Sunday, 29 January 2017

Just Playing, I mean Checking.

Several people have been blogging about the Chinese year that they were born in, mine was the Rabbit.
A mainly nocturnal, timid creature you think. Not So, they are out and about regardless of daylight or the lack of it and can be very aggressive, at least the males can. Not only to defend their territory and harem but also towards said harem. 
We used to breed them for the table when I was a child, my family started long before the second world war but stepped up production for obvious reasons. They were used to me as I fed them every day, in fact one of my main chores was to walk the hedgerows collecting hog weed. I was always very careful when near the bucks and the does with young litters, they have very sharp nails and teeth.

Also many of the pod casters that I watch have taken the sorting hat test to find which Hogwarts house they belong to. Out of a mindless fit of copy catting I did so this morning. I am Gryffindor, I believe  that embraces courage, bravery and determination, not like the rabbit in any way. Well apart from the ones that are determined to eat your garden veg before you can get near it.

I did enjoy reading the Harry Potter books and have all the dvds but I am not about to adorn myself in the house colours, I have no recollection of them from the films. tut tut.

My sister sends me quizzes and questions on Facebook quite often, some I do, most I ignore. The ones that I do complete give me a laugh and then I forget them. 
I also get invites to join in games, these I just sail past. I have seen people glued to their phones tip tapping away at games, oblivious to their surroundings.
 Fran is guilty of that and when here the phone is relegated to her bedroom, she always says that it is an addiction that she would love to kick. I did suggest that she deletes them all but she has not got the strength to do so.

There is one game that I do play, breaking bricks on Mindjolt. I totally blame my brother in Australia, he introduced me to it on my second visit and I was hooked.
I do not play it very often and when I do I never play more than 3 games. I do not want to spend my time on some so nonconstructive but it is welcome break if I get stuck on a project. while I play my mind deals with the problem and mostly figures out a solution.

I think that what I am saying is that so many people, from quite young children to some of my age group seem to live their lives in a computer generated world, cut off from reality. I find it mystifying and at the same time understandable, Oh the problems being a Gemini, and seeing both sides.
 In this world full of pressure to be thinner, richer, buy more and bigger etc etc it is good to have a cosy retreat.
On the other hand blanking real life out only puts the day of reckoning off, and possibly makes it harder to deal with.

My mum liked to lose herself in the soaps and watched them avidly, my Dad watched the horse racing and followed form and breeding lines. I remember him and Gran betting pennies against each other, neither managed to win more than half the time.
I knit and craft and search for ideas and patterns, mostly free, for future projects. It will take me another life time to make everything I fancy.
In the better weather I will be in the garden sowing and growing a selection of fruit, veg and flowers.

We all have our avenues of escape, some more healthy than others. Right now I can not knit enough socks, I am limited to as many as I can find feet to wear them, and there are so many patterns to try. I am starting to look at shawl patterns and have pulled the yarn from stash to start one, once I have finished the 2 pairs of socks on my needles.

I seem to have rambled on and lost track of where I was heading for. Not a trait found in rabbits or Gryffindor house, I must need more tea.

Back soon for a more sensible (I hope) post

                   TTFN                                            Pam


  1. I too did the Harry Potter test and like you was in Gryffinder, the colours are maroon and yellow. We went on the HP tour last November with our daughter for her birthday as we are all great fans and she bought a Slythering hoodie at the shop as that was the result of her test. I bought a Gryffinder note book.
    I sometimes do some of the tests that are on-line, but only after our daughter has told me about them. They are fun to do at the time, but I always forget what they tell me about me soon after, (you can tell I don't take them seriously can't you).
    After reading the blogs I follow I usually go on Solitaire on the computer for a while. Quite easy to waste a bit of time on it.
    We are going to be grandparents again around April/May so I have a couple of matinee jackets to knit and also another Christmas stocking to sew for the new baby.

    Joan (Wales)

  2. I would be lost without my escapes into the world of crafting xx

  3. Oh gawd....I have just agreed to Andy buying a rabbit and a guinea pig for Ruby to have here as pets. They are not allowed pets in their rented house. We probably won't get a boy then-x-

  4. There are some wonderful, easy shawls on Ravelry using sock yarn. And yes, I stash the patterns.

  5. Plenty of food for thought there Pam. I've eaten rabbit and enjoyed it .....until Miss 22 was given her beloved pet rabbit when she was 2. I couldn't bring myself to do it.
    When I was in a very dark dark place years ago, I immersed myself in a FB game called FarmVille. Planting and harvesting pretend crops - kept my brain occupied for all the right reasons. I fully agree with you about everyone being on their phones - I'm here on mine now! What saddens me is that children as young as six have phones today to play on. I look in sadness as the young mum's I see pushing their prams about mindlessly ignoring their child and staring at a screen. Different times for the worse.

  6. Hi Pam,
    I have kept rescue buns for ten years and currently have ten.i recognise the traits you describe only in rabbits not handled/socialised.I have not had a less than charming rabbit pass through our doors.the bucks need to be castrated to minimise any teenage behaviour and the does to avoid uterine cancers.
    They are funny,loyal and endless fun.They must be in pairs/trios:indeed we have a group of four in one hutch.I am obviously bun mad but happy to help anyone wanting a bun as a pet.

    Very best wishes


  7. Shawls or scarves is a nice alternative to socks, they do take more concentration ;-) Martina Behm has some lovely patterns on Ravelry, not free though.

    The invitation to play games on FB are not from people but from FB. There is a way to stop them through the settings but I can't remember how ...

  8. If you have oddments of yarn left over from the socks you could make the memory (mitered square) blanket with them. There are tutorials on you tube and - I think - a free pattern on Ravelry. I have started doing one recently but using my left over DK wool. It can be worked on for a few minutes or hours depending on your mood and grows quickly.

  9. I immerse myself into crafting and apart from blogging rarely use the computer and I don't have a mobile phone. Pam if I am honest I am not been pious I just don't have a clue with phones and computers.

  10. I am a Gryffindor too. I try and reduce my computer usage, but I still spend a lot of time on it!

  11. When I was young I immersed myself in reading to shut out the not so happy childhood, this has stayed with me and I love to read or when crafting listen to audio books. I love downloading the Archers omnibus also. I find it very sad the way that technology has taken away the closeness of families and can never grasp how some parents proudly boast of their child's ability on iPads etc at a frighteningly young age.Sadly my own great grandson of just turned 2yrs of age is very adept on iPhones and iPads. :(


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