tasting dinner. 

Very healthy you think, well yes and so did I. Then I looked at the Cheese Whirls, had another look in the fridge and Oops. just look what happened.

Warmed and sliced.

A home made burger, then I added a dollop of guacamole and had a mountain of salad, 2 people full to the brim for very little outlay, both in cash and time.

I was thinking along the lines of a warm Cinnamon roll with ice cream for pudding, but no way could I squeeze it in. About 3 hours later I managed 3 plums and a few grapes.

I managed 5 hours unbroken sleep last night and feel much more chipper this morning. I plan a trip to the library and (fingers crossed) some bulb planting into pots today.
 Maggie and I spent a pleasant hour with a bulb catalogue a few weeks ago, and armed with a 25% off voucher we did some crafty shopping, of the buy 2 get one free variety. I now have hundreds of bulbs in boxes looking for homes.

I better get a wiggle on.

         TTFN                                                         Pam


  1. Very glad to hear you are feeling better and have the all clear to drive . I would like it if you could post the recipes please they look delicious.

  2. What pattern do you use for the hat? yes please to the recipe. Love your blog. Moving home next year, same valley!

    1. I found the pattern at Jo through the Keyhole, it is on her side bar. Perhaps we can meet when you move back.

  3. That is good news Pam. Yes please to the recipes, now my kitchen is nearly back up & running it will be good to have a batch baking session. I need to finish a half knitted hat off before I start another which I will if I can locate the pattern. Love the hexies very neat stitching xx

  4. Glad you are feeling a bit more like yourself x, Your baking looks so good, if only I lived nearer x

    1. I am feeling so much better, just spent a couple of hours outside, planting bulbs into troughs and pots. Back in now for a rest.

  5. Thank goodness you are nearly back to full fitness.

  6. The cheese buns and guacamole look delicious. What a bargain on the avocadoes, I bought 2 last week and they were $1.68 each, I think that converts to 82 British pence each. I received the package from your giveaway this morning. I have done a blog post about it. Fabulous! Thank you so much

  7. Hey Pam I think that's the same wool I used to make the little cardigan a few months back. It's lovely colours. I'm hungry after looking at your blog now! Glad you are feeling better

  8. You're making me drool, those cheesy swirls with a home made burger... Yum, I'd have greedily had the cinnamon swirls with ice cream too xx

  9. Happy to hear you're on the mend. And you have been busy. Love the colour of that wool. I'm thinking about making myself a new wooly hat since the weather's turned so bad I'll be needing it soon. All of your baking looks delicious. Living alone you must have amazing willpower not to eat the lot by yourself. I rarely bake these days; too tempted by my own goodies. Don't do too much too soon, though. Take care of yourself. Love, Helen xx

  10. Loving the colour of that wool. Absolutely beautiful xx

  11. Yes! It's the same wool

  12. Sorry, better pics here


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