Thursday 3 September 2015

A Pootling kind of day

I was up and about this morning to take Maggie shopping, I did not need much. Oats and nuts for muesli, milk, fruit and veg basically.
The plumber was here to finally sort out a problem, hopefully that will be the last time I see him. The chaps to look at the roof have also finished, I just have to wait now to see when the work will be done. 9 will give you 20 that the day will dawn and it will hammer down with gale force winds.

All is not lost though,

The next table topper is well under way.

A small EPP project is under way, keeps my hands away from chocs when watching telly.

Some prickly cucumbers, there will not be many more but they have been good.

A mixture of ripe and semi ripe toms, there are red, orange and yellow varieties in there. All the seeds were either free or reduced, I have never grown any of them before and I am not impressed enough to grow them next year. I will go back to tried and trusted ones. The round courgette was waving at me so I had to pick it.

Lovely squeaky fresh runner beans, the top flowers are not setting, too much rain or not enough insects to pollinate?

A small batch of veg chopped and in salt for piccalilli (thanks to Dawn for prodding my memory)

Dinner tonight was a meatloaf from the freezer, mustard sweet potato mash, runners, cabbage and should have included these little toms and garlic cloves. I sprayed them with this rapeseed oil and roasted them, the spray is much nicer than frylight and a bit cheaper.
I filled my plate so there was no room for the toms, lunch tomorrow I think.
I did not take a pic of dinner as I was too hungry and my plate was piled high, mainly with veg but it looked very greedy.

Now I am on the sofa, Ben snoring beside me, ready to start making hexies.

                       TTFN                                                           Pam


  1. Our ridge cucumbers have been really good......tomatoes a bit hit and miss. Not a fan of runner beans - or piccalilli.

  2. look forward to seeing your pickle, I have still been picking cucumbers although they are slowing down now :-)

  3. Your vegetables look fresh and healthy. I have never heard of piccalilli! I love the way you write...a "pootling" kind of day. You make me smile. I needed a smile! ":)

  4. Mustard sweet potato mash sounds lovely, my tomatoes have been hugely disappointing this year though I do have a sweet potato plant in the greenhouse which I have high hopes for. I like the sound of your pootling kind of day I'm hoping for a pootling kind of night tomorrow. x

  5. A lovely day of pootling!!! Just what you needed I am sure. xx


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